awesomeness instead of perfection

I think I quite possibly chose the busiest week of my year to commit to blogging through this body love challenge, but here I am nonetheless. It’s nice to have something non-school and/or work related to focus on for a little bit of my day, so I’m loving having a topic to start off a post with each day.

Today, Molly wrote about how our bodies are awesome. Agreed! She also pointed to Nia Shanks as being an inspiration in this regard. Also agreed! Nia is one of my favourite fitness peeps on the interwebs and I love the way she tackles dishing out advice without making anything complicated. She’s got a great take on body acceptance and one of the big things I took away from her is focusing on the weight on the bar instead of on the scale.

Like today’s challenge calls for, our bodies are awesome and they get even more so when we take the time to train them.

do more of what makes you awesome

An important step that the post suggests?

Define what “training to be awesome” means for you, and set a really specific goal that allows you to train to be awesome, and make sure that your current program aligns with that.

This got me thinking. What’s my “really specific goal” that will make me more awesome at this particular stage in my life? To be honest, my training’s all over the place. I’m doing the CrossFit Open, which is already proving to be the challenging, rewarding, fun, disheartening, and exciting mix of things it was for me last year all over again. I’d been spending a lot of time working on Olympic lifting in the past few months. I’m  still teaching spin classes, riding my trainer a bit, and dipping in the pool now and again. I’m noticing that these kinds of workouts where I can take the time to zone out a bit and just get into a rhythm with things are the ones that I’m enjoying the most right now. After sitting at a desk all day reading, it’s nice to pedal a bike for an hour or to swim some laps away from the research papers and library books! With warmer weather coming (and a few nice days last week), running’s also back on my radar. Even if I am feeling a little out of shape when I do hit the pavement, it’s still nice to get outside for a jog when the inspiration strikes!

All of that rambling probably speaks to the whole not having a goal thing. Alternatively, maybe there is a goal in there: to just go with it when it comes to working out. This might be one of the first times in my life where I’m not overly concerned with what will make my body look the best or with focusing on what the “optimal” way to train might be (to get stronger? to get faster? to get leaner? to get more flexible? to develop power?). It’s refreshing to realize that I may be leaving the perfectionism behind in terms of what the “best workout” is and just doing what I want to do and what I’ll enjoy. Sure, that perfectionist in me is raging when I admit it, but really, when I start to get into the “what’s the BEST workout (or diet, or program to take in school, or way to write this paper, or whatever)” mind game, I end up doing nothing. I’m too good at seeing both sides of the story (running is good for you, too much running is bad for you) and end up incapacitated if I don’t think I’m doing the perfect thing. No more. At least when it comes to working out, what’s “perfect” for me is doing what I actually want to do and feeling awesome as a result!



What’s your awesome goal right now?


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