move it

Given my chosen title for today’s reflection on the Love Your Body Challenge I’m doing thanks to Molly Galbraith that I could think about while I was putting this together was this scene from Madagascar: 

Besides wishing I could stay home and watch kids’ movies all day, after reading Molly’s post today about loving your body because it can move, I’m feeling super appreciative of all the ways my body lets me move.   As she suggested, I’m thinking about how from the time I wake up in the morning, it’s my body that allows me to go about my daily life. It’s my body that lets me make myself breakfast and carry a heavy backpack and gym bag to campus for the day. This week, it’s my body that lets me play tag with the March Break campers in my group. It’s my body that lets me help them learn to pass a soccer ball, to run for ice when one of them gets hurt, and to make sure that they feel better when all is said and done. It’s my body that lets me jump on a spin bike afterwards and my body that allows me to holler at the people in my class while I’m still pedalling up an imaginary mountain. Or go to CrossFit and amaze myself every time I get my chin over a bar doing the pull-ups girls aren’t supposed to be able to do. It’s my body that lets me kiss my boyfriend at the end of the day, and that same body that allows me to go to sleep and do it all over again.

I am also appreciating all of the things my body has let me do that are milestones. I’ve dabbled in a lot of sports and activities–something I think might leave me in a Jill of all trades, master of none position (I’m linking to a post on this from some fellow bloggers who do a good job of laying out the idea). This is hard sometimes for someone who is competitive and likes to win, but a total gift for someone who really just wants to have fun working out. And a bonus as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and casual conversationist–I have a little experience in a lot of stuff! So from biking a century to going on a backpacking trip to doing a triathlon to participating in the CrossFit Open to playing soccer to running a half marathon…this body is pretty darn versatile–and I love it for that!

i love exercise

What I think is most important about this is the reminder that we should love the way we move our bodies. No more slogging away hours on the elliptical or treadmill in the name of health. Let’s find ways that are enjoyable to get healthy. My stance? Drop the perfectionism and just get moving, world. Stop worrying about chronic cardio killing your body composition goals or too much weightlifting making you bulky — if it’s what you love, just do it and let your body be what it will, learning to love and appreciate it for what it does. 

 How do you love to move your body?


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