dr. seuss was right

I can’t believe that it’s day 22 of Molly’s challenge already. I am back onto loving her message for the day–love your body because it’s unique (and because you’re unique)! Maybe she had Dr. Seuss in mind when she wrote this one, because that’s sure what came to my mind:

today you are you


Molly’s post included a little bit about appreciating our bodies and not comparing to others’. This is a big thing for me. Even though I try to keep “Comparison is the thief of all joy” in my mind, I can still get caught in the comparison game: case in point, spending 20 minutes this morning (when I’m supposed to be reading, naturally) seeing where I stack up in the CrossFit Open (a competition I can honestly say I’m doing just for fun). Of course, there are 900 girls around here who are “fitter” than me by CrossFit Open standards, but if I left it at that I might be left feeling more mediocre than I should.


Instead, it’s important that I step back and look at where I’m directing my energy and celebrating the ways that I’m “winning” in my broader pursuits–physical and otherwise. I’ve been teaching more spin and exercise classes lately, which leave me feeling rewarded and give me a sense of connection and leadership (things I love). I’ve been personal training clients again, which means I’m working on developing my practical, job-marketable-skills but also that even though at a gym more but don’t necessarily have as much time to get to CrossFit myself. I’ve decided to give cycling more attention this summer (there’s something I miss so much about being fit for something that allows me to get out and about and spend days with people riding around in the sun–or wind, rain, hail<–minor detail!). I guess what makes me unique here and what needs celebrating is my versatility and my passion for health and moving in ways that feel good. 

Not everyone can combine the things that I do and feel like they’re doing the right thing. Some people prefer to pour themselves into one thing–and that’s fine. What makes me unique is that–whether it’s exercise (I love CrossFit! I love yoga! I love cycling! I love trail running! I love triathlon! I love group fitness!) or work (I freelance write! I personal train! I teach fitness! I life coach! I’m in grad school!)–is that I like to have a lot of pieces in the puzzle.

I feel like I got a little bit off track with that, but I think the point of the challenge is to give yourself credit where maybe you used to make yourself wrong. I still on occasion think that I should settle down and dedicate myself to one thing entirely, but that doesn’t agree with what I love: being on the go, being connected in lots of ways, etc. For now, what makes me unique that’s worth celebrating is that I’m a Jill of all trades.

This seems fitting:

do more of what makes you happy


As does this:


What can you appreciate about your unique self? 
Where do you find yourself comparing when you should be celebrating? 

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