Weird and wonderful what I ate Wednesday


Today’s eats were random, just like this warm weather we’re having (there were thunderstorms in Ontario in January–that’s weird!).

Breakfast was squash (with butter, sunflower seed butter), eggs, and alfalfa sprouts. 20130130-205046.jpg

I had a coffee date with a friend–I went a bit early and listened to some podcasts and journalled! I was absolutely inspired by the Think By Design presentation Dr. Jamie gave last night and I had another dose of inspiration talking to a gal I know from Gainsborough this morning. I know so many awesome people!


After my coffee date, I trained at CrossFit — snatches (frustrating) and tabata rows (ow). I lost my appetite but grapes never fail to entice me so they made for a fine afternoon, post-workout snack. 20130130-205100.jpg


At about 4, my cooking (I made roasted root veggies, salmon wrapped in bacon, coleslaw, snausages, hardboiled eggs) was done and I had a tasty piece of salmon (bacon-wrapped, omnomnom) over some coleslaw. 20130130-205106.jpg

I felt pretty full but after a night of interning and teaching my last bootcamp at TAC (for a while, anyways), I was hangry. I had a few pieces of salamiiiiiii as my bedtime snack.


Now my priorities are: dark chocolate, shower, and sleep! Thursdays are awesome but they are jam packed, especially when I try to fit in a training session at CrossFit in the morning. Have a happy Wednesday!

What’s the weirdest bacon-wrapped goodie you’ve loved? 

Sunday sweat: Take 3

Today, I’m sore.

Let’s see where that came from…

This week was busy (maybe I should stop saying that and just let people assume that it was busy unless I say otherwise?).


I took it a bit easy on Monday.  I wasn’t really planning on training but when noon rolled around and I was free and not teaching any spin classes in the evening, I figured what the heck. I was greeted with front squats (instead of going for a heavy single since we’d done our 1RM in the competition on Sunday), we did a bit lighter (much appreciated). I worked with 95/105 for my working squats. I’ll take it–that used to be my 1RM! We also did romanian deadlifts (I used 135 lbs for 3 sets of 5), and then some sissy squats. They might have been the roughest part of the day! Conditioning was a 6min AMRAP of 8 wall balls (14lbs) and 8 burpee box jumps (20″). I did 4 rounds total and got to 4 of the burpee box jumps. The main win on the day was foam rolling like a boss–it was much needed!


Come Tuesday, I figured I’d be feeling rearing to go again. Working on handstands and ring stuff was fine and dandy but we did Diane for the WOD: 21-15-9 deadlifts/handstand pushups. I scaled the 155RX’d to 115 (probably light in hindsight) and did regular ol’ classic pushups. They dominated me! I felt pretty defeated but whatever.  We all have our days, and Tuesday I trained right after a pretty awesome (emotional) life coaching sesh. I’m not making excuses but I am being reasonable–I wasn’t in my strongest game face kind of mood.



Wednesday, I trained at noon. I’d had a great sleep the night before and something must have set me up for success: I PR’d my clean and jerk (110, from 105 before) and then had fun with the banded good mornings, bradford presses, and tabata goblet squats we worked through (fun with tabata…my butt!).


Thursday was another conditioning day. We did skill work on cartwheels. I trained at 6am and had a terrible sleep the night before (I was up at 3am) so I didn’t have my best day. There were 2 WODs, separated by a 3 minute rest:

  1. AMRAP 8 minutes 100ft bear crawl, 10 pullups (jumping), 10 box jumps (5 rounds + 4 box jumps)
  2. 3 rds for time: 40 walking lunges, 20 pushups, 10 burpees

I can’t even remember my time on the 2nd one. Again, we all have our days!


Rest, glorious rest! I needed it and I worked at lululemon during the day and then volunteered at the home show in the evening so there was not much of a chance for me to work out anyways! 🙂


Conditioning day again! We worked up to our 1RM for power cleans (I hit 105) and then did another double WOD:

  1. 8 minute amrap: 5 pullups (band – green), 10 pushups, 15 air squats (6 rounds + 4 pushups
  2. 6 minute amrap: 5 power cleans (75lbs)/10 knee to elbow (5 rounds ish)


Strongman Sunday today was a toughie. We did some overhead pressing (just the top portion of the ROM) and then Jefferson Deadlifts. I made it up to 92lbs (thank god for those little baby plates) with the press and then managed to match my deadlift 1RM and pick up 255lbs between my legs (see photo I am including to certify that this is NOT something dirty ;)!).

The WOD today was the tough part: 30 wall balls (14lbs) / 30 power cleans (65lbs today) x 3. It took me 14:31 to do the three rounds. I think I power cleaned more this week than I have in my life–and I have a nice little bruise from where the barbell kisses my chest to prove it! Yes, I feel hardcore. But I’m also aware that these posts are just an opportunity to talk about my CrossFitting and that I more than just a little fit the stereotype…

I’m also pooched. I really wanted to go for a run today in the sunshine but that WOD and having a few nights of rough sleep this week have knocked me out. Tonight’s my Christmas party for lululemon so I’m looking forward to dancing but I am going to miss gymnastics! I might go back next Sunday, but it’s the Super Bowl. When did SUNDAYS get so busy? Aren’t they a day of rest? I also wish it was summer–I want to ride my bike–want to go swimming, am thinking about signing up for soccer this year, and would love to go on a road trip to rock climb. I know those are random things to add in, but they’re all sweat related and maybe you’re a tall, dark, fit, handsome male between the ages of 23 and 35 who wants to join. Ha!

Happy Sunday!

What was your favourite workout this week?
Have you hit any new PRs lately? Please share!

Sunday Sharing: Spaciousness

In Friday’s post, I listed a link to Gail VazOxlade’s post about stress. In it, she suggested making a “crap list” as part of her advice to stress less.

I loved this idea and I thought about it and finally got down to writing. In the last few weeks, I’ve been really examining what I’m doing with my time and what I really want to do vs. what I do because I think I should or because it’s become a normal thing for me. I think things came to a head for me over Christmas when I was working so much, adding new things into my life, and realizing that we can always do more—but we don’t have to. In my goals, January is about redefining and to reset, I’ve got to get honest with myself about where I am, where I want to go, and what’s helping me or holding me back in those efforts.

Before even making the list, I realized I’d been taking action. After a few weeks of feeling absolutely spread too thin—cranky when friends texted me because I just needed some peace, constantly rushed and often late for things, overtired, etc.—I started to cut back on “doing doing doing”—or at least thinking about cutting back. I wish it hadn’t taken me getting to the nearly burnt out stage to cut back, but even if it was by necessity, the wakeup call is a win.

A big deal for me was deciding to find some time by cutting back on my work:

I decided after a lot of back and forth and questioning that I need a break from teaching some of the fitness classes on my schedule. My schedule changed when I started my new position at GFC and when I decided on interning times at CrossFit and I tried to balance the two but found myself stressing to the max to get to the classes on time, making up routines and playlists at the last minute, and worrying about having to teach. That’s a recipe for an unhappy Cheryl, but it’s also a recipe for a subpar class. I don’t want to half ass teaching—that’s not fair to my employers, that’s not fair to my participants, and that’s not in line with my values (excellence!).

Making the decision to move forward with this wasn’t easy. “Quitters never win,” I told myself. I also had a yucky feeling that people would see me stepping back from teaching, albeit temporarily, as confirmation that I’m letting myself go. The truth that came out of a lot of journaling, chatting, and examining that belief? If it’s a confirmation or proof, then I was already believing that I had let myself go. In reality, I’m letting it go. I found plenty of evidence that I’m not, in fact, letting myself go, listed it, and got busy shifting that belief. I’m committed to changing the story to one of “I’m stepping back a bit to create space for new things in my life.” Isn’t that empowering?

As hokey as you might think it is, something dawned on me when I was thinking about all of this this week. My vision board from September is not only awesome, it’s also abso-freaking-lutely stuffed.  My vision board from last week is also awesome, but it’s got blank space. The word that keeps popping up for me is spaciousness. A friend of mine used it earlier in the month and I cannot get it out of my mind. For a really long time, the idea of spaciousness was scary for me.

September’s vision board — full!

January’s vision board – spacious!

I took space in my life to represent deficiency. I thought that I needed to do more to fill it because I was in some way deficient or not enough. I spent a lot of time filling all the spaces, adding more, and trying to prove to myself that I was in fact enough. The moral of that story: if you applaud doing more, you’ll never feel good enough. You could always do more.

you are good enough

For as long as I can remember, I’ve thought that if you had any free time, you were lazy. Saying it makes it sound as ridiculous as it is, but in my mind, not being busy or having something that needed to be done meant that I was slacking. I can remember being stressed over Christmas break about what I was going to do for March break, reading week, and even over the summer. The idea of a week off made me anxious and the idea of a summer off (or not knowing exactly what job I’d be doing and how I’d fill my time) was absolutely terrifying—so terrifying, in fact, that I took summer school every year that I was in university, even if I was working!

When I got closer to graduating from university, the anxiety set in. What would I do when I was done? I think it’s normal—and ambitious and good—to want to have a next step on the radar and to go after it. I think I took this to the extreme and had a plan A, B, X, Y and Z in mind: If I didn’t go back to school for this, I’d do a masters in this. If I didn’t really want a masters in this, I’d do a certificate in this. If that didn’t work out, I’d try this, etc. etc. etc. I never considered that maybe taking some time and being okay with where I’m at and seeing what I could do with it before deciding that it wasn’t enough was an option.

I had a great conversation yesterday with a new friend and a role model of mine who has been through some of the same things and thoughts that I’m sharing here. I see her as a motivated go-getter and her advice to me was to sit back and to be okay with what I’m doing—in short, to resist the urge to add more more more. Coming from someone who I really admire and aspire to be like, the advice carries a lot of weight and confirmed everything that I’m realizing already.

This is one of those blogs that I really hesitate to post because I don’t feel like I did it justice or that I made a point: it’s word vomit and I apologize for that. I have a feeling that I’m not alone–we all stuff ourselves in different ways, whether we fill our time with jobs and working, try program after program, use drugs or alcohol or food, shopping, Facebook, men, etc.–but I know that there is a better way. It might not be easy to change the way you think about yourself and treat yourself, but the game changer here is realizing that whether you do more, have more, etc., you’re already awesome enough. At your core, you are enough. You don’t have to prove it to yourself. You don’t have to do something every waking moment. You don’t have to–nor can you–fill the spaces where you feel empty with something else. Maybe the message here is to simplify. Maybe it’s to trust yourself. Maybe it’s to focus your energy on what really gets you going for a while and to let the rest of the things you’re doing (the “shoulds”) sit for a bit (they’ll still be there if you want to come back to them). Maybe it’s to sit back and to be okay with that. And maybe it’s different for all of us!

For me, simplification and spaciousness resonate. As does this:

And on that cheesy note, I’d love to hear if this sparks any similar feelings in you or if you’ve been through a process of deciding what really should fill your time, how much time you should fill, and if you’ve decided that exactly as you are, you are enough…? 

Friday Finds

Fridays are highlights for me. Today, I’ve got a day of work at lululemon followed by some quality time representing West London CrossFit at the LifeStyle Home Show this evening. I’m anticipating a big face plant and then a solid night of sleep! This week’s been busy (what else is new?). Good thing I’ve been racking up a few things worth sharing all week.

1. This video from last week’s LBD Classic at the gym. Enjoy!

2. This post from Stephenie Zemora’s blog about your life’s purpose and how to tell what is really calling you and what’s just sexy in that moment.  Her message?

“You were put here for a reason. With your unique personality, skills, passions and point of view. You’re meant to do very unique work in this world. “And what’s that?”, you might be wondering… Show up and be YOU. Do what you’re called to do.

Follow your passions, speak your truth and leave your mark.

Sounds familiar. Make a dent in the universe. This all made me think about what I love about my jobs and to realize that the more I define my purpose, the more I’ve realized what aspects of all the things I do are the reasons I do them. This is obviously a work in process but it’s coming up a lot for me.

3. That same topic came up in Dr. K’s blog post about choosing your purpose (not leaving it up to destiny). Like I said, defining my purpose makes deciding what I want to do and whether or not something I’m about to do or continually doing is really serving me a whole lot easier!

“…I could be responsible for creating something fantastic and amazing.

It’s your responsibility to choose what you want to pursue in your life. It is a hard and difficult choice, but it’s yours for the choosing. Go out and create something amazing for yourself.”

3. This blog from Gail Vaz Oxlade about reducing stress. I like the idea of a crap list. What are you tolerating? I particularly felt like she was calling me out with some of the things (rushing from one thing to the next, the idea of creating time instead!) and I greatly appreciated it!

4. Cheese galore:


Wireless-less wiaw

Soooo my apartment’s wireless is on the fritz which means you’re in for a treat: my attempts at blogging, emailing, and texting without autocorrects making something a laugh or two are pretty awesome.

For your sake, we’ll go mostly wordless on today’s! Good thing it’s a what I ate Wednesday…

Breakfast was eggs, spinach, and a sweet potato with almond butter/butter before laundry and chit chats with a friend. 🙂


Lunch came after a noon workout–my fav time to train but not one that generally fits in my schedule–and a PR and was pork, cabbage, and a nanner with coconut and some butter. Yes, I do eat weird things. Yes, I’m okay with you judging me.


After lunch came coffee time (it was social, don’t worry) and then I say myself down and got down to work editing and working on something that I totally forgot I needed Internet for tonight. I ended up needing more time than anticipated so I had to miss my interning at the gym. I made time for dinner-more pork this time with carrots alfalfa sprouts and almond butter-before playing instructor at bootcamp.


After a long hot shower, some dark chocolate, and this here blog post, I’m zonked!


Hopefully we get the wireless sorted out soon but for the meantime, I’m gong to enjoy the disconnect and read one of the many books I’ve been thinking about starting/finishing! 🙂 nighty night!

A cup of comfort

Okay, it’s freezing out.

I like to respond to people who whine about comment on how chilly it is with a hearty, “Isn’t it great that it’s seasonal again?!” That being said, today’s definitely a two pairs of pants multiple pairs of socks cuddle up with something cute kind of day.

huddle for warmth!

huddle for warmth!

It’s also a warm drink kind of day, and while I love me my Starbucks, I also have been enjoying a new treat in place of my formerly bottomless cups of decaf from the comfort of my own home.

I can hardly call this a recipe post, but I have a no recipe recipe for you to enjoy on a cold day like today, no guilt or hassle or freezing your butt off getting to the coffee shop required:  take a mugfull of milk (raw, almond, coconut, regular, whatever the heck kind you drink) and add a couple of squares of dark chocolate. You can put it into a pot and heat it up or just toss the mug into the microwave. Either way, make it hot so the chocolate melts, whip it with a fork, and proceed to tell yourself how easy that was. Then add some cocoa on top, instagram the crap out of it, and wait for people to ask you how to make it. Hashtag it #cozy #paleo #bacon if you want extra inquiries.

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 11.30.14 AM Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 11.31.29 AM
Enjoy–and stay warm. This is why long underwear exists, kids.


Sweat it out: special!

It’s time for instalment number 2 of my training recap. I intend to post on Sundays but yesterday was a super special day so you’ll have to forgive me for being a day late with this one (you’ll see!).


I taught a growing spin class and I had a new playlist! Wonderful. Here were my new additions…


I taught bootcamp and got sweaty with my girls. It was awesome to have a group of people who have been in my bootcamps before. We are in the gym so I used the space and we did a 10, 9, 8,…1, 10 pattern of squats/pushups and burpees/sit-ups paired with pants on fire runs (get up off your belly like yo pants are on fiyaaaaaa and sprint to the other side of the gym before doing the next squat/pushup or burpee/sit-up combo) followed by some oh so wonderful wall sits.

Tuesdays are my afternoon CrossFit class. It’s a small group usually but it was a good one. We did a warmup of 5 pullups (4, 3, 2 for me with negatives) / 10 pushups (most on my toes, some on my knees after that bootcamp!) / 15 air squats (my mobility is at long last getting better) and then our skill work was on turkish get ups (I got up to 45lbs both sides, which is new for me–usually my left side doesn’t keep up!). Our conditioning came in the form of 2 AMRAPs: 8 min of 5 wall walks, 10 box jumps (20”), 15 kb swings (1 pood)…wall walks dominated me and I got 3 rounds + 8 jumps. that was followed by 6 min of 50 d.u. + 10 ball slams…I ended up with 4 full rounds + 8 double unders.


On Wednesday morning, Sarah and I worked out a bit together. We warmed up with light reps of the bear complex. I worked on my clean and jerk and got up to 95lbs and failed at 105 (my PR). We did some pull-ups and chin-ups, weighted push-ups, and farmers carries for fun! I do love training with Sarah, if not for the inspiration (she’s strong and amazes me every time!), for the company and the conversation. #girlcrush



rest day! I told myself that I’d do lots of mobility on thursdays at home. Then I told myself that I should just do 5 minutes cuz I’d probably want to keep going. I didn’t. So 5 minutes it was!



sweat session with some friends from work. we did deadlifts, broad jumping, conditioning with burpees and sprints and kettlebell swings followed by a big sweaty community yoga class that made me remember that I need yoga in my life!


off! Relaxing in the morning followed by going to the market and ice skating won out!


…what you’ve all been waiting for! This weekend was the Winter Classic at West London CrossFit. It was pretty much everyone’s first time “competing” but it was a blast. The pictures sort of speak for themselves…






  • fun
  • competition
  • lots of socks
  • cute kids
  • teams

In teams of 4 — I was on the “Sock Monkeys” (ha!) with some seriously awesome friends/athletes — we went for our max front squats. My team totalled 780lbs. I’ve never done a max squat period, let alone a front squat. I was happy and surprised (to be honest!) with my 145lb showing. My female teammate absolutely inspired me with a 165lb number!

Next up came a 7min amrap of prowler sprints. We did 39 laps (so did a couple other teams)! It was harder than i thought and I regretted putting in just one extra lap–but we all did it!

The third and final event was a series of girl wods. It started with grace (30 ground to overhead at 135/95 Rx’d) which Brent handled no problem. Next came my turn to take in Jackie (1000m row/50 bar thrusters/30 pull-ups). I scaled the pull-ups with a black band but they were still a you know what. Otherwise I kept a steady pace (8 thrusters at a time) and felt just crappy enough. Shoko was up next with Karen (150 wall balls) which she scaled to a 10 lb ball and owned! What a gal! Wes finished things off with a seriously inspiring Fran. He used 85lbs for the thrusters but was consistent and finished things for the team with a bang! After the scaling penalties were added, we placed third!

Overall we placed third too!

But overall, more importantly, everyone did awesome. We all stepped outside of our comfort zone, got to spend a day with awesome people, and shared something special! We finished with a potluck and some awards (we are spoiled) and things came together. There are some rock stars working at making these things happen and they deserve as much props as the athletes! I left inspired by not only the people doing amazing physical things but just by all the people doing the darn thing–scaled or not scaled!

I wonder what next Sunday will have in store? It seems like Sundays are the day for adventure! 🙂

have you ever done a crossfit competition, in house or otherwise?

Sunday Special: Feeling and spreading the blog love!

I’m pretty sure I’ve made this funny before, but whenever I see blogging awards, I think of this scene from the Grinch:

At any rate, this week I felt super appreciated–and special!–when not one but two fellow bloggers–Amy @ Mom On Purpose and Dr. Andrea Ryan @ Relish The Journey–nominated me for a Liebster Award. I like the idea of you guys checking out their blogs and I was always a sucker for chain mail, chain emails, and anything that makes me feel like I’m in on something exclusive so of course I’m playing along! Thanks, guys!

Facts of the Liebster Award

The Liebster Award’s origins are pretty much a mystery. Bloggers nominate other bloggers that have 200 or less followers. It’s basically a “Hey, that’s a sweet little blog you’ve got there. Here’s an award!” You can’t just accept the award. You have to play by the (ever-changing) rules and pay it forward. Then you can put the award on your blog for all to see.

The Rules:

1. List 5 facts about yourself. (Random blogging? My forte!)

2. Answer the 5 questions given to you. (Oh lordy, I’ve got 10!)

3. Create 5 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award. (Check ’em out near the bottom of this bad boy!)

4. Choose 5 worthy bloggers to nominate. (Scroll down, kiddos!)

5. Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award.  

6.  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. Did I mention that these ladies rock? Cuz they have a hella awesome message to spread and I for one am a fan!

5 random facts about myself

My answers 

For Amy:

1 – Would you rather have a life of extreme highs and lows (great success, bliss, and joy, accompanied by great challenge, grief and despair) or an even-keel life with neither of the extremes?

Yes. To really experience joy, you have to be open to the full range of emotions. Realizing this and the ways that I’ve spent so much energy trying to avoid certain ones (loneliness, fear, etc.) has shown me how I’ve shut off the exact things I need and deserve (connection, love, comfort). I am really feeling Brene Brown’s words about how to be wholehearted, we need to be vulnerable, which means opening up to all of the things that life throws our way. Our emotions don’t kill us…

2 – Why did you start blogging?

I had a blog when I was a kiddo but I kept it a bit more private. I started my last blog–eatplayluvblog–during my recovery from my eating disorder. I love writing, I knew that lots of people in the health and fitness field used blogs, and I read a lot of fun blogs so I thought what the hell. I wish it was more glamourous than that!

3 – If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

I’d get rid of scales–and all the weight issue stuff that go along with them.

4 – What has been your biggest challenge to overcome?

Challenges are stepping stones. My eating disorder in general has been a serious challenge for me but it’s made me the amazing person I am today. I’ve had to tackle old, deep-seated beliefs, address my self esteem, relearn how to take care of myself…but it’s all been worth it. 🙂

5 – If you could form an imaginary “council” to guide you in your life, what five people would you choose to have on it? (they could be alive or dead, fictional or real, famous or not)

This is a toughie but an awesome question. I’d choose someone to guide me on letting go and letting loose and having fun (Ke$ha would do), one to guide me on eating and taking care of my body (how about Diane or Liz from Balanced Bites, one to guide me on my finances (Gail Vaz-Oxlade should do!), a guide on how to be open to the awesomeness of life/to lead me in creating a stellar and fulfilling career (how about a life coach–Jennifer Schramm, Andrea Owen, or maybe Christie Inge), and one to help me out with all the practical things that I get confused on (my step mom has a knack for knowing how to do everything or knowing someone who could help her figure it out). That seems like a solid starting point!

For Dr. Andrea:

1.  If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? (not food group, a single food)

Pork in all its various forms OR just pulled pork, specifically courtesy of my good friends Emily/Gus!

2.  What is the one thing on your “Bucket List” that you will do in 2013?

Become a LIFE COACH!

3.  What do you do for a living & if you weren’t doing it, what would you do instead?

Currently: educator at lululemon, fitness instructor at two gyms, crossfit intern, blogger, community ambassador at gainsborough family chiropractic. Ideal: life coach, fitness professional, blogger/writer (books?), larger capacity with GFC and life by design

4.  If you had to choose between not being able to hear or see, which sense would you rather not have and why?

I don’t have to choose. I think I’d choose hearing. I love music, but I want to be able to read (I know that I could “read” if I couldn’t see, but I don’t think it would be the same).

5.  If you were a flavour of ice cream, what would it be?

Moosetracks. Vanilla with chocolate goodies and then nut butter? What more could you want?!

My nominees

1. Jenna @ smile, you’re beautiful

2. Bill @ my life by design 30 day challenge

3. Chelsea @ one healthy munchkin

4. Bre @ bee goes bananas

5. Megan @ the jelly bean exchange

My questions

1. What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up?

2. If you had a day to do whatever you like (no financial constraints), what would you do, where would you go, who would you do it with, and why?

3. If you were a superhero, what would your powers be and why?

4. Who is your biggest role model? Why?

5. What’s your favourite part about blogging?

YAY! I love spreading this love. Enjoy, kiddos!

Friday Finds: 2nd Edition

Another Friday, another set of finds!

1.This TED talk was abso-freaking-lutely phenomenal in my mind! I liked especially the part where she talks about progress and the idea that moving forward and making progress are not always the same thing. She’s also funny. Powerful stuff!

2. I can’t stop talking about stuff that Brene Brown mentions in her book, in her Ted Talks, or on her blog. Here’s a blog post that gets into some of the good stuff, a Ted Talk of hers that I think I’ve shared before but is worth sharing, and a suggestion: read Daring GreatlyTake notes, and meet me for discussions over coffee. Expect tears.

My takeaway? Guilt is okay, shame needs to be limited: “guilt = I did something bad. shame = I am bad” — you can see where the repercussions for self esteem come in.

3. Piano guys album. So relaxing for me! I have an old friend (stretch mark kind of friend–the ones who know you oh so well and have been with you through thick and thin) who always links to their songs on my facebook wall–so I think half of the appeal is the fact that I think of her when I see them. Maybe I have a weird appreciation, but either way…love!

4. My friend and fellow lemon Jenna started her own blog–“smile, you are beautiful“. I feel like there are great things happening/about to happen here!

5. I abso-freaking-lutely love this piece of inspiration. I think it goes perfectly with last weekend’s post regarding being, having, doing “enough”.

6. Chris Kresser’s back to basics post about eating real food. Going back to my goals for the year, I want to get more real about this. Yes, I eat healthy. But I could do better in terms of relying on convenience food and on getting food from sources I trust and know. Nonfiction food.

In his words:

““Real food” is:

  • Whole, unprocessed and unrefined

  • pasture-raised (a.k.a. grass-fed) and wild

  • local, seasonal and organic”

…not to put pressure on myself, but I need to pull my socks up! 🙂

7. This opportunity to shamelessly self-promote the article I wrote about hiring a professional decorator for Bankrate (better late than never!)

8. This post from my facebook wall today, especially given the fact that Fran is on the agenda for Sunday’s Fun day throw-down at my CrossFit gym!

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.12.51 PM

10. This status update.Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.32.13 PM

…I think you’ve got enough cheese, inspiration, reading material, and video to last you the weekend!

11. This video, which reminds me of some of the other CrossFit ones out there. Still awesome! Lots of butt shots, lots of lululemon, lots of inspiration.


What are you loving this week?

WIAW take 2

Quick! What do you love to do?

Blog! Eat! Sleep! Sweat! Inspire!

Today, I’m fitting in most of those. Here’s a relatively wordless WIAW with one reflection:




brisket and coleslaw with homemade mayo!




sweet potato with butter, almonds, sea salt, and alfalfa sprouts—paleo sandwich?


trail mix


leftover meatloaf from the freezer, kale, artichokes, parmesan cheese



i like chocolate…and steamed milk

Okay, more like a couple reflections:

  1. I had the pleasure of some conversations with people who are entirely real today. This is refreshing!
  2. I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. K deliver the Think By Design presentation this evening. It was big stuff and goes right along with all of the good stuff I love to think and talk about here, there, and everywhere. Props to him for tackling a big, seriously important topic!
  3. I felt blah in the gym today. My cleans sucked. I should probably have some patience and focus on focusing while I’m working on them, not on worrying what I look like or what so and so can do or what I’ve done before. Ditto for the whole interning to coach process. I may be a bootcamp instructor and a trainer but I’m allowed to be nervous, to have questions, and to make some mistakes along the way–and it’s okay if it takes time to “get it”–process!
  4. Since I “gave up” coffee, I’ve ended up having one just about every day. That’s either a fail or a SERIOUS WIN! Considering I used to have about pot in the morning, some at work, and then decaf the rest of the day, I need to focus on how freaking amazing it is that I’m having a coffee a day. I also notice that now, when I have a cup, it’s special. I steam the milk. I sit and drink it with a friend, my journal, or my thoughts. I don’t get one for the sake of having one en route to work, while I’m driving, etc. I call this a major success.

That’s all.

After all, I do love me some sleep and tomorrow’s a big day–I’m working at GFC, I’m doing a little coaching with Christie Inge (another girl crush idol inspiration who I know I can learn a lot from personally and as a life coach, but this work is purely personal and powerful and exciting Peaceful Eating stuff), and I’m having a long overdue skype date with my sister, amongst other things (laundry, cleaning, blogging, RELAXING, mobility on my rest day!).

When do you most enjoy coffee?