recognizing resilience

Andddd I’m back! I hope you all enjoyed my post this morning. Today’s been filled with a migraine (ugh), breaking my coffee pot (ughhhhhhhh), and getting my act together enough to get going to the gym to teach spin in an hour (I couldn’t find a last minute sub).

I think teaching spin class when I’m hopped up on migraine meds and super duper tired (I took an hourlong nap in my car on campus today and was late for class because of it) is a silly idea. I’d be lying if I said it was the first time. This time around, I’m legitimately doing it because I know that I’ll be okay and because I couldn’t find anyone to cover it for me. In the past, I’ve powered through because I felt compulsive about exercising and didn’t want to miss a workout. This is a perfect lead-in to today’s post from Molly’s love your body challenge, which is about how our bodies put up with our antics and still thrive.

When I went to Molly’s women’s retreat in the fall, I connected whole heartedly with her story about how she abused and neglected and put her body through a lot–and how she learned just how amazing it is given that it still works and takes care of her despite her self-inflicted abuse. .


Like her, one thing I’ve come to learn through experience is that our bodies are resilient. That being said, my own (complicated) history with my eating disorder involves a lot of self abuse. I paid the price for obsessively exercising and under-eating and bingeing and purging and running myself ragged: from bone scans that made me realize I was hurting myself to the realization that not having a period was NOT something to be celebrated to stress fractures that have reminded me that I need to continue to take good care of myself, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to learn the importance of taking care of myself. I’ve also been amazed and so grateful for how my body has bounced back from years of being neglected and even abused. It’s sad to me to think about the ways I used to harm myself, but it’s so encouraging to see the way that I’ve bounced back: from sorting out my hormones to seeing one migraine here or there instead of one every week to experiencing previously unimagined levels of strength in the gym, I am in awe of my body.

Thinking back to the things I’ve done to myself that are hurtful is hard–lots of them I thought I was doing because they were “good for me” (cases in point: the time I did a running streak and ran every day for a month before hurting myself to the point all I could do was swim for three OR giving the “Paleo” diet a go and reinvigorating the good/bad diet police that I worked so hard to kick out of my mind), but they give me the chance to come to appreciate all the ways in which my body knows how to take care of itself and does just that. Our bodies really are amazing!

Where have you hurt yourself and seen your body’s ability to bounce back?
Do you appreciate just how resilient your body is?


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