Body Positivity Tuesday: Video Reminder

When the going gets tough, it can seem a lot easier to just buy the damn diet book or sign up for the next weight loss transformation. But before you throw your hands up in despair, remember why accepting and loving your body is “worth it” (hint: because you deserve to be on your own side). This video might help too…

Week 4: Watch this video.

At times, I doubt myself and the time and energy I’ve poured into blogging and talking and working on body positivity in my own life and in my world. Usually, I catch the gremlins who are trying to hold me back and can get right back on track. When that fails, and I wonder Why am I doing this?, I can usually motivate myself right back to passionately promoting body positivity and body acceptance by watching this video from Melissa A. Fabello.



3 thoughts on “Body Positivity Tuesday: Video Reminder

  1. My husband went to his therapist yesterday with body image concerns. He eats well, exercises daily, but remains a big guy. He played football in university. He is just naturally big.
    His therapist recommended going to his doctor to set weight loss and eating goals.

    He told him I thought he needed to work on finding peace with himself as he is. The therapist disagreed. He encouraged him to change himself into what he thinks he should be.

  2. I like the message, but as a Baltimore girl, I can’t help but grimace a bit at the “Riots not Diets” slogan. Care to reconsider that?

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