A Christmas Comeback

I’m sure that you’ve missed me the past two months, but never fear: I’m back.

I took a little break from my blog, largely to get right on what I want it to do in the world. At times, my blog has served as a diary, a spot to get some encouragement from people in the same boat as me, or as a place to try to spark discussion. I’ve entertained the notion of using it as a space to build my coaching business. I’ve thought that I could use it as a way to archive my writing (which I currently keep up to date in a separate online portfolio). So what do I want it to be?

I have spent a lot of time being coached, coaching, and working on myself. My life purpose statement has evolved from being a renegade to a warrior to a light that leads people on the adventure of their lives. I know that I feel the most alive when I am communicating—talking, but also writing and sharing with people. I love health and fitness and see emotional and mental health as a huge component of our overall well-being. I read self-help books for fun and am a sucker for all kinds of workshops and coaching groups because I feel so much more on track when I am taking the time to work on myself.

My blog is my place to express that. It’s my spot to be creative, to dream a little, and to talk about the things that I think are important. It’s my hope that the things I write about will help you think about things in a new way, will ask you questions that you might not have asked yourself, and will lead you on your own journey to happy and healthy. That’s clarity enough for me to make my comeback, just in time for the holidays.

Happiest of holidays to you and yours!


This is a card from my absolute favourite, Curly Girl. You should probably send these on the regular…http://www.curlygirldesign.com/


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