on the right foot: better than busy

Last week, I started seeing my naturopath again. She gave me lots of ideas for blog posts, but today’s is going to be short and sweet and inspired by her advice to build in some restful time every day for myself (journalling, walking, cooking, having a bubblebath, etc.).

My immediate thought was, “That sounds nice, but I’m not sure I have time.”

But then I got to thinking…

Am I really too busy? And if I am, do I really want to keep living this way? 

No. And no.

I’m guilty of glorifying busy–but I’ve been working on my busy-ness addiction and I, in many ways, am doing a lot better (free time doesn’t terrify me any more, I can lay around in bed like a pile without feeling like a pile, and I don’t find myself rushing from one thing to the next as much as I used to).

stop glorification of busy

Even if I think that busy people should be admired (they’re doing things!), I don’t admire people who spread themselves too thin. I get stressed out when I interact with people who clearly have too many things to do to be present with what they’re doing in the moment. If a friend or a coachee told me, in response to my advice to light a candle and journal for 10 minutes every day, that they didn’t have time, it would raise serious questions about what they are making time for.

I think this is bigger than deciding whether or not you have time for 10 minutes of restful activity every day. I think of all the times I’ve heard people say that they “don’t have time”–be it for exercise or for eating healthy or for keeping a blog or whatever it is they’re not doing. I’m guilty of it–I don’t have time to do laundry, ever, and I don’t have time to foam roll, to organize my computer, etc.–and I’m realizing that when you care about yourself and you’re dedicated to taking care of yourself, you make time for those things that matter (laundry doesn’t when you have 40 pairs of underwear). Anything less than that seems silly. When you stop trying to prove yourself by being eternally busy, you just might find that you have a lot more time to do all the things you actually need to/want to do. Like blog. Or light a candle and relax before bed, which is exactly what I’m about to do.

What do you say you don’t have time for?


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