12 ways to save enough money to buy yourself a CrossFit membership

A pretty common excuse reason people who are interested in CrossFit but don’t make the commitment give for holding back is about the cost of a membership. While I could (and will) write a whole post about the value of joining a good CrossFit gym, I can see why someone who’s used to paying a third of what they’re looking at to join a CrossFit box might need a little convincing. The same could be said for a yoga membership or personal training or anything that will cost you in terms of dollars but pay ya back in terms of health and happiness.

crossfit expensive

As someone who’s always had my gym membership paid for (by my parents, then through school, then as a perk of being an instructor), when I started CrossFit last year I realized just how much of a commitment joining could be. That being said, there are all kinds of ways to save money. Here are twelve of my ideas–consider me the bearer of a year of CrossFit bliss:

  1. Cancel your cable. Mine was costing me almost 100$ a month and when I had a TV I hardly turned it on. The shows I did watch were mostly online. I took up listening to podcasts and just reserve television watching for my favourite shows before bed in episode form now. If you need something to watch, why not dive into CrossFit videos on YouTube? They’re free and you’ll probably end up fired up.
  2. Stop buying a coffee every day. $3.00 a day on an Americano (a cheaper option at Starbucks) will end up costing you $90 a month. Buy yourself a nice tumbler and start brewing your own stuff at home to save money (and trees!), or give up the stuff and see what happens.
    coffee is a drug
  3. Get a library card. And use it.  I know I can easily justify spending 30$ on a new book here and 20$ on a couple of magazines there. Go to the library and borrow them instead and you’ll be saving all kinds of money!
    lib card
  4. Pay attention to your phone bills. What are you spending extra money on? If you’re like me, you’re baffled when every month your bill seems to cost more than it “should.” Do you make long distance calls that you could use Skype for instead? Do you use data when you could just log onto a wifi network? Do you even need data? You’ll be amazed at what you can cut down on when you start looking for ways to save.
  5. Sell an old outfit online. If you’re like me, you have more clothes than you could possibly need. Chances are there are things in your closet that you won’t miss but that someone else would be willing to pay good money for (I’m thinking about the 10 lululemon hoodies I’ve accumulated over the past 5 years). I like the strategy of turning all of your hangers around in your closet and then giving yourself a certain amount of time where you turn them back as you wear the clothes on each one. When the time’s up, the hangers you haven’t turned are the clothes you might as well get rid of!
  6. Cook for yourself. Commit to only eating at home. If you’re used to grabbing a few lunches ($10 x 3) and maybe a dinner ($25) out each week, you could easily save yourself enough for a membership over the course of a month where you decide to make your own meals. Bonus: you’ll probably eat healthier too!
    brown bag lunch
  7. Shop with a list and a plan. I know of two dangerous situations in which I should not go shopping:  one, when I’m hungry and two, when I’m without a list. I am a sucker for impulse buys and grabbing a $6 bag of kale chips (or two) or buying too much food is way easier to do when I don’t have a meal plan and shopping list to work off of.

    She's smiling because she has a list!

    She’s smiling because she has a list!

  8. Choose free or community yoga classes instead of paying for classes every week. I can be a bit of a yoga snob and choose the classes I go to based on the instructors and the timing, more than anything. But the yoga studios around here offer some pretty awesome $5 and even free yoga classes, which I think is pretty standard practice. When you’re budgeting and you find that you don’t have much left but you know you need to get your zen on, swapping your class time in favour of sticking to your budget is an easy switch.
  9. Refuse to pay for parking. I don’t mean park illegally. If you know you’re going somewhere where you’ll need to pay for a parking spot, consider taking public transit or asking someone who’s going with you for a ride. Whether it’s $3 in a metre or $12 on your credit card, if you do this often enough, you’ll start seeing your savings add up.
  10. Stay in instead of going out on the town. Rather than heading to a bowling alley or for drinks with friends, host an evening in. When friends bring their own beverages and when the entertainment is free (video games, board games, etc.), this can save you all kinds of money (food, drinks, cab fares, etc.).
  11. Do something (free and) sentimental for a friends’ birthday. Rather than spending money on a gift card and a greeting card (which can be pricey!), think of something a friend will really value that you can do on the cheap. Could you knit them a scarf? Get crafty? Make them a cake?  Invite them over for a dinner you make from scratch? Write them a letter about how much your friendship means to you? There’s a lot of things you can do. If you’re still stuck, let me introduce you to Pinterest.
    birthday cake
  12. Buy used textbooks. At the beginning of the term, there’s nothing I love more than ripping the cellophane off a brand new textbook and being the first person to flip through the pages—except seeing all kinds of savings in my bank account. Especially if you’re buying multiple textbooks, picking up or ordering a used copy can save you big bucks and often, people don’t even read their textbooks and used copies can be as good as new.

How do you budget for your lifestyle endeavours?
Do you do any of these things already? Will you take any of them up?
Do you have other ideas? 


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