sucking at it but doing it any way: what’s the exercise you love the most?

I had a lovely break over Christmas that I spent largely baking cookies, celebrating with friends and family, getting myself organized for a new year, and working out. I told myself heading into the break that I wouldn’t stress over figuring out the perfect workout schedule but that I’d just do the classes, workouts, and exercise that felt the best for me and my schedule.

I ended up dabbling in plenty of Olympic lifting, spinning, yoga, some CrossFit, and a swim here or there.

Know the saying, “Jack (Jill?) of all trades, master of none”? Since I dabble in a bunch of things, I don’t really consider myself “good” or “great” at any of them. On occasion, this leads to me getting into a negative spot that only wine or the gentle words of my oh so patient boyfriend can drag me out of where I’m thinking that I’m “not good enough” instead of valuing how awesome it is to be able to do a whole variety of activities with competence and enjoyment. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I actually poured my heart and soul into being a hardcore cyclist or a die-hard yogi or whatever the flavour of the week is. But the question I usually come back to is “what for?” and the realization I end up with over again–cheese alert–is that I don’t have to be the best, I just have to be my best. 

doing your best

So a helpful question I like to ask myself is: Would I still do _______ if I sucked at it? 

When I get into that comparison trap, reminding myself that I would still do CrossFit, for instance, even if my times were always the slowest or my weights were always the lightest, is a good way to get me out of it and to remind me that the point is not to be the best at it, it’s to enjoy it and the benefits that come along the way. Ditto for cycling or yoga or whatever activity I’m stressing over not being “the best” at. Then, it’s way less important that I feel like I don’t measure up.

compare and despair

It’s also a nice reminder to think about the fact that no matter what, there will be someone better out there. But in so many things–and beyond exercise–there’s no point in deciding that just because someone else is doing the same thing you are but better, you should stop. My gut reaction is to remind myself that what I’m doing is important and to use the fact that there is someone doing a better job out there to do even better. Whether or not we’re the best at something, we have something to offer.


Now that I’m sufficiently off track, I’ll wrap this up by encouraging you to look at the things you do and the things you “love” and to check in: do you love them enough to do them even if you suck? Remember that when you’re feeling unmotivated or need a reminder that you rip…


What do you suck at but do anyways? 


2 thoughts on “sucking at it but doing it any way: what’s the exercise you love the most?

  1. So firstly…. LOVE THIS. Why? Last night after biking 1hr19min on the track during a rec ride, there was a sport training after, so I stayed to watch a teeny smidgeon of it with a girl I have met through there(on the track held one female and a crap load of men): it terrified both of us. The both of us stated “OMG there is no way we could do this”. I then stepped back and CHANGED my thoughts and words, and said to my fellow friend “You know what, 6months ago I would not believe I could even do THIS…. and look at us. We ARE doing this. So really…..who knows right?” and she looked at me and smiled and agreed. You were in my head last night Cheryl. Keep your positive thoughts flowing, they travel far!! xo

    Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2014 14:09:12 +0000 To:

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