another one for new year’s: what are you saying hello to?

Goodbye 2014, hello 2015.

At the end of the year, it’s the perfect time to look back on the past year and to ask ourselves what is working for us and what isn’t. When it comes to what isn’t, it’s also the perfect time to make a commitment to ourselves to let go in the coming year. Letting go can be tough, and I think part of what trips us up is that we commit to saying goodbye to our bad habits without thinking about what will take their place. It’s that new thing that we want to cultivate that we need to focus on—not what we’re trying to stamp out, but what we want to create—to pull us forward and to keep us growing.

change and focus

What are you saying goodbye to? And hello?

If you’re not sure, I can offer some food for thought. Here are three big shifts I’m going to focus on in 2015:

Goodbye personal training, hello coaching.
Teaching people to squat is fun. Being at the gym is fun, but it’s less so when it’s 6:00am and you’re not the one working out. I know that some people love being a personal trainer and working one-on-one with people to work towards their goals. I sure love the part where you get to talk to people, help them figure out what they want for themselves, and then come up with a plan to make it happen. But that part sounds strangely similar to what I get to do as a life coach: talk to people, work on goals, make plans. I’m not leaving the fitness world—I love teaching spin and bootcamp and the occasional yoga class—but I am going to cease personal training in favour of sleeping in working on my thesis and building my coaching roster*. I love health, but the biggest shifts, even for people who want to change their bodies and work on their physical health, come in the way we think–and coaching is the perfect way to work on our thoughts, beliefs, and thus the way we live our lives.

Goodbye should, hello would.
I have a bad track record when it comes to falling into the trap of “shoulding all over myself.” I know I’m not alone when it comes to feeling like I ought to be doing this or that and then beating myself up if I’m not. For instance, I should have a career by now; I should have this much money by now; I should be this good at CrossFit. But it feel a lot better to ask myself what I would like to do, or to think about what I would do if I didn’t feel so caught up in my shoulds. I should go to college so that I can get a job quickly, but if this weren’t the case I would go to teacher’s college and wait it out on the supply list, trusting that I can support myself with my freelance writing and my coaching in the meantime.
do more

Goodbye sort-of-friends, hello people who brighten my world.
When I feel busy, I can forget to stay in touch with the people who matter to me: old friends who live far away, my family, or the people who are equally as busy and hard to track down. All it takes to remind me that I need to put in the effort to build strong relationships with people who inspire me and fill me up is one visit with one of those gems.
walk with the dreamers

2015 is coming whether you’re ready or not–you might as well ask yourself what you’d like this year. You deserve only the best, but it’s you who needs to make it happen!


What are you ready to let go of from 2014, and what are you going to welcome in its place in 2015? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

 *If you’re interested in coaching, you can check out my services, comment, or send me an email at to set up a (free) sesh to discuss coaching and to see whether or not we’ll be a good fit for one another!  


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