little steps: I’m nuts


Not too long ago, I blogged about how I feel like I’m finally arriving at the point where I am comfortable with making “health” changes without convincing myself that I’m too disordered to too fragile to make them. One thing that I’ve come to appreciate lately is just how much my perfectionism and black and white thinking can get in my own way, which is silly.


What I’ve decided to do next with my blog is to use it as a way to stay accountable, to invite some action on behalf of you people who read it (hi, Mom!), and to make good on some of the things I know I could be better about when it comes to my healthy (or not so healthy) habits. I’ve done a lot of getting confused but there are a handful of things I’m certain about getting back on track with. From things like drinking enough water every day to taking time to stretch daily to experimenting without some foods that I know aren’t all that great for me, I have a list of mini-challenges or mini-goals to pull me forward towards a healthier way of being. Some of them might seem tiny, but when it comes down to it, there’s no skipping what’s tiny in pursuit of our bigger goals. I know I always want to rush from A to Z, but taking the time to go from A to B, B to C, C to D, etc. makes the whole process a heck of a lot easier–and I hope more sustainable!

little steps big achievements

So, each Wednesday, I’ll be posting a focus for my week. Some of them won’t apply to you and that’s okay. The theme itself is what I need but the idea–making a small change that you can manage for a week at a time–is what matters!

This week, I’ve decided to focus on something that’s been driving me crazy about myself as of late: my habit of eating ALLLL the nuts  ALLLLL the time. Let me be clear here–I don’t think nuts are bad or that you shouldn’t eat them, but I do think that eating them at breakfast lunch and dinner and in my snacks in their various forms has gotten excessive. Given that they’re so darn delicious, easy to overeat, and come in so many ways, it’s easy to see why I have a tendency to overdo it. Also, when I stopped eating things like granola bars or crackers or cereal and other crunchy snacks a while back (I have started to eat these things again, but my love affair with nuts lives on), I definitely started to eat more nuts (if you’ve ever tried a “Paleo diet,” you probably can relate to wanting crunchy things and nuts being there for you! and if you’ve dabbled in meatless eating, you know that nuts and nut butters are an easy way to get some protein into your meals). I don’t really measure them, but I know that I’m eating far more than the serving size of an ounce…

Example: 1 oz of almonds (23 nuts) -- you get to eat one of these. Not all 6. Whahhh.

Example: 1 oz of almonds (23 nuts) — you get to eat one of these. Not all 6. Whahhh.

So, I’ve decided to tuck the nuts away for a week and see what happens. I have a feeling I’ll be reaching for more variety in my snacks and maybe bringing in some of the foods that I made wrong when I was experimenting with my food choices. Nuts aren’t out forever, but I think taking a break from them will remind me that I’m not actually addicted to them–even if they are delicious!

What are some of the little things you know you could do better with when it comes to your health?
Do you prefer little, manageable changes or big and exciting (but perhaps overwhelming) ones?
Do you eat nuts? How do you control your portion sizes? 



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