Fun things Friday

5 Quotes I’m loving this week

  1. “I hate writing. I like having written.”
  2. Vulnerability is not weakness….vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.”

4 Posts/Pages on eating approaches

  1. Chelsea’s What is Normal Eating post. PS Send her some love cuz it’s her blog birthday this week!
  2. Tina’s Unreasonable Food Rules page. Like Tina, there are certain rules that I used to have for food. She sums up how crazy hers were (and makes ya think about the ones you might still have).
  3. Leanne’s Food For Thought page. I really connect to her posts and especially this reflection, because I think I’m feeling out this vegetarian stuff and figuring out how to eat meat or whether or not I should and hearing from someone who has a healthy approach is really helpful!
  4. Tessa’s WIAW – Certain Understandings post. Tessa is so in touch with stuff–it’s inspiring!
3 Things I’m looking forward to this weekend
  1. finishing my essay: Just citations, edits, and printing it off … there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!
  2. racing with tri club! I’ll be swimming and biking and Alysha will be running. Dream team!
  3. celebrating Chelsea’s blog birthday!
2 Alternative to dos
1 Thing I want you to check out

Today’s issue of The Gazette. Especially my column on page 5. 🙂

Sleeping in, getting serious, and a shocker

After staying up late last night to plug away at my essay, I slept in til about 7 instead of going to swim.

My pre-library breakfast was oats, yogurt, maple syrup, raisins, and an apple.


After a bit more progress on the paper, I had an appointment with the dietitian. I’ve been feeling like I’m picking at food a lot and have been a bit over-anxious about my choices, so I was grateful to have someone to talk it out with! To be honest I was feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning and I’m uber sore from yesterday, so my plans to head to the pool for a short swim post-appointment were abandoned in the name of more essay work…and lunch!

Since it’s chilly out, I embraced the opportunity to have some chili. Plus I walked past Tim Horton’s and had a craving for it when I saw someone getting it! Mine’s the PC Blue Menu vegetarian kind, and it was awesome with toasted whole grain sourdough bread.


My dessert was an apple and more essay.


Guess what?!

The writing part’s done. Now to cite, cut down four pages (or not, thoughts on going over and handing it in?), and look for people willing to read over it for me.

Actually, now to the shocker part of the title.

This article about beetles in starbucks drinks came up on my Facebook news feed today. As the article says, it’s nothing new. I never knew, though, that there were beetles in that food dye that is in so many foods! I guess it’s a bit more reason to eat more real foods, don’t you think?

I read a blog about the issue from a vegan who pointed out that eating bugs is wrong. Then a friend posted a link to an article about how bugs might provide the protein the world needs to deal with hunger, and I thought about how there are a lot of answers and was reminding of Eating Animals and the shocking suggestion that really shook me that eating dogs would be logical. Read an excerpt on it here (but only if you’re ready to seriously consider going vegetarian and probably to cry).

And hopefully that’s enough distraction to keep you occupied for a while since the next few days might be a whirlwind for me. Right now I’m off to physio…wish me luck! On the agenda tonight: I’d like to cook, finish these citations, and get to yoga.

Do you ever have strawberry frappucinos? Will you still?
Did you know about that food dye?
What do you think about the excerpt from Eating Animals?
How do you know it’s time for a day off from the gym?

(relatively) wordless recap/wiaw

It’s essay time but I thought I’d do a quick post so I have less things on my list of “what I’d rather be doing”…

So here ya go:


yogurt, all bran buds, honey, banana, and walnuts


kale chips, tempeh sandwich (with light mayo and sprouts on ezekiel bread)


coffee -- lucked out that they ran out of soy so i got to crack open a mini almond milk! YUM


messy but delish


hummed and ha ed but decided to have nut butter twice (in decent amounts) today--a la Nancy Clark suggesting if you eat foods that "have power" over you enough, they lose that own that decision, and to NOT have peanut butter fingers after this meal. and I did it. HA! empowering.


one, not all


decaf coffee = essay fuel

And what all that food went to fuel today:

Plus a massage. Oh my hips love my RMT. And so does my soul, cuz she’s one of the coolest people I can think of.

That’s all…

How was your Wednesday?
What’s the tastiest thing you ate today? (squash)
Did you work out today? 


What feels right


When my alarm went off this morning at 5, I woke up no problem! I had plans to go to a spin class at the gym for 6 (aka in 7 minutes), but I found myself laying in bed instead. It’s not that I wasn’t wide awake—I was—but I just wasn’t feelin’ it. When I get up and go to the gym too many days in a row for 6am, I feel drained. I might not need to be at home, and I do still have to get to campus for 8:30 class, but there’s something recharging about being able to sit at my table and eat my breakfast out of a bowl instead of a tupperware, watch the Today show, and get ready at home every once in a while! I love morning workouts, but not every single day—and I’ll still love an afternoon workout too!

So getting up for my morning workout but postponing it til later just feels right. 🙂

I get the exact opposite feeling when I read all the news about the article in Vogue where a mom talks about putting her seven year old daughter on a diet, doing things like denying her dinner or publicly humiliating her at Starbucks (I want to read the real article, but from the GMA and Today show segments I saw, it seems like a pretty troubling story). What became apparent is that the mom seems to have food issues. I have this feeling that her daughter would have grown into the weight and ended up at a healthy and happy weight rather than having been subject to a year of her mother controlling what she eats and planting a whole bunch of ideas about “good vs. bad” food and needing to control eating in order to be “healthy.” If, on the other hand, the girl did need to lose weight, which I really doubt was the case, there’s a reason why. Why not figure out why she was carrying extra weight in the first place and deal with the issues instead of making weight the issue? ‘Cuz weight’s never the issue.

I thought that some of the backlash was tough on the mom, who must have issues herself (and even admits it in the article) that it’s the worst article in Vogue ever, according to Jezebel. At first I felt a little bad for her, but then I realized she was putting pictures of her and her daughter in Vogue, something she and her friends would read—even if I bought that she was trying to help her daughter, publicizing it in the name of earning herself a modelling opportunity in vogue seems a bit selfish, doesn’t it? And then I heard about a book deal she signed, and I just sighed and decided to blog about it instead. I also came across Charlotte @ The Great Fitness Experiment’s take on it — she’s got a good summary and take on things too!

How do you feel about morning workouts every day?
Did you get caught up in this story from Vogue?
What do you think about the diet itself/putting a kid on a diet? How about putting the story in Vogue or using it for a book deal?  

Tired Tuesday

It’s not even 9:30 and I am ready for bed. I’m trying to keep myself occupied for a bit longer before a foam roll/stretch session and then hopefully a good night’s sleep!

This afternoon was not that productive…but I did manage to check a few little assignments off my to do list (decided to keep my essay on the to do list til I can really dive in — hoping to finish it tomorrow).

I also managed to make a colourful version of ants on a log using carrots, a mix of almond/peanut butter, and raisins. So easy, so good.


I thought this would be uber filling but I was hungry again in about two hours so I went for an apple before teaching bootcamp!


It was delish. I also did a 20 minute run. 20 minutes! Slow and steady was the name of the game. I need that foam roll session…

The bootcamp workout was inspired by Nina’s suggestion and looked like this

  • Warmup (general fitness warmup)
  • BODY WEIGHT/CARDIO (50 seconds on/10 seconds off): pushups, jump squats, jump lunges, burpee/jack
  • STATIONS (1 minute at each): pushup/pike on stability ball, jump rope, cleans, plank with dumbbell row, dumbbell thrusters
  • body weight/cardio repeated
  • stations repeated
  • body weight/cardio repeated
  • stations repeated
  • ABS: marathon abs (1 minute of each) with the 6 girls choosing their favs = plank, leg raises, reverse crunches, oblique crunches, a crunch with one leg crossed over (i don’t have a name for this), sit ups
Sweaty. 🙂 I didn’t do most of it with them, but I did do the core stuff at the end! Bring on the abs of steel.
Dinner was a quick one! I cooked up some tempeh and had it on ezekiel bread with light mayo and sprouts. On the side, I had romaine lettuce/sprouts with light caesar dressing. Delicious.


Andddd, permission to go to bed!

I have an early spin on the agenda tomorrow, followed by class, hopefully going to a presentation, and a massage before bootcamp. And that essay…

Do you procrastinate with essays?
Have you tried tempeh?

What’s your fav ab move?

Maybe awesome

Random awesome…


…I love love love magnolias. In March they’re an even awesome-er sight. It’s cold today but still, Spring is near!

This post is going to be random, and maybe awesome, too.

If you’re worried and want to read something certifiably—not maybe—awesome, check out this

  • an excerpt from Marion Nestle’s book that comes out next week (Why Calories Count)–>takeaway:

“Despite widespread concerns about the health and economic consequences of obesity on the one hand and undernutrition on the other, correcting calorie imbalances presents social and economic challenges that few countries are prepared to meet. Calories, therefore, affect societies in ways that are political as well as personal.

Calories, of course, derive from food. But calories are a convenient way to say a great deal about food, nutrition, and health. For this reason, and because calories are so poorly understood, we thought it would be useful to research and write about calories in all of their dimensions — personal, scientific, and political. And because we are both consummate “foodies” who derive enormous pleasure from eating, we liked the idea of using calories as a way to think about these aspects of food.

Let’s be clear from the beginning: This is not a diet book with a breakthrough scheme for losing weight and keeping it off. Instead, we try to provide an appreciation for what you are up against if you want to control your body weight in today’s “toxic,” obesity-promoting — or as we like to call it, “eat more” — food marketing environment [2]. We intend this book to give you the information you need to interpret food labels, diet claims, and your own reactions to this food environment. Knowledge, we argue, is not enough to counter the biological urge to eat or the subtleties of food marketing. But it is a powerful first step in developing weight-management strategies that work for your particular body, lifestyle, and food preferences.”

  • my latest article on Runners Feed about the benefits of going meatless…10 benefits. get on this. I expect to see plenty of clicks for this bad boy…

Anddddd, onto the recap.

Sometimes I feel like I’m swimming in yogurt. After last night’s post spin snack and this morning’s pre swim repeat (yogurt with a sprinkling of oats), I realized there was more yogurt in my (blurry) chocolate overnight oats, which I added a nanner to!


Breakfast was awesome today because I got to have it with my friends at Weldon. We are getting excited for our road trip to Kingston this weekend for a triathlon at Queens. I am doing a relay with a friend (a speedy runner who I hope I can do justice in the pool and on the bike).

Now I’m plugging away at the Gazette. I just ate my lunch (spinach/artichoke hummus sandwich and a spinach salad with sprouts and sundried tomatoes) and am thinking about all the work I want to get done before bootcamp tonight!


Monday’s munchies…







This post is wildly disorganized.

Swim yesterday was good, my day was busy (though not with my essay, I did get my bike in for a tune up, replaced my broken spring jacket, and taught spin/did a 15 minute run without pain). My hip hurt after the fact and I iced it and got up for swim this morning even though I REALLLLLLY wanted to sleep in! We were supposed to have a staff meeting today so I had a short swim, but when I heard it wasn’t on, I finished up with some more swim (mostly pull) and did 2700m when all was said and done!

I’m pooped.

I’m frustrated that my hip’s not getting better. I finally have that appointment for my bone scan, though I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have an ultrasound instead? I am also going to a new physio on Thursday. This is getting ridiculous. 12 weeks! No answer!

My brain is like this post: in 1209102901 different places. This is not good!

I’ll be back, and hopefully my head will be screwed on the right way soon!

When all else fails…


I woke up needing a distraction.

A little background: things are awesome, my hip is en route to healing, I feel like I’m getting my life together and heading in the right direction, I feel more connected with my friends/family than ever (even though I miss a lot of people terribly, I feel really loved and supported right now), and when I look at where I was a couple of months ago, I can see how much progress I’ve made.

But today is Around the Bay, and I was supposed to be running that 30km this morning.

I’ve written about jealousy on my old blog, and I think it’s worth reminding myself that the feelings of jealousy I have right now are because I WANT to have done the run and achieved something so epic myself. It doesn’t mean I have to take it out on my friends (who ran SO WELL and are AMAZING for doing it), or on myself…but, for some reason, I have spent all day beating myself up (for not getting enough work done, for having a messy kitchen, for eating too much of this and not enough of that, by stuffing my face with everything from oatmeal to nut butter to pumpkin to grapes to kale chips<–all healthy things I intended to eat, but for some reason felt the need to overeat on top of the portions I put on my plate) and trying to get myself out of this funk.

I tried a bunch of stuff that usually works:

  • going for a bike ride –> but I don’t feel like myself on the bike. I feel slow, I feel apprehensive, and I feel out of shape.
  • talking to a friend –> multiple friends tried to remind me of very true things, and while they did help a little, I’m still sitting her bummed.
  • getting out of my apartment –> even with the sunshine, I feel so whahhhh.
  • pouring myself into an essay –> and one that I feel like writing, at that. Sure, I’ve gotten work done, but my mind keeps jumping back to things.
  • wearing something comfortable –> my leggings feel tight. Is that even possible? they’re spandex! And I feel like I’ve given up since I had to put another pair of jeans away because they’re uncomfortably tight.
  • going to starbucks –> but to be honest I’ve spent most of the last 24 hours at three different locations, and I just want this essay to be over with so I can do yoga or lay on my futon instead.
  • reminding myself that this will get better –> but when?
As you can see, I’m trying. Trying, trying, trying. It was so helpful to read Kate’s post about feeling out of sorts with her own injury earlier today. I love this girl’s comments, her honesty, and her tweets, but hearing her say some of the stuff I’m thinking made me realize that it’s not just me. It’s easy to think that I’ll never get better, but there’s no way I’d think that about Kate or about anyone else working through an injury.
I’d never call a friend stupid for not being sure about what they’re doing with their life. Or what their eating or not eating (vegan? ethically raised meat? what about dairy? am I gaining weight from all of this? does it matter if I’m eating in line with my beliefs?). Or for anything…so why is it OK for me to do it to myself?
This is turning into one of those “I think I’m going to have an epiphany” moments.
The only thing I can do is keep going. Yes, it blows that I haven’t ran for 12 weeks. Yes, it sucks that I have been overeating a bit and still hang on to some of those emotional munching habits that I know aren’t serving me. Yes, I am probably a bit out of shape. No, I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with my hip but I do know what I need to do.
And I am willing to do it. I’m not going to lie–I’ve kind of been half assing it with my physio. 5 minutes of foam rolling is enough. Those planks don’t really matter. And with other things. It’s okay to pick at that dried fruit at night. It’s alright to leave your assignments til the last minute. It’s okay to skip stuff cuz you’re “too stressed”. It’s fine to stay in because you feel gross. etc. etc. Nope, it’s not. 
Regardless of whether or not I’m “bigger” than I should be. Regardless of whether or not I’ve wasted some time and made some really misguided decisions. Regardless of whether or not I’ve been mean to, mad at, or taken things out on myself OR other people, I don’t have to be this way. Yeah, this is cheesy, but every day is a chance to recreate ourselves. If I want to be that girl who is sure that she is an athlete, that she deserves to be happy, that is fun and prioritizes people, that gets good marks and is proud of them, and that admits that she doesn’t know everything (in the words of Jillian, if you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough). I know when I start to live with that kind of integrity–trusting myself, following through on the things I intuitively know (that standing over the fridge eating nut butter isn’t eating for fuel or nourishment, that running when my hip hurts is counterproductive, that exercise is meant to make us feel better and more energized, and that doing something (i.e. an essay) imperfectly is better than getting nothing done because you’re holding out for perfection), things will fall into place. Since weight is an outcome and not something to be controlled, that’ll just happen. I have this feeling regardless of whether I get bigger or smaller, I’ll feel better in my body. Since happiness comes from doing and not from being or having, I know I can start on this right away.
I’m done ranting!
I’m leaving my photos wordless again (it’s a portobello mushroom burger and a pumpkin smoothie with almond butter spoon, kiddos).






How do you deal when you should be running a race?
Have you ever read Kate’s blog (cuz you should)?
What is one thing you wish you could change about the way you act/live? <–deep, I know.


Gimme a break

I don’t need a break any more…I need to get down to work, but I’m clearly prioritizing and getting you guys caught up before I get down to busy.

Yesterday after class I went to a meeting with my TA about this big term paper I am writing for next week. I felt MUCH better after. I have an idea of where I’m going with it, at least, and am actually a bit excited to write it! I know if I give up the perfectionism I’m so prone to and just get started, I’ll have a draft soon enough. I’ve got lots of background information, tons of ideas, an episode (the season 13 premiere) of The Biggest Loser and I’ve been paying attention (sorta) to my sociology prof…so analysis, let’s go! It’s kind of cool   nerdy when you actually want to write an essay, don’t you think?

I went to yoga yesterday afternoon. It was WEIRD, but WEIRD can be good. Not your typical power class, not that challenging in a physical sense, but for me the class was a step outside of my comfort zone, and Sabre got through to me with her anecdotes/ideas again. She was talking about challenging yourself, about how people often look around to see what a pose will look like instead of just doing it (to see if they think they’ll be able to), and I distinctly remember her saying something like

“In your life, see where you find challenge. And try to think about that challenge as an opportunity. And then go after it.” 

I told you Sabre’s the best!

After yoga I went in my stinky-ness to Joe Fresh at the far far superstore. And I got a migraine while I was there. Which means there was no way in heck I was driving home, so I took a cab and paid the 30 dollars to get back to my apartment. I slept for a while, woke up, cooked myself dinner…”Fish and Chips” (salmon with sweet potato and kale chips — topped with cranberries and maple syrup), worked on my project, ate an apple (exciting), and slept again.


As you know, migraines frustrate me but they’re definitely a sign that I was too stressed. Usually when I start to relax, they hit me. That means I need to destress on a regular basis…easier said than done!

This morning I woke up and had a normal breakfast even though I felt so out of it from the medicine and the migraine and the weird sleep (I read about migraine hangovers for the first time today and I definitely think I have one). Then I went to get my car and to the pool. I was starving so I had a Kashi bar — haven’t had that many lately, and it was either stale or just crunchier than I’d remembered and not my fav — and then swam about 2500m! I was glad Angela drove me to get my car and even gladder she wanted to swim so I had some external motivation to get to the pool (no tri club friends or cute boys forcing me there ;)!).


After coming home and having leftovers in a salad for lunch (soooo good!), I made up my mind to go to the shower! I made the drive and saw friends I haven’t seen in a long time. This was my first baby shower. So many “aweeees” 🙂 and Lori is ADORABLE all the time, but as a pregnant woman she is even cuter, if that’s possible! I miss my Sarnia friends a lot and it was really nice to see some of them, even if it was (too) short but sweet! There were cute baby shower games and tons of food.



snacks of some hershey kisses (I should have known better than to eat lunch BEFORE an Italian baby shower!) 🙂


After the shower, Tanya and I spent a few hours at Starbucks (same study spot, different city), chatting  and “doing work”. I probably could have gotten more done on my essay, but at least it’s in progress and I really miss my friends, so the quality time was worth it! I saw some other familiar faces too, which is always a bonus. Besides my hair, there’s been  lots changes since I was home at Christmas (the last time I saw most of my friends).



When I came back, I threw together a quick dinner that I really can’t call a recipe but that is probably going to be a new fav 4 ingredient base for all kinds of delish: almond butter (all good recipes start this way!), quinoa, spinach, and chick peas. Don’t hate it, just try it. And report back.


Tomorrow is Around the Bay, and it’s been almost 12 weeks since I got hurt. I’m choosing to send all the good vibes in the world to the people running tomorrow and remembering that I am at least starting to feel better! Not to mention, think of all the insight that’s come out of this hip issue!?

My goal for the night is to do as much of the other things on my to do list besides my essay as possible. My goal for the week is to keep smiling, and to put things in perspective. I’m going to finish this essay and I’m not going to fail it. I’ll probably do better than I think. I often get incapacitated because I feel overwhelmed by big tasks or by a ton of little ones, but if I just do one thing at a time and remember that my best is all I can do (and that stressing = migraines = sucks), I might be better off!

Have an awesome night. 🙂

How are you spending your weekend?
What’s the best random bowl you’ve thrown together in a while?

Have you ever been to a baby shower? What’s your favourite game? (I liked guessing how big her belly was with ribbon–I was close!)


5 quotes worth repeating





i miss mine


4 songs on replay this week

1. Heartbeat

2. Wild Ones
3. Is Anybody Out There
4. Never Say Never

3 Things I’m looking forward to this weekend

  1. Volunteering for Hope’s Garden selling t shirts at the Knights game tonight.
  2. Heading to Sarnia for a friend’s baby shower tomorrow!
  3. Going to yoga this afternoon.

2 Cool things I learned about this week

1. Meal Exchange

“Meal Exchange is a national student-founded, student-driven, registered charity that helps young Canadians realize their potential to improve the future of their communities, by providing them with meaningful opportunities to reduce local hunger today.”

…I didn’t know they existed, or that there was a chapter at Western. There’s also a food bank, which I don’t think many people know about. Kind of cool, and things to get involved with in the future added to the list!

2. Campus Food Systems Project

“Campus Food Systems Project is all about linking up efforts, sharing resources, and supporting the movement of good food onto Canadian campuses. Since food exists in a system, multiple parts must be engaged in this effort for change – no single person or group can do it alone, everyone on campus has a role to play.”

…I went to a meeting about The National Student Food Charter (NSFC) (“a way for students to work together to identify the food issues that are important to them as members of their communities. Through student-led consultation sessions, the Charter will represent the student vision for food on campus to fortify the student voice, connect ideas to actions, and mobilize a national student food movement.”) this week and thought I’d share that it’s out there. Another thing to get involved with!

1 Picture that MIGHT make you give up bacon

…or pork. or ham.

What’s a song you’ve got on replay this week?
What are you looking forward to this weekend?
Can something be “too cute” to eat? 
Did you know there was a food bank at Western? What about your school? 



Last night, after that sugary dessert (it was dried papaya and chocolate, yum yum yum), I was all sugared up. I used the sugar rush to do my laundry and clean my apartment. Garbage out. Recycles sorted and taken out. Vacuuming, dusting, organizing. I guess when you don’t want to write a paper or two, you can get a lot done…

I had a decent sleep but 5am came too soon this morning!


Master’s swim was good though. I went up a lane so it went fast cuz I didn’t have too much time to think. Not such a bad thing! Afterwards I swam a few extra laps to work on my flip turns so I did around 2800m (lots of it was with fins).

I had a good morning catching up with friends over coffee. I love my tri girls.


overnight oats with chocolate soy milk, coconut, chocolate chips, and banana 🙂

Now for the AWKWARD part. Nina had seen the dummy who drove up the hill in the Jeep on Monday and she saw him walk into the library this morning while we were hanging out. I obvs had to go take a look at him. Beach bum, varsity athlete, nonchalant. That was fine. Then he comes over to the spot where we were sitting to get a coffee and starts telling the women at the checkout that he got into “some trouble” — meanwhile we’re like staring him down and the women working are realizing what’s up because I was in the library when the police called and I got so upset. So needless to say,  it got awkward. He did say sorry, but he was also laughing and joking around about his car being towed and him having to pay 500 dollars to replace the grass.

What are the chances?!

Anyways, Chelsea came to Weldon so I went into the cubicles with her and did some work! Now I’m going to go run a few errands/have my dietitian appointment and then it’s home to my clean apartment where I hope I can focus on the paper I need to get done. There’s lots of fun this weekend (a baby shower, a nutrition symposium, a dance show), but I don’t think I’m going to be able to do it all and come out with a smile/a decent paper. I’m going to try my hardest.

This evening I’d like to do yoga OR go shopping with some girls. Either one’s a kind of stress relief…so I’m just going to play it by year. It’s another gorgeous day here but it looks like things are taking a turn for more seasonal soon (though I see some warmer stuff too!). Maybe that plus my super clean apartment will mean I’ll be more ready to do some work this weekend?

What are your plans for the weekend?
When do you find yourself most likely to clean? Good weather? Bad weather? Other things you should be doing?
Do you find shopping relaxing?