qualifiers not required

Things I’m enjoying this morning:

Today’s post was all about giving up the qualifiers and standing in your own power. It was about accepting compliments without adding “for a ______ (girl, student, etc.)” to diminish from how awesome we are. Molly asked us to write down our qualified beliefs and then to re-write them without the qualifier. Next, she wants us to write down the action that we’ve done to get us where we are. 

For me:

I’m pretty good at CrossFit for someone who started in endurance sports. 
because I’m driven and put in the time to get better. 

I’m decent at cycling for someone who lifts heavy things on a regular basis because I have spent a lot of time in the saddle. 

I’m a good freelance writer for someone who does it on the side because I write well, meet deadlines, and keep taking the opportunities that come my way and creating more for myself along the way.


Just looking at a couple of these feels good. I deserve those compliments. Take the writing, for instance. I could have easily given up on freelancing after I turned down my acceptance letters to Journalism school. Instead, I’ve continued to build up my portfolio. I’ve kept blogging, writing for the gazette, and (successfully) pitching stories to Canadian Cycling Magazine. Thank goodness, too–my first feature in that magazine came after I decided not to make Journalism my career in full.  One thing I know is that when I believe in myself and feel good about my accomplishments, I’m more motivated to keep the momentum going. 

How do you qualify your awesomeness? 
Where can you give yourself credit for being great at something, no qualifications required?

PS – If you’re bored, read the last column I wrote for the gazette. It’s about how to measure your success and progress without the scale! 

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