love your body challenge: completed!

A blessing and a curse when it comes to blog writing is that there are no deadlines, requirements, or external motivators to keep you posting when you mean to. This week, I dropped the ball on wrapping up Molly’s love your body challenge on the same timeline as her. But, since this is my blog, it’s okay that I’m combining a few days and reason to love your body into one spot:

  • because it’s a composite of your parents (and grandparents) – It’s hard to hate your looks when you take a look and realize you look strikingly similar to the people you love the most in your family…





  • because it’s healthy – YESSSSSSS!
  • because it allows you to love and be loved


  • because it’s perfect (and could use a little improvement) – I loveeeee that Molly ended her challenge on this note. She talked about this concept in her workshop and I took heart in hearing someone give me permission to be happy with myself while still wanting to improve myself. I spent a lot of time getting rid of the diet mentality and teaching myself not to base my self worth on how much I weigh or how much weight I was losing or whatever, which means that now when I take up a “getting healthier” kind of goal, it’s easy for me to question myself. I think there’s a process that I’m going through where I see what the extreme of this all looks like and am now just learning how to, from a healthy and sane place, set goals around my workouts, my body, and my health without using them as crazy-making tools. Just as making health goals the only goals in my life wasn’t healthy, not allowing myself to say things like “I want to eat more vegetables and less chocolate” because it seems like a step in the direction towards where I used to be crazy is silly and gives power to the idea that I’m somehow fragile or disordered. I’m not sure if this makes sense like it does in my head, but in short, just because you’re committed to loving and accepting yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t improve yourself. Amen to that!


I’ve really enjoyed blogging through this challenge and I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts along the way. I think this was a great way to get into the positive mindset that I talked about wanting to adopt more of and keep around here. I think my biggest lesson was that we can choose to be positive and that it feels pretty darn good to do so! Lucky for you, I have a few ideas for ways to keep these regular posts coming even after Molly’s challenge has completed.

Did you take part in the challenge? What was your biggest lesson?
Do you think you’ve got a balance between acceptance and self-improvement figured out?




3 thoughts on “love your body challenge: completed!

  1. I did the challenge too – I loved it, I wasn’t very committed for the 8 days in the middle while we were on holiday, but I had some pretty huge realizations about the language that is going on in my head towards myself. I haven’t done the last score, but I know it will be be higher, there’s so much more to love my body for than a body fat percentage. I love this. My body has done and is capable of so much. My favourite, like you, was the last one, “My body is perfect, and it could use a little improvement” – so freeing! I hope Molly does something like this every year, and if she doesn’t, you should so we can all jump on board 🙂

    • Well shucks Sarah! Thanks so much for commenting and I am glad that you did–and enjoyed–the challenge too! I got off course and back on course and it amazed me how much the same things kept coming up. I think an annual month spent appreciating our bodies sounds AWESOME! ❤ LOVE being on this page with you. xo

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