The mini eggs aren’t the problem

Mid mini-egg snarfing last night, I had a realization. As I danced on the line between “normal” festive holiday emotional eating to compulsive/bingeing territory, I “woke up”…

As yucky as it was to catch myself in the moment, in the habit of eating at night, it sent me to my journal with something on my mind.

I was not eating out of hunger, but I was hungry.

I was not hungry because I needed fuel, food, chocolate, or mini eggs.

So, I sat down to my journal with a question on my mind: What am I hungry for?

You will never be able to eat enough to fill an empty heart.

No amount of cookies, of chocolate, of cake, of chips—of whatever—can fill that kind of hunger.

A hungry belly needs food. A hungry heart needs love. A hungry soul needs fulfillment.

There’s no love aisle at the grocery store. The farmer’s market doesn’t sell fulfillment. Love comes from family, from friends, but most conveniently—though often difficultly—from ourselves (how convenient!). Fulfillment comes from doing what makes you come alive—even if it’s not what pays the bills (right now) or pleases your parents or looks nice on paper.

If your world is filled with draining things—people who bring you down, a schedule filled to the brim with things to keep you busy but not inspired, a house filled with junk that you bought to impress other people—is it any wonder you try to fill yourself up with food?

An eating disorder of this type is not about eating.

Finding the perfect diet won’t get rid of a life disorder. Throwing away your chocolate won’t make you love yourself. Slapping a band-aid—in the form of a diet, a program, a whatever—on the situation just prolongs your agony. When will you address what’s really missing? When will you give yourself what you’re really hungry for?

Recognizing that food won’t fill you up is the first step. The next space—where you’ll likely continue to eat all the while knowing that it’s not the answer—is perhaps the most frustrating. Step into the part of the process where you start figuring out what it is that you want, what it is that you need, and who it is that you are. Take up a curiousity with yourself—Why are you turning to food? What might make you feel better? How do you use food and eating and dieting in your life?—and enter into a new way of being. Start on the big questions: What would fulfill you? Who do you want to be? What do you want? What if you were enough?

Geneen Roth’s wisdom comes to mind here.

“You are not a mistake. You are not a problem to be solved. But you won’t discover this until you are willing to stop banging your head against the wall of shaming and caging and fearing yourself.”

Stop fixing yourself. This “problem” becomes a gift the moment you realize it has opened up these questions about what you’re really hungry for, which really get at what you want in your life and in turn what you believe about your ability or right to have them. Open it…

I’m interested in what you’ve learned about yourself if you’ve overcome an eating disorder or emotional eating…share with me in the comments!

Sweaty Sharing

Another week, another recap of training…


Wednesday noon classes at the gym rock my knee high socks.

Deadlift days are my favourite!

So…I liked Wednesday!

For our deadlifts, we did 5 sets of 5 reps. I got up to 225, which felt awesome.

Our WOD was four 500m rows — we recorded our worst time (womp womp). Mine was 1:54, which I held pretty consistently and which made me super happy because I couldn’t get below 2:00 before. All in a day’s work!



I met 13.3 bright and early. If you’re not a CrossFit junkie monkey, the WOD was a 12 minute AMRAP: 150 wall balls, 90 double unders, 30 muscle ups. I wanted to go really quickly through the wallballs because double unders are no problemo for me. “Wanted” is key. My strategy to do sets of 25ish fell apart during the first 10…

When I got to the double unders, albeit later than expected, I got through them fine and dandy. I finished with about a minute and a half to stare at the rings and think about how nice it will be when I can do muscle ups. 🙂


Summary: frustrated. I was glad to have a few fellow early morning crazies to do the WOD with me, was lucky to have a counter who put up with my death stares, and I’m proud to say I only kicked the ball once.

balls wallballs balls2

All things considered, my score was not so bad in the grand scheme of things.

It took a little for me to move on, including an afternoon run to clear my mind. It was cold and I was suddenly wishing that it was more springlike. I think it was my eyelashes freezing that did it for me–and I was only out for about half an hour!



Rest day! I was up uber early to catch a train to Toronto. If lugging my suitcase around the city counts, then I guess it wasn’t a rest day! I also went for a stroll with some friends to the yoga conference in the evening after my life coaching training was done.


I set an alarm so I would get up and hit the hotel gym. Sitting for a whole day, even in a ridiculously awesome learning environment, is tough for me. Any little movement beforehand helps, I figure, so a little movement I did!

From a list of bodyweight CrossFit WODs, I chose Annie (50-40-30-20-10 double unders and sit-ups). “Better than nothing” seems to sum it up. I got some looks from the old guys on the stationary bikes but that wasn’t so bad. Mostly, I missed being at the Saturday morning fun at home.



Another rest/travel day.


The noon class on Monday felt like a homecoming. There were lots of friendly faces and it was nice to be back in the gym. I didn’t feel totally fired up after the workout, perhaps because I failed on the weight I tried for with my cleans and felt slow during the short WOD: 21-15-9 deadlifts and box jumps (135, 20″ Rx’d).

I’m learning to take the bad days in the gym as normal. If every day’s good and you don’t fail now and again, how hard are you trying?


6am classes are their own kind of special. Today was balls. WOD: 1000m row/7 rds of 7 wall balls and 7 burpees. I took 10:37 to enjoy this bad boy. I was happy cuz the 1000m took me less than 4 minutes. Yay for getting better at rowing! 🙂


Since today felt like 3 days all in one (I had lots of meetings, taught bootcamp, coached a few clients :), etc.), by mid-afternoon I’d forgotten about the WOD and hit the trails for a short run. I got muddy, found some sunshine, and remembered why I love running along the river! Yay for spring being in the air!


I had extra motivation to run the trails today.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 10.11.01 PM

That’s all I’ll say.

Happy sweating!

Fill me up

Warning: word vom ahead.

As I mentioned earlier this week, this weekend is my fulfillment workshop through CTI.

It’s already been powerful.

We started out with values clarification and some visualization exercises + coaching that led to a whole list of powerful values—some of which matched the ones I pulled off a list from the internet way back when when I attempted to do this on my own and some of which I never would have come up with or chosen without them presenting themselves in the visualizations.

From there, we coached and worked on coming up with a mission statement/life purpose statement in the form of:

I am the _____________ that _______________.


The exercise lends itself to a metaphor, which makes things cheesy on my end:

I am the renegade that opens up new vistas.

I am the pioneer woman that forges a new path.

Catch my drift?

Lately (especially since quitting lululemon) I’ve been contemplating what I want to do in the fall. I’ve got the summer filled with my coaching courses, working at GFC and interning at CrossFit, maybe teaching some more bootcamp, freelance writing and blogging, helping out and having some fun with my friends who are in the ribfest businesss, and finding time for relaxing and biking and being outside, but I know come fall I’ll find some openness. With my coaching program, I can go through certification immediately or spend some time working and then complete the 6 month certification process.

There are many an option spinning in my head. I could go back to school—there’s a masters in sports sociology that keeps presenting itself to me as an option. I could finish my writing certificate and dedicate some real time to building my portfolio as a freelance writer.  I could do my certification and dive into a coaching business. I could take a whole different set of courses through CTI based on leadership. I could focus on working more in the fitness industry and start training people.

The beauty of being a jill of all trades is that there are so many possibilities. The rub is that I tend to overwhelm myself with them and since I’m battling an addiction to busy, I need to watch myself.

Luckily, this weekend came right on time.

Clarifying my mission and my purpose makes it obvious why I love doing the things I love doing:

  • As a freelance writer, my favourite articles to write are the ones about things that have interested me – a cyclist eating an out of the box paleo diet, for instance.
  • As a blogger, I like writing about my own personal experience taking ownership for my own life, beliefs, and behaviours. I get a really warm feeling when I get feedback that I’ve inspired someone to think about themselves differently.
  • As a fitness instructor, I like leading people and inspiring them to do more than they might think they’re able to do.
  • At GFC, I’m part of a mission that radically shifts the way people view their health and their bodies.
  • As a coach, I’m working with people to remind them of and to help them claim their rightful awesomeness.
  • Writing term papers in sociology was more rewarding than froyo for me because it gave me a chance to formally look at a socially constructed (i.e. not necessarily true) idea and to examine it and possibly reframe it (sounds a bit like taking a personal limiting belief and reframing it, doesn’t it?).

Keeping that in mind, I start to see the power in continuing to do what I’m doing. Rather than aiming to be the best freelance writer I could possibly be or the best fitness professional I could possibly be, I aim for becoming the best version of that pioneer woman or that renegade—in short, becoming the best Cheryl who is living out that life purpose. If that doesn’t feel like a weight off my shoulders, I don’t know what does. Yepp, I could take on more clients as a life coach—but do I need to? Yes, I could pitch more stories to magazines—but do I need to? See what I’m sayin’?

It’s not that I don’t want to be a high quality writer, fitness instructor, coach, etc. (or that I’m not trying to master those things and to continually get better at them)—it’s that rather than being all in to one profession or label, I’m all in to one mission, purpose, and driving factor. I’m all in to being the most fully expressed version of me. Knowing what I’m here for—at least in a rough form as a starting point (a purpose statement is ever evolving)—is power. It gives me a guiding point and a sort of target to measure things against—a sort of north star, our training suggests!

Add into all of this a heightened sense of clarity around what my most important values are and suddenly, making choices about what to do and where to go and how to spend my energy, time, and money feels much simpler. If I value contribution, honour that? Learning? Growth? Comfort? Excellence? Leadership? Authenticity? Communication? Having this clarity makes living my life on purpose a whole lot easier, and for that I am grateful.

In closing, I’m also grateful for this…

love it

Have you ever actively clarified your values? What was the process like?
Do you have a guiding mission statement for your life? Care to share? 

Friday Finds




5 wordy images I love 

1.never give up on yourself

3.every oak tree started as an acorn



4 songs me likeeee





(yes, I’m 14)

3 nutrition nerd posts for future reference

1. Dianne Sanfilippo’s rundown — “What is Paleo?” … Balanced Bites is my fav podcast, Practical Paleo is my paleo bible, and I can’t speak highly enough of this stuff!

2. The guidelines on the Weston A. Price website. If you haven’t dove into this stuff yet, I encourage you to!

3. The go to availability guide for what’s in season in these parts. C’monnnnn spring!

2 life coach bloggers I can’t get enough of

1. Nicole Antoinette –   My fav from a blog she posted recently about rest:

“Here’s the truth: If you’re constantly pushing yourself to do more and more and more, you’re going to burn out. Even if you’re motivated and insanely passionate. Even if you want what you want more than anyone has ever wanted anything ever. Regardless of how bad you want it, if you push yourself too hard, you’re going to burn out. Maybe not today, maybe not next week, but it’ll happen – you’ll lose focus, your life will become too unbalanced, you’ll get hurt, you’ll get sick, you’ll get sleep deprived – and it’ll throw a big fucking wrench into all of your best laid plans.”

Amen to that!

2. Stephenie Zamora – I like her blog, I love her facebook feed, and she puts quotes into cheesy images. Need I explain this serious girl crush more? Her shit reminds me of my shit or at least makes me feel tingly:

“It comes down to personal responsibility, my passion. Women (and men) who take personal responsibility for creating the lives (and jobs) they desire are happier, healthier and have a greater impact than those who don’t.”

1 video I know you won’t regret watching

1. Brene Brown’s appearance on Oprah. phe-nom-en-al!

happy weekend! 

WIAW and a wamble

Wamble is not a word, but ramble is.

And ramble I will, but only after a photo recap of today’s eats (in WIAW tradition).


pumpkin/greek yogurt + trail mix, banana. MIA: coffee with milk!


green smoothie (2 scoops protein down the hatch + apple, 1/2 frozen banana, ice cubes, kale, and water)


this is me. that is almond butter on that spoon. you know where this is going.


decaf long americano. i resisted the cream today.


snausages and sundried tomatoes over salad.

Lately I’ve been getting real about what and how I’m eating. Yes, it’s an improved approach. I do my best to be a nutrient seeker and realize that the best thing I can do is to eat real food that’s always been food. But I rely a lot on convenience and use “it’s paleo!” as an excuse sometimes. Last week, I asked a practice client what their 10/10 looked like with food and eating and quickly realized that I didn’t really know what my 10/10 looks like (and yes, I caught myself getting in my own head when I should have been waiting for her response ;)!).

Anyways, not knowing what I even want my eating, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. to look like if it were going to look it’s best is only problematic if I want to get there, right? *sarcasm* You can’t move towards something if you don’t know what it is you’re aiming for…

Things that came up when I started to think about this: more vegetables, less mystery meat, more variety, more local, more organic, more homemade. A theme here might be authentic. Whether my bacon consumption of late suggests it or not, I used to be a vegetarian, largely because I didn’t like the stuff I read and saw about factory farming and the meat industry.

While I recognize that this is all a process, I think it’s time in my process to get real about where my food comes from. The 100 Mile Diet, Animal Vegetable Miracle, and Michael Pollan’s books offered some of my most memorable “aha!” moments. I get sucked into those books far more than I do the ones about the hormonal effects, the minute details of grams of this or grams of that, etc.—so it makes sense that ignoring where and who my food comes from isn’t leaving me totally fulfilled. It’s like there’s something missing and I’m pretty darn sure that filling in that gap will be a huge jump towards a 10/10.

That’s enough rambling for now (I’m not ready to own up to my Starbucks habits of late ;)!), especially since I’ve got my alarm set for 5am tomorrow. I’m just stoked out of my brains to do 13.3, especially at 6am!

It will be worth it, however, to head into my second weekend of life coach training in Toronto. This weekend’s about fulfillment…

“The coachee’s definition of fulfillment is always intensely personal. It may include, especially at first, outward measures of success: a great job or promotion, enough money, a certain lifestyle. Eventually, the coaching will progress to a deeper definition of fulfillment. It’s not about having more. It’s not about what fill’s the client’s pockets or closets—it’s about what fills the client’s heart and soul. A fulfilling life is a valued life, and clients will have their own definitions of what they truly value. If they value risk taking, is there enough adventure in their lives? If they value family, are they shortchanging themselves by caving in to the demands of work? What are the personal values the want present in their work? Sorting out values is a way of sorting out life choices, because when the choices reflect the client’s values, life is more satisfying and often feels effortless. Achieving a certain goal can be very fulfilling—especially as a benchmark—but most clients find that fulfillment is not the finish line. At its deepest level, fulfillment is about finding and experiencing a life of purpose and service. It is about reaching one’s full potential.”

That lights me up!

What is different between your current eating patterns and your 10/10 ideal?
What are your plans for the weekend?
What do you think of 13.3?


Training thoughts



If I look at what I spend most of my time thinking about and/or doing, training is near the top of the list (food, work, sleep, and cheesy quotes are up there too).

I’m getting back into the swing of blogging and think a weekly recap is much in order, so here goes. I’ll just get you up to speed from my last post



After watching Angela swim in a little fun time trial at Western in the morning, I knew what I wanted to do with my Sunday energy: splish splash. I swam 1500m long course and just focused on not drowning. Win!


Yesterday’s CrossFit class was not my favourite, but it was mostly because I had a numb face thanks to a silly dentist appointment I had in the morning. There’s something about not being able to talk that makes me cranky! We worked up to 1RMs on snatches and clean and jerks, which felt rushed but I managed to hit 115 on my C&J–total win! The conditioning for the day was 3 rds of 30 sit ups, 20 pushups, and 10 pull-ups. I struggled through 10 pullups on the first round and proceeded to do jumping pullups when my hands started ripping again. Been there, done that, and it’s not worth it in the midst of the open ;)!


I did a morning class and while I didn’t think the WOD was so tiring during it (probably because having to clean 95lbs before I could start a round gave me a chance to throw some f bombs  catch my breath a bit), I am feeling like I could use a nap–or some espresso–this afternoon! It was nice to Rx a workout, even if that workout was balls. I also will give myself a pat on the back for upping my box jump and for failing gracefully when I tried to go past it! 🙂



I’m loving CrossFit–and even enjoying getting into the open–but I am nervous for what 13.3 could bring. There are things I can’t do: pistols, pull-ups in sets greater than 5, handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, etc. that remind me of an important fact: I’m new to this and I’m not going to the CrossFit games. Similar to how when I started to do triathlon I had to remind myself that racing was fun and challenging and rewarding regardless of the fact that I wasn’t going to the Olympics, CrossFit is fun and challenging and rewarding regardless of the fact that I am not the fittest woman on the planet. 🙂 Right now I’m happy with 18,383rd fittest gal in the world.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 3.37.15 PM

Swimming and the thought of spring, talks of races and events for the summer, etc. remind me that I have a special place in my heart for triathlon and cycling and running. The question is whether or not I have a special place in my schedule for them, if I miss them enough to do them in place of or on top of CrossFit, and what that balance would look like. Things I know: I won’t compromise my health (overtraining? no thanks), I don’t have to be the best (at either), and I don’t mind looking at Brian Mackenzie/Kelly Starrett while I do a little research into how I might make all of this fit together. 🙂

starrettmackenzie brian mackenzie



Have you mixed CrossFit with endurance sports? 
Are you doing the Open?
What’s the bane of your CrossFit experience? 

Cheryl time

If you know me, you know that I have my own clock. I’m the girl whose car clock is set 12 minute fast but who still manages to cut it too close when it comes to being on time. By some stroke of a miracle I’m running early for a 7am start time. On a Saturday. When there’s snow on the ground!

Maybe I’m just excited for today — it’s quarterly meeting time for the chiropractic office I work at and we are starting things off with a team training date at crossfit (yes I realize how cool my job is!).

Right now crossfit and I are getting along: 13.2 was definitely better than 13.1 in my books. The workout was a 10 minute AMRAP of 5 shoulder to overhead (75) 10 deadlifts (75) and 15 box jumps (20″). My score was 269. I have a no redo policy and I still have a wod cough from doing it yesterday so I’m going to stick with that time! My advice to you if you’re doing it is te advice that I got: do push press if you have the strength and save your legs. Do step ups on the corner of the box. TA-dah! The recipe to beat my score. (Hmmph!).

Yesterday was just an all around good day: some work I’ve been putting off, the workout plus a little training afterwards at the gym, a Skype date with my long lost friend Christina (jk, long lost = New Zealand), quality time with another gal pal from the gym, and a froyo date that left me with a toothache and a tummy ache plus a lot of tossing and turnin (toppings and fudge = sugar rush apparently). Lesson learned! My friend is here for the weekend so we had a sleepover and watched “friends with benefits” as so funny!

Tonight we are headed to a partayyyyy!
Bring on the green alcoholfun!





And now I’m properly rushed to be on time. All is right in the world!


I have a theory: as I get more stressed, my chocolate consumption rises.

Similarly, as I get busier, my nut consumption increases.

I’ve been running around a bit like a chicken with it’s head cut off for the last 48 hours. Lots of good things — meetings, reunions with old friends, working, a massage — but I am glad to be sitting firmly on my butt right now with nowhere to be in the morning until 10:30am. 🙂

I meant to post a wordless WIAW from yesterday. My eats were kind of pathetic…




…and I totally forgot to snap a pic of the board at CrossFit (we did a lovely WOD with 20 front squats (95lbs), 30 box jumps, 40 kettlebell swings (35lbs), and 50 push presses (45lbs) – 5:44 for me Rx’d).

Blog fail.

Today I have to admit was a bit of a food fail.





Summary: cashews with a side of food.


The rest of my Thursday was awesome. I work at GFC on Thursdays and this week was March Break so there was even more cute kids and happy parents (ha!) than normal.


Tonight my main goals are not eating more cashews getting a good rest, dreaming about 13.2 (which I’m doing tomorrow!), and hitting “publish” on this bad boy. I’m hoping that this whole “one of those ones you just have to push through” description of the workout is accurate and that I can tough it out–nothing seems too scary about it but maybe I’m in for a surprise.

Here’s a surprise: cashews have an apple attached to them? Nuts are one of those lingering mystery foods that I don’t really understand from start to finish. If you’re a nerd, you can read about it too. Some of the photos I stumbled on were ugly, but not ugly enough to make them less delicious.

cahsew yucnuts

Andddd yes, I am nuts.

Night night.

Less employed

Today was a ridiculously full–and fulfilling–day.

It started out with coffee covering a spin class for an instructor who’s enjoying some sun (it’s March break). I love me some chronic cardio spin here and there.

Since it’s been a while, here’s a taste of the playlist:

warm up

Red Hands


Tonight I’m Getting Over You




flat – speed

I Cry


Scream & Shout

Don’t Stop the Party

rolling hills

Glad You Came (rmx)

flat – speed

Sweet Nothing


Thrift Shop

Just Give Me a Reason

flat – speed




True Colors

Britney: check.

Ke$ha: check.

I still got it!

After spin, I snarfed a breakfast on the go (banana, “paleo” muffin, protein shake made with water/almond milk + grassfed whey) as I relocated from one gym to another.


At the rec centre, I did a bit of life coaching before I taught bootcamp. The bootcamp class was short, sweet, and sweaty on their end (I just coached). Think squats, pushups, planks, and tabata fun (step-ups, mountain climbers, burpees).

After bootcamp, I hustled home because I was on the verge of hangry. Luckily my Sunday prep was great this week and I could reheat some cabbage and snausages in a jiffy.


In a jiffy is key because I was hurrying to coach another practice client. ’twas fun, as new and challenging as it is for me! Following that little session, I had a chit chat with some friends about working for them this summer a bit. Afterwards, I made my way to the third gym of the day to intern at CrossFit. I coached the whole class today, which means I felt like a big deal. 🙂 Progress!


When I finished up at the gym (after playing around: a few embarrassing attempts at handstand pushups, a reminder of why I need to do pistols more often, and the best experience I’ve had grabbing onto a bar since ripping my calluses a few weeks ago), I met a friend for a bit of shopping. We were in the market for green schtuff for this weekend–which proved a bit disappointing. I was still glad to have the free time to get together and to do something just random with my less employed self–even if the rest of my day was busy.

While we were shopping, I felt myself crossing into hangry territory so when I got home I ate a big dinner: romaine, pork, and a giant sweet potato with butter.


It hit the spot, but I have a food baby right now. I’m having some tea, starting a bit of editing I’ve been procrastinating on, and having a relaxing night.  Tomorrow’s less busy than today but there’s still plenty on the agenda to keep me busy and smiling. 🙂

What songs are on your workout playlist right now?

Back at it

It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve blogged to recap my days, so I think I better start by recapping a bit of my life before I dive into what I ate for breakfast this morning.

So if someone asked me what’s new, they’d get this earful. Be warned, there’s no particular order here:

  • I had my last shift at lululemon on Saturday. It’s a bittersweet goodbye–there was absolutely nothing wrong with the job and there was tons of things right about the staff and the job. There are, however, only 168 hours in a week, and my oh so awesome time management skills still weren’t getting things done and leaving me feeling the way I’d like to feel.
  • Now that I have some more time, I’m going to use it to sleep. Just kidding. Sleep is going to increase, but so is my focus on life coaching. The first weekend at the CTI training was amazing. I am working with a coach to get my own businass going–so stay tuned. I have a host of really good looking awesome practice clients who I am flexing my coaching skills with right now–and I’m loving it! Talk about inspired.
  • I’m still working at GFC–and loving it. I’m looking forward to setting some goals for the next quarter soon. I am surrounded by inspired people. I’m valued. Life is good.
  • I’m also going through Marie Forleo’s B School. The modules just started and besides a little freak out (I have some thinking, planning, brainstorming, soul-searching to do), I couldn’t be happier. If I wasn’t at least a little nervous and emotional over this, I’d be concerned. It’s scary because it matters! It gives me butterflies because I want to succeed! While I’m going through it, I’m glad to add in some coaching from Becca (the uncaged life).
  • Did I mention I believe in coaching and being coached? I spent the the first part of this year working with Christie Inge in her Peaceful Eating program. I had a lot of “aha” moments, a couple of epiphanies, and am certainly feeling like I’ve come further with my relationship with food and my body and myself. #win
  • Also on the food front, I’m trying to focus on what I want more of: shopping at the farmer’s market and eating food whose story I am okay with, drinking water and herbal tea instead of coffee (lately there’s been too many days where coffee consumption > water consumption + I realize that adding excessive quantities of caffeine to a body that I’m trying to get to de-stress is not the best practice), eating meals sitting down at a table (a food journal experiment showed me that more than half of what I eat was on the go, mostly in the car), eating food that makes me feel good (not just food that I think I deserve but food that deserves to go in my body), etc.
  • On the training front, I’m doing the CrossFit Open. 13.1 was a pleasant surprise–I scored 106 (6 more than I anticipated). My hands are pretty much healed up from a gnarly tear (both hands. fail.) so I’m ready for whatever comes next. I am seriously enjoying CrossFit these days, but I throw in a swim and a run and sub a spin class here or there to keep things interesting.

Nothing like spring to get me out and running! 10k in Springbank = bliss


post-13.1 smiles

  • I’m ready for summer: biking, trail running, golfing, jumping in the lake, eating froyo, hiking, patios, BBQs, Sharon’s Creek…bring it on!

So NOW I can recap things.

After a few weeks of 6am training sessions, waking up without an alarm was blissful today. I took some time to watch some inspirational videos and do a bit of journalling before breakfast.


bacon, eggs, sauerkraut (I’m going to make my own soon!)


After breakfast, I made my way to Starbucks and did some coaching/B School work. My order today was an americano misto, which was tasty and a nice switch from my normal long americano with heavy cream. I don’t know if I’m converted…


My butt got numb at right around the same time I needed to head to the gym for a noon class. Today’s workout featured heavy snatches and an 8 minute AMRAP that floored me. I love double unders, I hate box jumps, and a day without burpees is not much of a day at all–plus my competition was friends were all around today so it was game on!




After I caught my breath and got myself home, I threw together a quick lunch before heading to GFC for the evening.


bacon wrapped chicken thighs (3), sweet potato with butter, sprouts

After I finished work, I moseyed on down to Starbucks. I had dinner while I waited for one of my clients (I love saying that!) to join me for some coaching.


sausage and cabbage with raisins (random), banana, tea

Awesome start to the week: check. Tomorrow I’m covering a spin class, teaching bootcamp, doing some coaching, interning at CrossFit, and hoping to get some errands checked off my to do list, which means it’s time for me to go to bed. This week’s goal is a steady stream of sleep PRs ;).