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Last night, I had the pleasure of being a participant at a really cool yoga fundraising event, Ignite Your Inner Fire, which was just a stone’s throw away from my house:

“The mission of Ignite your Inner Fire, A Reebok Yoga Experience is to connect a community of like-minded, real people in the hope of igniting and influencing the passions of others in the community – and beyond! This FREE yoga class will serve as an invitation for all London community members to connect. It will bring London together to celebrate fitness, yoga, and creativity; to inspire people to live their lives with passion, intent and purpose; & to demonstrate how to live life with a passion via an approach that will inspire others to do the same.”

Besides being awesome just with that kind of a description, the event was also a chance to raise money for Growing Chefs, a group I volunteered with last year in a kindergarten classroom growing windowsill gardens and sharing the food that came from them with kids to teach them about where their food comes from and to inspire them to eat healthier!

The yoga class was outside of Bellamere Winery and with the sun setting and then the stars coming out and the twinkle lights and tiki torches coming on, made for a really cool setting. It was taught by five different instructors from around London and you can bet that we did some things I’ve not tried before. My mat was right next to a friend of mine, Maria, who’s been just as busy as I have all summer. It was really nice to get to share it with her. A bonus was the background music, which was live and lovely and every time I hear Jessi sing I want to tell her that I need to know that she’ll be available for my non-existing future wedding date! The icing on the cake was the way that things wrapped up: with crystal bowls and sparklers! We lit each others’ and made an intention after finishing up savasana listening to the bowls. If you haven’t heard them and you get the chance, do it.

photo 2


photo 1

Thank you instagram, and Jess (a friend from way back when and elementary school), for this one of the sparkly intentions!

photo 3

After the class, there was tea and twinkle lights!

Naturally, I also had a realization. When the microphone was not cooperating for Gillian, the girl behind the event and the first one to lead us through the class, she totally kept her cool. I’ve been known to freak out when things start to mess up, but seeing her go with the flow until the mic got sorted out—all with a smile on her face—reminded me that at that moment when she could have gotten frustrated or let it ruin her evening, she had a choice and made the choice to stay positive. It’s all too easy to let something going “wrong” turn into a tailspin, but when I think about all the beautiful things that came after that hiccup, I realize how much that kind of giving up or letting yourself get dragged down could have made us miss out on: a great class, the beautiful bowls, the intention-setting and sparklers, etc. That kind of attitude can apply to just about anything, I reckon, but I learned that smiling through that kind of road bump and staying on a positive track is worth giving your best shot.

Even though this week looks a little crazy on my calendar, wrapping up summer fun and my camp job and moving on to school things and staff training back at Campus Recreation for the fall, plus heading to visit my family this weekend, I am so glad that I decided (at the last minute, thanks to the power of suggestion) to go to this event. I ended up seeing even more familiar faces than I anticipated, and they were all people who brighten my day whenever I see them. I ran into Breanna, who is one of the first people I ever talked to about healthy living blogging, and who’s a big part of why I decided to blog today. It’s safe to say that the sparklers weren’t the only bright part of my night! It was great to catch up with people I don’t see on the regular any more and to remind myself that I live in a great place and that there are so many opportunities to be surrounded by like-minded, awesome people. My intention was about seeking out more “sparkly” experiences—the kinds of nights that leave me feeling rejuvenated and happy to be exactly where I’m at.

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