being unapologetic about it


Another day, another challenge.

Today, Molly is discussing how, when we recognize that we are strong, we need to be unapologetically so. Rather than the typical downplaying our strengths, she says we need to take compliments, feel the discomfort in recognizing our strengths, and love our bodies for being unapologetically strong.

Mantra:  “My body is strong, and so I am, and I will no longer apologize for either of those truths.”

Molly wants us to take compliments today with a simple “thank you” instead of downplaying them. This, I know, can be so hard. Whether it’s a physical compliment or in regards to work I’ve done, I’m often the one to take a compliment but to downplay it by making fun of something else about myself. I think it’s a pretty common thing and what must be running through our heads is “How dare I be great?” and “What will this do to the other person if I acknowledge it?” On that note, when you give someone a (sincere) compliment, if they accept it, it will only make you feel like you’ve given them something–not take away from your self worth or make you any less. Knowing that, it’s easier to see how just accepting a darn compliment isn’t so crazy–even if it seems out of the norm. That, to me, is sad and I am glad that Molly brought this up!

cute and simple

One more thing that comes to my mind is working on being able to accept a compliment on something “imperfect” or unfinished. My tendency when this happens is to point out that “it’s not done yet” or “it’s just a start” or “I’m not where I want to be yet” or whatever. But that’s the same old story and it’s making an excuse. What you do can be great along the way. Say you are on a weight loss journey and have 100lbs to lose. You are still deserving of a compliment after losing 10 of those pounds, even if you’re not at your “goal weight” yet. Ditto for working towards a goal of how much weight you want to lift, how far you want to run, how recovered you want to be, whatever. Acknowledging and allowing others to acknowledge your progress will only fuel your fire to keep moving towards that goal.

My goal right now is to be unapologetic about all the awesome things I’m doing right now! Rather than explaining myself or qualifying my thank you, when I get compliments, I’ll be doing my best to leave it at “Thanks!”

sorry not sorry

How do you handle compliments?
What are you needing to be a little more unapologetic about?



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