surprising myself


Today’s the day — my presentation is this afternoon. Last night, I made sure I prepped by eating plenty of froyo and practicing a run through before bed.


The conference yesterday was filled with lots of interesting presentations–I particularly liked one girl’s take on representations of Flo-Jo. I had a busy day with covering a yoga class for a fellow instructor in the afternoon, personal training, and squeezing in a run for myself. It was a weird day too–dinner happened at 10:30pm, after dessert, which is weird but fine.


Beyond this update, I am here to blog about day 19 of Molly’s challenge, where she calls us to appreciate the ways our bodies surprise us with their capabilities. Thinking about ways that my body has (pleasantly) surprised me lately, two surprises in the past week have dawned on me:

1. How stable it’s been. Lifting. Cardio. Paleo. Vegetarian. I have tried some things, and I’ve learned some things. But really, my body has been pretty stable in terms of weight and in terms of my hormones for the past year. This is a miracle for someone who used to yoyo like it was going out of style. While I might wish it had stabilized an inch or two smaller through the biceps so my leather jackets and button up shirts would fit, I’ll take it. I’m learning to trust that it will just balance itself out where it needs to be, and that gives me the freedom to stop worrying about what’s going to happen if I start to eat and exercise more intuitively. Winning!

2. Last week’s open WOD. 14.3 was a box jump and deadlift bonanza. While deadlifts are my favourite, box jumps as of late have NOT been. I know that the muscle I’ve put on isn’t a bad thing but I do know that when it comes to things in CrossFit like burpees or box jumps or other bodyweight movements, I’ve got more weight to move now than I did before (ditto for running, biking, swimming). It’s by no means dead weight and it helped me in the WOD with the deadlifts that were heavy heavy for some girls. I surprised myself a bit with my score (130) and for that I was pretty appreciative of my body. I got to thinking about how amazing our bodies are in their abilities to adapt to what we do on a regular basis, too. Two years ago, I could never have imagined being able to lift the things I do now, but I was training for triathlon and cycling and now I wouldn’t be able to keep up with that trained version of me. It’s also cool to think that at any point, we can shift gears and take it in another direction. Winning again!

To sum it up, I guess I’m mostly surprised by my body’s ability to recreate itself–in a new way! It’s a reminder to take care of ourselves and to take the actions that will move us in the direction that we want to go, because even if we don’t feel like we’re changing, over time, we get where we’re headed one little step at a time.

Hopefully, I surprise myself with the ability to be a “natural” when it comes to paper-presenting! Wish me luck!


How does your body surprise you?


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