Acceptance: How I got a beach body in a hurry

For the last week, I’ve been hanging out in paradise (the Dominican Republic) with my mom and step dad. While we’ve sprinkled in the days with some touristy excursions, we have mostly been hanging out at the beach.

When I booked the trip, I started to get antsy about whether or not I would be comfortable in my bathing suit by the time I got here. Any mention of the beach and/or summer takes me back to the days when every year, summer became the deadline by which I saw myself losing x number of pounds or finally feeling comfortable in my shorts.

What helped me get to the beach, bikini in tow, was remembering all the times i had held back because I thought I was “too fat” and telling myself to live “as if.” I know that, regardless of what I weigh or how I look, if I don’t work on feeling “good enough” (pretty, thin, attractive, etc.) and get to a place of acceptance and peace with my body as it is, it won’t matter whether I’ve got the “perfect” body or not.

I also realized how sad it would be if i were to let 10, 20, however many pounds stand between me and seeing my mother, having the chance to wear jorts in February, and playing in the sand!





Acceptance is a beautiful thing. So is being tan in the middle of the winter!

Have you ever caught yourself using your body as an excuse to hold yourself back?
Are you taking a vacation this winter?


4 thoughts on “Acceptance: How I got a beach body in a hurry

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