playing catch up


First, I’ll apologize for being behind on my posts on my love your body fun but I will assure you that I’ve been tagging along each day with things. I even wrote a post but lost it all right before I published (I was writing on a spastic iPad and didn’t save – lesson learned) and then was in first aid training all day!

Anyway, Molly has been making some great suggestions.

Day 4 was probably the best. Ever. Basically, she called for us to appreciate our lives (love me some gratitude) and then made a point of reminding us that we are here for a purpose. As a life coach, you can bet this was right up my alley. I loved working on my own life purpose during my coach training and absolutely love talking to people about theirs. This little question about what you’re here for (little ;)!) can make things oh so much clearer as we go through our day to day lives.


My mantra was:

”My existence is a miracle. I am not here by accident. My life has purpose and meaning, and that purpose and meaning is to take a stand for health and happiness and to encourage and help others to do the same.”

I figured out my ever evolving purpose by being coached and asked great questions (like the ones molly asked-what’s your dream? What do you stand for?) and journalling and thinking. It was so helpful because it made all the seemingly random things I do and enjoy seem a bit unified: teaching fitness and personal training, life coaching, blogging and freelance writing about health and fitness, etc. etc. are all in line with that purpose and it’s no wonder I feel most alive when I’m doing them!

So, where do you feel most alive?

day 5

Day 5 was simple and was about thinking about your own beauty, which doesn’t have to be limited to your physical appearance, obviously. Molly talks about health and kindness as aspects of beauty.

“I am beautiful, on the inside and outside, and I feel especially beautiful when I take the time to take care of myself and my surroundings.”

It might sound silly, but when I’ve let my life get disorganized–messy apartment, emails all over the place, whatever–I get all stressed and it starts to take over ,y world so that everything gets messy. I start sometimes to tell myself I am too busy to do that laundry or to organize my notes. And then i start to wear gym clothes all the time and go straight for the pony tail. In reality, getting my act together usually gives me energy to work on more things. And then I put effort into my outfits. Toss on some earrings. And feeling “put together” which in my world is a beautiful thing! Alternatively, dancing to Britney Spears makes me feel pretty darn hot.

So, what (weird or not weird) thing makes you feel perddddddy?

day 6
Day 6 was focused on gratitude. The mantra was about feeling thankful for the thins our body allows us to do and Molly suggested spending some time thinking about those things!

“Action Step: Take 5 minutes and write down a list of all of the things that you love that your body allows you to do . They can be as small as baking a cake, as large as climbing a mountain, and everywhere in between. Write them down, and for each one, consider how you would feel if you couldn’t do that thing. Sit with that feeling for about 5 seconds, and then focus on the fact that you can. Allow yourself to be consumed with gratitude.”

Here’s a few that came to my kind right away:
-climb mountains on my bike or by foot
-do 6 strict chin ups
-do triathlons
-recover from my eating disorder
-drink coffee
-cuddle with my boyfriend
-hug my mother
-play with puppies
-do my Masters
-teach fitness classes
-make new recipes and silly cakes

This kind of thing makes me feel so warm and fuzzy! That’s gratitude for ya!

What do you love to do courtesy of your glorious body?

Have an awesome Sunday and please let me hear about your purpose, your beauty go to, and your body gratitude in the comments!


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