spinning for something: a playlist and a thank you!

First off, I apologize for being MIA since my last post from my vacation. In my defence, the week post-vacation can be a whirlwind–and last week was no exception!

What was awesome about last week was that it was Love Your Body Week at Western.  The week is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and body image on campus and from a movie showing to charity fitness classes to photo campaigns, it was a good one this year!

love your body

My friend and fellow volunteer ran a charity fitness class on Thursday!

My friend and fellow volunteer ran a charity fitness class on Thursday!

I had the honour of teaching a charity spin class this afternoon to round out the week–an idea I had and got immediately excited about earlier this year thanks to the opportunities I’ve had to teach charity spins/spinathons for other groups (fun!). I love the idea of the Love Your Body campaign coming from the rec centre. The gym is the place where we really get a chance to work our bodies and to see just how amazing and capable they are, but it can also be a spot where we get into some of the worst body image thoughts and habits. Still, through all my experiences–working as a fitness instructor, recovering from my eating disorder, getting my relationship with exercise and my body sorted out–I’ve come to realize that exercise is one of the best opportunities we have to learn to appreciate our bodies. What better way to celebrate that body love than with a sweaty spin class?

The theme of the week and the day!  

The theme of the week and the day!

For today’s class, people donated a minimum of $20 to get a spot. The money will go to Hope’s Garden, a place that means a lot to me personally and that I know is important in this city. Hope’s is a resource and support centre for eating disorders. They run support groups (including a free one on campus for students), host special events, and offer information for people working through eating disorders as well as for their loved ones. When I was in recovery, Hope’s was an important piece of my getting better puzzle and so today was extra special for me and I can’t say how excited I am to take the nearly $300 we raised to them!

I am so grateful for the people who came out to the class. I had lots of familiar faces and friends there and it means the world to me that people spent their time and money on spinning this afternoon.

I wanted to share not only my gratitude but also my playlist here.

So, here you go…

It’s Time

The Monster

Burn (Tiesto remix)

Gimme More


Summertime Sadness (Vanic remix)

Die Young



I Can’t Stop

Who You Are

Sweet Nothing

The Lime Tree

Old Pine


I hope ya enjoy that as much as I did.

Here are a few photos from the day!

spinathon 5

spinathon 4

spinathon 3

spinathon 2

spinathon 1

Please check out the facebook page and the awesome pictures in the “I love my…” album! I can’t wait until next year — things can only get bigger and better!

What is your favourite way to appreciate your body?
What is your favourite song to spin to?
What would your “I love my…” photo say?
What event would you like to see as part of a week dedicated to loving your body? 


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