Summer is for living

Before I dive right into my summer bucket list for 2012, this page needs some background music:
Okay, now for the good stuff! Here comes one to-do list I’ll be smiling my way through.
Warning, this list is long, random, and 159% awesome. It’s based on things I’ve done that were fun in the past, a couple of things I’ve been meaning to do, some that just randomly came up as I made the list, and some I’m not sure I have the balls to do (i.e. skinny dipping). But if you don’t aim high — hence the long long list below — you settle for small.
So here goes…
  • do a tri
  • bike more miles than any year before – At the rate i’m going (thanks Mother Nature), this is going to happen!
  • write for a new magazine – must. keep. updating. portfolio.
  • play mini putt
  • ride a mountain bike
  • go to a bonfire
  • eat s’mores – it comes with the territory
  • take Candy to the dog park
  • jump off something big
  • make homemade falafel
  • go out for sushi
  • play my violin for someone
  • eat ice cream and fries under the bridge
  • do a river run
  • get an epic one piece tan – This will probably happen, considering I love swimming at the outdoor pool!
  • fall in love – a la Grease, NBD
  • make a vision board
  • do karaoke
  • hike up a mountain
  • go to the Pinery – maybe to relive a killer day (kayaking, trails, etc.) with Bonnie a few summers ago!
  • go to a conference – CanfitPro, likely!
  • go golfing – mostly so I can wear my outfit
  • do a mud run – I need a Tough Mudder team for Sunday in Toronto
  • volunteer somewhere
  • go to the drive in
  • go kayaking
  • run on the beach
  • work out in the park
  • get drunk in the afternoon
  • wear matching outfits – Canada Day, perhaps? Or a random Wednesday? 😉
  • host a training weekend
  • try a Zumba class
  • slack line

  • feed ducks – without freaking out (I’m scared of birds!)
  • go on a roller coaster
  • beat everyone up a mountain on my bike – wouldn’t be the first time 😉
  • bike to Sarnia from London
  • bike to Windsor from Sarnia (or just partway ;)!)
  • watch a sunrise
  • sleep under the stars
  • finish my latch hook – okay, starting it would be good enough!
  • trail run, a lot! – I’m considering checking out a group near me!
  • go on a road trip
  • meet someone famous
  • do yoga on the beach
  • try long boarding
  • go to an outdoor concert
  • eat something I grow
  • bake with flour from Arva – it’s close and it’s supposed to be delicious!
  • go sailing
  • go boogie boarding :)
  • make friendship bracelets
  • drink long island iced tea
  • ride a century
  • ride a tandem bicycle
  • ride horses
  • get a new tattoo
  • do hot yoga in shorts and a sports bra – not vanity, bravery!
  • meet a blogger friend in the flesh – 🙂 who wants to be the lucky one?
  • go to a few farms
  • have a water balloon fight
  • play frisbee
  • watch fireworks
  • play tennis
  • play beach volleyball
  • make a sand castle
  • go on a double date
  • go skinny dipping
  • have a Harry Potter movie marathon
  • ruin an outfit with ice cream – waffle cone + hot = enough said
  • go tubing
  • water ski
  • jump on a trampoline
  • make sun tea
  • go strawberry picking – when I was a kid, I used to eat more than my parents took home, I think…I’m sure I had red hands for days! 🙂
  • climb a tree
  • write something in a bottle and throw it in the lake
  • graduate – preferably without tripping
  • draw with sidewalk chalk
  • have a picnic — basket, checkered blanket, etc.
  • buy my produce at the farmers market weekly
  • jump in the lake in my clothes after a run
As I finish these, I’m planning on crossing them off (and maybe doing them over and over again). I also intend to add to this list as ideas strike me, cuz I have a knack for coming up with random things I need to do ASAP.

Who wants in on this stuff?!
Any suggestions?!
What’s on your summer bucket list? 

Life is messy

Today ended up being a bit counter productive, but in the long run, these days are important.

I had an awesome rainy run this morning on the trails. I got lost a little and found myself walking a tree like a tight rope to get back to a path. It happens, and when it does you realize running on the road is oh so boring. I had Garmin issues and I was a soggy rat but I was smiling.


My lunch was uber early since I worked up an appetite on the trails. Warning: this picture is terrible. But it’s a turkey and cheese sandwich with sprouts and mayo (no surprises here) and an apple.


After lunch a hurricane hit my apartment, or maybe I tore everything out of my hallway and bedroom closets/drawers?  I worked away on it all afternoon, but I took a break to meet with a prof (about doing my Masters, but that will have to wait until after my nutrition degree is done and who knows what I’ll be passionate about by then, but still cool and I really did enjoy sociology so…I’m keeping my options open! RD with a Masters in Food Sociology? Does that exist? Maybe…or maybe I’ll have to pioneer it) and to have a session with my counsellor, which was a lot about the voices in my head. If that’s not stereotypical of a shrink session, what is? I’m just kidding…but seriously. I wrote down the things that my dominant (the disempowering voice I hear so much) voice (right now) says — things like “you’re meant to be fat. you’re not pretty enough. you’ll always be single. you’re lazy” — and the things my empowering voice says — “your deserve all the good in the world. you’re perfect. you are beautiful. you’re smart.” — and then committed to at least trying to entertain this positive voice more in my life. There’s a good goal if I’ve ever set one!

Anyways, I made some good progress in my apartment as the before/after below will show:



I also took a break for a snack that I didn’t get a photo of (I was hungry): Kashi organic wheat biscuits and peanut butter. Random but delicious. The ingredients list for the cereal is literally wheat, sugar, and natural flavours. Simple, yummy, easy!

And I whipped up a good dinner with some of the ingredients I know I should eat up before I go away for the week: a spinach salad with acorn squash, turkey, and cranberries (there was maple dressing in the mix, of course, and a few pecans). I think this is the first time I didn’t eat my acorn squash cut in half with a spoon. It was awesome so expect to see me spice it up with squash from now on.


After spin tonight (the class was awesome — I used almost the same playlist as Friday since I was at a different gym but I changed the order around a bit since hindsight is 20/20), I was hungry!

My snack is more delicious than beautiful: a banana with peanut butter and coconut and chocolate chips. You know there were a few extra licks of peanut butter and I’m not really going to be ashamed to admit that.


Now it’s time for me to:

a) sleep

b) read blogs

c) work on my summer to do list

d) clean

e) work on my freelance assignment

f) foam roll

I think b) is going to win. Then a), of course (I made sure my bedroom is clean so I have a nice place to crash soon). I’m reminding myself I’ll be able to write from my Grandma’s with my downtime and that my article isn’t due for another week (and I already have sources!) and trying not to let the anxious “you’ll never get it done” voice rule when I have never not gotten it done before…so there!

It’s impossible to believe that tomorrow is May, and I’m going to go ahead and set goals:

  • find my empowering voice — and write down what it says at least once a day
  • act like the person I want to be — i.e. get dressed in clothes that fit now and make me feel good, not in comfy clothes so I can work out or in clothes that are uncomfortably tight just to prove I can; eat things that I picture a healthy, happy version of me eating (not the same thing day after day) in a way that I would do so in front of people (i.e. chew?); take the time to take care of myself and my things (i.e. do my laundry and put it away where it belongs, do my dishes every night so I don’t wake up feeling lazy, paint my nails, etc.)
  • do more workouts with friends and outside (if this is an option, take it!)
  • do one thing every week just for the sake of fun (I played my violin the other day and as rusty as I was, it was bliss)
  • for every magazine I bring in, take two out (I have a problem in the form of hundreds of magazines)
  • make a vision board (I have wanted to do this for so long–who’s in?! for real!)
  • eat dessert with friends at least once a week (or more, but at least!)
  • read more books (before bed, when I’m “bored”, and when I’m killing time–rather than just texting, reading random things online, or worrying that I should be doing something productive)
And now methinks I should call it a night! I’ve got a bunch of cleaning to finish up tomorrow, a bike ride with a friend to look forward to (hoping for sunshine!), and maybe a yoga class if I’m feeling good. Oh, and errands. And packing. And smiling. Busy!

Have your set any goals for yourself lately? Care to share?
Do you hear different voices in your head? Any tips for listening to the “nice” one?
What’s your favourite way to eat squash?


Make yourself

Looking back, this weekend shoulda made me feel good…

Friday was fun and Saturday was off to a good start. I had a nice movie date, tea, cereal for dinner, bought some new boots, got to see my friends and my family…



Sunday was also a seemingly awesome day filled with blogging, looking back on my week, and a trip to Sarnia for a sunny 50km bike ride, a coffee date, and Sunday dinner.






But, I ended the night on the verge of a binge. I don’t hide stuff, so let’s just say I dominated some yogurt and crackers. FYI I know it’s okay to eat these things and I know it’s normal to eat more, and I probably needed a bit more after the ride, etc., but at the same time that I’m being gentle with myself, I realize that it was emotionally driven snacking and that I did most of it standing in the kitchen over the sink, telling myself that I shouldn’t be.


And that’s kind of where this post is headed…

Why am I telling myself I shouldn’t? Why am I finding ways to beat myself up, to this day?

The why part is the toughie, but I am at least aware of the ways I’m setting myself up to feel bad:

  • my apartment isn’t a disaster, but I definitely deserve to put the stack of clothes that’s just been sitting there for a week away–it’s not like I’m too busy?
  • I have a freelance assignment that I should just write (my sources are in) but I keep sitting around doing nothing in particular on the computer instead
  • I am back to my old habit of drinking 4-5 decaf coffees a day and chewing at least a pack of gum daily. It’s not ED stuff–I am still eating plenty and it’s not to disguise my hunger, but I am still not happy about it.
  • I am not doing my physio exercises or foam rolling very much at all.
  • I am beating myself up for not sticking to my training plan. This is a big one…and I think that it deserves a post in itself.
  • I am eating extra everything–cereal and fruit and nut butter in the morning, cheese at lunch, yogurt at snack times, chocolate in between meals, meat and croutons, etc. at dinner and whatever at night. Regardless of whether I pour a huge bowl/serve a massive plate of it, I still eat extra.
And ways that I need to take care of myself to feel good:
  • When it comes to little stuff (laundry, taking my recycles down, doing my dishes): JUST DO IT. I deserve to live in a place that’s clean and organized.
  • Eat at the table. Notice when I want to eat emotionally.
  • Eat different things — I think the monotony is getting to me (here’s a bit of a twist on breakfast with yogurt and grapes instead of milk and banana).


  • Focus on drinking more water. My belly can only hold so much liquid–so hopefully this helps with the decaf issue.
  • Work on the things I know I should — my freelance article is on tap today.
To be honest, I think that all of this is just a way for me to feel bad instead of remembering that I deserve to be happy, I deserve all the good in the world, etc. etc. etc.
Goal for the week: be good to myself. Exercise in ways that make me happy (trail run, please! let’s go biking! bring on the yoga!), focus on one thing at a time (i.e. freelancing project at one time, blogging at another, Facebook chatting at another, and JUST eating–not texting, checking emails, watching TV, and reading all while I eat), and drink more water! I’m going cold turkey on the gum…I’ll let you know how that goes.
Sorry for the randomness, but maybe you guys can relate? Are there ways your hold yourself back (this idea came from Tessa’s post though it really took off in a strange direction–again, sorry!)? How can you let yourself be awesome instead?
A reminder…
And a motto for the week…

Spin to win

This week was good–a couple of super awesome spin classes I went to reminded me why I love teaching so much! Yay for inspiration.


Maroon 5 – Payphone (Lyric Video) ft. Wiz Khalifa


My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday

Breathe Carolina – Blackout

Climb: seated, building up 

Morgan Page – Body Work ft. Tegan & Sara

Climb to plateau (standing, seated)

Opium — Spinning  (Ridin`the Beat) – preview 

Intervals (20, 30, 40, 50 + rest to total a minute) on a seated flat road round one, on a climb round two

Madonna – Girls Gone Wild (Avicii Remix)

Dillon Francis – I.D.G.A.F.O.S.

Rolling hills 

The Wanted – Glad You Came (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Club Mix)

Max climb (7 to 8 to 9 to 10/10 effort x3-4) 

Around Me – Spinning (AeThernal Electronica 2) – preview

Seated flat tempo

Nicki Minaj – Starships

Seated flat endurance/whatever’s left

Rihanna – Where Have You Been

Cool down

Alanis Morissette – Thank You

Trevor Hall – The Lime Tree


Do you have any music suggestions for me? 



Training Recap 2

Another good week. Today my hip is feeling something. I don’t have a word to describe it, but I wish I didn’t feel anything. It’s disheartening, but I know what I need to do if it starts to act up: back off, remember I can race for the rest of my life, and give it the rest it needs RIGHT NOW.


  • Spin (on my own, too cold outside for me!) 1 hour –> nice to sweat!
  • Power yoga (1 hour) –> 🙂


  • Spin – 1 hour –> In Sarnia, luckily with one of the Spinning Master Instructors. Very lucky!
  • Run – 10 minutes –> Before spin.
  • Power yoga – 1 hour –> At Agoya, tough/different than I’m used to–a nice challenge!


  • Spin – 1 hour –> In Sarnia. With the Master Instructor who inspired me so much!
  • Swim – 1.5 hours –> 2500m lots of chit chatting but that’s okay 🙂


  • Spin x 2 –> Did the back to back classes in the morning before sitting in the car to go to Toronto. Sweaty awesome.


  • Swim –> 2400 metres when I got back from Toronto (with friends – :), hung over – :(!)
  • Power Yoga (1 hour) –> Sweaty awesome with friends! I did my first somewhat presentable side crow. Legit!


  • Swim (1 hour) –> 2700m (with flippers) that gave me the break I needed to clear my head!
  • Spin (50 minutes) –> covered for a friend


  • Run 40 minutes (plus walk breaks) –> I won’t lie, I was a bit out of it on this run! I took it to the trails, which was awesome, but I felt like my hip was “on the verge” — and I’m trying to listen to it before it hurt hurts. 😦 I hate being nervous!
  • Core/strength – 15 minutes –> post run (reminder: something is better than nothing)


  • About that physio…I guess once this week is better than nothing!
  • I’ll be at my grandma’s next week so I’ll be biking and running (not sure if I can even get into the pool that is an hour away…but I might call and find out?) more. I obviously will be paying close attention to my hip if it starts to whisper at me!

What was your favourite workout this week? — I loved hot yoga on Thursday with all my friends, but I also loved yesterday’s trail run! Oh and it was cool to do the Master Instructor’s class…okay, I loved them all! 🙂

Off to a good start

Happy Saturday!

The rest of yesterday went fast and was filled with fun.

The spin class at campus rec was fun to teach–Chelsea made it out, which always makes things more fun, and the mic worked. Bonus.

After class, Ellen and Angela came over to eat dinner/get ready for our evening on the town. I made BBQ chicken, potatoes, and salad, which tasted great with good company and good wine!


Our night out was fun, but a little bittersweet since a bunch of people are leaving (for the summer mostly, but Nina is done and Western and that brings a tear to my eye because I love her to death!).

We tried to ease the pain with tequila…


JK. But that did happen!

So did lots of dancing, staying out way past our bedtimes, and plenty of fun.

I managed to sleep in til 10 today (a miracle for me!). I finally got up and had some breakfast, coffee with Angela, and then headed for my run.


Of course I forgot to start my Garmin, but that makes my time unofficial (but trust me, my pace was slow). I took it to the trails along the river here. Best. Decision. Ever. It was gorgeous and nice to get out of the “how fast are these miles” kind of trap and to the “omg I better leap over this tree trunk”…I love trails! I won’t lie though, I had to sit on a branch and crawl over it on two occasions…it happens!


When I got home I stretched and did a quick circuit 3x through: 25 sit ups, 20 kettle bell swings, 15 pushups, 10 squats, and 5 burpees. FYI burpees the day after you party a little too hard feel even more awesome than normal…

After a shower my stomach was growling so I had a late lunch (turkey and alfalfa sandwich with cheese and mayo plus some pickles).


Tonight my mom’s coming for a visit and I have plans to see “The Five Year Engagement” — I hope it’s as funny as it looks in the previews. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the movies so I’m really looking forward to it.

How are you spending your weekend?
Do you like running on trails?  



Unusually anxious

Oh hey there.

Since blogging has this knack for making me feel better, I’m giving it a go. I had trouble sleeping last night, have been feeling off all day, and just don’t know what’s up with me! It’s a gorgeous day out, I have plans with friends tonight, I get to teach soon in an hour…but I feel blech!

My eats were pretty normal so I’m not blaming them.




I guess lunch was a bit different…but delicious! A flatbread with turkey, tomato basil havarti, sundried tomatoes, spinach, and mayo! Can you say yum?

Anyhow I just had a swim to get myself out of my apartment (and my head). Besides my tummy, I felt good! 2700m (though I used flippers for some of t) which is longer than normal for me, especially since I was a lone swimmer! I am not planning on hitting the pool tomorrow–my workouts are so far off from my training plan this week! I had a twinge of guilt but then I realize I’m doing my own thing and feel better than I have in a long time/am genuinely enjoying my sweat sessions. So the guilt disappeared pretty quickly!

Anyway, I’m going to go fit in some physio and core work while I wait to debut my new spin playlist this afternoon! Word on the street is some friends are making an appearance at this class (hope they’re ready to get sweaty!) and I am really looking forward to that. Tonight I am having dinner with friends and then going out. You can bet there’s wine in the plans and I am oh so excited. Fingers crossed my stomach gets its stuff together!

do you ever just feel anxious? How do you deal?


Thought provoking TGIF

I won’t lie…the last week has felt like an extended weekend, so the fact that it’s Friday sort of snuck up on me. Good thing I love these posts!

5 songs I added to my playlist this week (you’ll probably be seeing these in a playlist soon!)






4 quotes I’m trying to live by





3 things I want to get done this weekend

1. Force someone to ride the mechanical bull at the country bar tonight. Yeehaw!

2. My laundry (if you know me, you know this is a far fetch).

3. Cook something. Suggestions!?

2 things I’m glad I shared this week

1. My thoughts on “Strong Is The New Skinny”–I was sick of holding these ones in for fear of offending anyone. I so appreciate the feedback and insight, guys!

2. My struggles with athletic amenhorrhea. Not really a sexy topic, but whatever! It’s been great to hear feedback. FYI I am in the middle of the progesterone challenge I have to do before I can start on the ring, and I think I have my first dose of PMS in five years. Look out, world. TMI.

1 question I’d love to hear your answers to 

1. This one’s been on my mind and really making me think (I think I read it years ago in a book but I can’t remember what book…help me out?): If you knew that you were going to weigh the weight that you do right now and look the way that you do right now for the rest of your life, how would you live differently? How would you eat? What kinds of clothes would you buy for yourself? How would you exercise? 

…it’s kind of powerful, isn’t it? Maybe you’d eat more chocolate (or less because you’d be okay with the stuff you did eat). Maybe you’d do more yoga. Maybe you’d run more. Maybe you’d have a better work/life balance. Maybe you’d spend your energy worrying about things that matter instead of whether or not your jeans feel too tight. Maybe you’d buy clothes that flatter your body now instead of the body you think you’re going to have by some arbitrary deadline you give yourself to get into the best shape of your life by. Maybe you’d be happy… ❤

Why do we need a “new skinny”

This is a blog post I’ve had in mind since I started Happy Is The New Healthy, mostly because of the name connection (you’ll see…), but I struggled over whether or not I should post something that might offend people I truly care about and readers of my blog. That being said, I can’t hold back. That’s not who I am. And Dr. Seuss gave me a good reminder.

That being said, this is an opinion.

Why strong might be the new skinny, but that’s scary 

When I first came across the Facebook page for “Strong is the new skinny”, I almost liked it. Then I realized…I don’t like this any more than I like the idea of “skinny is the new skinny”…

As I poked around the page a bit more and ran into some posts that promoted it, I saw some of its merits, but I also saw something troubling: replacing skinny with muscular/fit/just a different idea of “perfection” or even of an “ideal”. IS it really better?

I started to notice a similar trend on some blogs and websites I actually love. I am not going to hate on anyone’s goals or aspirations, but I do hope that aiming for “strong” is really aiming for strong and not aiming for looking like an Oxygen Magazine cover model.

Back to the Facebook page/promos I saw…some of the women I saw in the posts were strong looking, and that’s great. But the vast majority were those Oxygen Cover model lookalikes, whose bodies I would argue are no less out of the realm of healthy or normal or reasonable for the average person than are those of extremely thin models. Many of the pictures associated with the movement say things like “Skinny isn’t healthy–strong is,” or “Be the girl you were too lazy to be yesterday.” Coupled with photos of half naked, tanned, made up women with bodies I rarely see in real life, I’m not so sure this is that different from “thin-spiration,” and that makes me sad.

While I am 100% supportive of moving away from “skinny” as a goal or an ideal, the thought that striving for muscularity–often to the point of heading to the gym to purposefully sculpt certain muscles–seems misguided too. To achieve the look, these women “cut” to an extremely low body fat percentage though they end up weighing a “normal” weight thanks to having more muscle. There are plenty of physical issues that come with being extremely lean for an extended period of time (losing your period, placing your bones at risk, throwing off your hormones, etc.)–issues strangely similar to those associated with striving to be skinny. There are also a host of mental issues (not living up the out of reach standards, using the pursuit of an ideal as a distraction, using your goals as something to control in your life) that I would argue are not much different than those involved in striving to be stick thin.

Though I’d never argue that “eating clean” and pumping iron is unhealthy in and of itself, and I know that many girls who struggle with eating issues come into this lifestyle during their recovery (and eating regularly and learning about your body are good steps in recovery), I guess I struggle because I still see people selling themselves short and dedicating themselves to a petty goal involving shaping their bodies.

Besides specific sculpting workouts, there is a whole lot of eating on purpose involved to get one of those perfectly shaped, sought-after “strong” bodies. Some restriction here, some extra protein there…eating “clean”, etc. I see a LOT of merit in eating more whole foods, but when you replace one set of rules with another, it’s kind of just another form of crazed.

I do not mean to attack anyone here, but striving for anything with your body and controlling it is just another form of ED, in my mind. It might be partially recovered, but everyone deserves full recovery. I guess it’s sad to me because I question what these amazing, hard-working, determined girls might do with their energy otherwise? What if instead of trying to change the shape of their bodies, girls decided to change the world? What if all the energy women spend trying to fix their trouble spots went towards fixing things that are actually broken?

So where do you draw the line? Am I saying that any girl who lifts weights has an ED? Or is selfish and should go volunteer instead?

Heck no. I am a fitness instructor myself–and I believe that working out is fun, a source of strength, and a healthy thing for us! But what I refuse to believe is that striving for an image of “strong” or purposefully trying to create a body type is healthy—it’s still a way to sell yourself short.

Your body is perfect the way it is, naturally.  What needs to happen–and I am aware that this is a very humble OPINION–is for us to realize that there is NO ideal body! Wouldn’t it be radical if we thought women were strong because they could climb mountains or run marathons or lift heavy weights—not because they look like a fitness model? I think it’s kind of simple, for people to get healthy they need to focus on getting healthy, not on looking a certain way.

I’ve said it before and it is truly my goal to believe, live, and show the world that your weight is a byproduct. You can focus on it, but we all know that what matters is your actions—are you eating enough nutritious food, moving your body, and giving it the respect it deserves? Your “ideal” body will just come when you’re doing these things!

I know this might be offensive to some people–even to some I really care about–but if your focus is on creating a certain body and if that focus requires specific eating that feels out of intuition, even if it’s a shift from a more restrictive, skinny-focused or an out of control, “screw it” unhealthy place, I’d suggest that it’s still selling yourself short.

Giving up an ideal, a goal for your body, etc. opens up a lot of doors. Scary doors. Think about it. When I gave up the fight to control my body, I was scared shitless. All that energy and what to do with it?  Worry about things that matter? Take responsibility for my own life? It’s scary because if you fail, you fail. But being scared is not a reason to revert to an old habit and is not a reason to live small…You’ll also be leaving behind the vast majority of people you meet, who are complacent with disliking their bodies and with accepting the message that there is something wrong with liking themselves. But seriously, when you think about it, what’s better? Settling for a small life or at least trying to live a little while you’re here?

I’m going to reign this one back in, because I’m off on one of my Cheryl’s trying to change the world tangents.

Use your energy, determination, and drive to set goals that matter. Accept that your body has an ideal and will find it when you listen to it and take care of it and give up the need to control or shape it. 

When you get to the end of your life, how do you want people to remember you…

  • She had a six pack
  • She cycled her carbs really well
  • She never ate white flour


  • She lived her life
  • She followed her heart
  • She left a mark


Be strong, but define it yourself.

Strong is strong. 

What do you think? I’m curious to hear responses, especially from people who have thought about or done fitness modelling, this kind of training/eating, or who have had EDs.
If you have a blog, link me up to a post you held back on publishing–was it worth it?

Short and oh so sweet

Well, I am home from my trip to Toronto.

It was short, and as you saw, oh so sweet! Lots of wine, lots of chocolate, lots of catching up.

I thought I’d be exhausted after the double dose of spin I got into in the morning–yeah, I’m hooked again on spin classes! There’s a reason why I became an instructor and bought a bike in the first place, and I’m remembering it this week. Also, there was one of my fav instructors back after having a baby so staying for her class after a seriously sweaty and awesome one by another really awesome teacher’s was easy. 🙂

The drive to Toronto was easy too–I had company from Mel and Nina, which made it fly by!

When I got there, Bonnie and I headed for massages. Like something out of Austin Powers, but awesome. It’s tradition!

Our friends who are in Toronto for chiropractic school joined us for a long overdue reunion, dinner, and wine!

With the wine drinking and awesome company came a really amazing conversation. The kind that makes you want to smile for the next few days (I’m in perma-grin mode, despite a hangover). We talked about a lot but some questions really struck awesome insight:

  • What holds you back/has held you back?
  • What does your life look like in 10 years?
‘Twas awesome. I’m realizing more and more how cool the people in my life are and how this happy, positive wavelength I seem to be riding is contagious (or I’ve just been ignoring the fact that it’s out there until now!).
I blame it a bit on buying this book for Bonnie for her birthday (on Angela’s suggestion)–“Four regular guys on a mission to complete a list of ‘100 Things To Do Before You Die’ and to help and encourage others to go after their own lists.”
You know we ate this up!
It also sparked my own mental summer to do list, which I started today as I drove back to London (after breakfast, of course).

Sneak peak of the summer 2012 (epic?) to do list, which I think will be worth a page of its own on here:

  • feed ducks – starting it off with a bang 😉
  • go on a roller coaster
  • beat everyone up a mountain on my bike
  • bike to sarnia
  • watch a sunrise
  • sleep under the stars
  • do a mud run
  • write for a new magazine
  • trail run
  • go on a road trip
  • meet someone famous
  • do yoga on the beach
  • try long boarding
  • go to an outdoor concert
  • eat something I grow
  • bake with flour from Arva – it’s close and it’s supposed to be delicious!
  • go sailing
  • go boogie boarding 🙂
  • ride a century
  • ride a tandem bicycle
When I got back to London (after two pit stops and a snack), I met up with friends for a swim! We did about 2400m, which felt okay (considering Bonnie and I got only a few hours of sleep after talking our hearts out at bedtime!).
After the swim, I was ravenous. Repeat of yesterday’s turkey sandwich, loaded with sprouts and tomatoes (I’m craving veggies)!


This afternoon I spent at Starbucks, working away on a freelance assignment and trying to sort out the continuing education credits I need to get this month to keep my fitness certification current. Progress!

Now it’s nearly time for me to head to yoga with my friends!

How’s your week going?
What’s on your summer to do list?