How much is too much?

So, looking back on my eats, one thing stands out. I am loving the high fibre cereal right now.

Last night, post-spin, I had yogurt with All Bran Buds.


This morning, I combo’d more of the buds with Kashi and berries and soy milk for breakfast before swim.


I had a snack that was not cereal–an apple–and after swim I ate a big salad with turkey, sweet potato, maple vinaigrette, dried cranberries, and pecans.


I also did some core work and stretching with my swim because I’m nervous about my back of the knee pain. I thought it was in my hamstring, but now I think it’s in my calf. And I had calf pain last year similarly, so I know I can get through it. Nonetheless, blasting these songs is necessary:

And I’m moving on. I had a snack of more All Bran (but the original kind, so there’s the variety I know is important) with you guessed it, yogurt when I got home from texting and reading blogs at Starbucks  studying. Tomorrow’s exam is worth 20%, is open book, and is a Writing exam. I’m not sure what to expect because I’ve never had one of these before! So I’m studying a bit, staying calm, and trying not to worry (recall epiphany?).


I’m just about to gear up for a ride. I hope my calf cooperates but I’m ready to do whatever I need to to take care of this/nip it in the bud! I think there’s a massage in my future and I’ll be stretching extra with all my spare time, rather than compulsively googling “back of the knee pain” etc. etc. and freaking myself out. Tonight I’m planning on seeing some friends, perhaps eating some fro yo, and on making sure I don’t eat All Bran for dinner! My fibre intake for the day is already over 50 grams, which is double the recommended intake. Yes, I am regular, thank you very much!

PS On my walk home today, I had time to slow down and notice some pretty flowers. Sometimes I get so in the zone and have my headphones on and my mind racing, but today I tried to walk and enjoy it! And tah-dah, look what stared me in the face!


Do you ever get in food ruts?
Do you know if you eat enough fibre? 

Shake it off

Good morning!

I woke up pretty early this morning without an alarm. I’m using it as reason to eat a relaxing breakfast, watch the Today Show, drink copious amounts of coffee (just kidding) and to get down to work on cleaning my messy apartment (now that I have no excuse in the form of schoolwork).

Kashi, All Bran, berries, and almond butter with soy milk.

I think part of why I woke up so early was all the weird dreams I was having. One in particular shook me—I dreamt I decided that I wanted to go to Journalism school at Columbia. I saw myself opening my offer for financial aid and deciding that I wanted to go. And freaking out, starting to pack my apartment, and looking for an apartment in NYC.

Don’t worry, I’m not packing my bags. I don’t see myself actually having one of these moments, because I’m pretty darn excited about taking summer school to start off my Foods and Nutrition degree. So what I’m going to do is look up what the dream means. When I was a kid, my mom was always looking up our dreams in dream dictionaries, which is much easier to do now that we have the internet and unlimited resources at our disposal:

“Generally all packing dreams show that it is time to revaluate your life. How you actually pack the items in your dream is important. If you packed things in a hurry, and too quickly then you have too much in your life and you are not spending enough time on relaxing activities, you are starting to feel that you are taking on too much – which indicates a time for rest…Packing in your dream also signifies a feeling of interference from a family member; you may experience over the next year a family rift or something similar. Personal growth will only come about if you are willing to change and this dream clearly signifies that need in some form.”

“To dream of scholarship means advantages you have during times of stress or anxiety. Special benefits or
support you’ve gained through a close relationship.”
“To dream that you are moving away signifies your desire or need for change. It may also mean an end to a situation or relationship; you are moving on. Alternatively, it indicates your determination and issues regarding dependence/independence.”
“To see a city in your dream signifies your social environment and sense of community. If you dream of a big city, then it suggests that you need to develop closer ties and relationships. You are feeling alienated and alone.” 
Okay. So I’m in for some change, apparently. And I need to embrace it and embrace the relationships and the people in my life, it would seem. Isn’t that kind of always the truth, though? “Change is the essence of life…
Do you ever look up your dreams?
What would you do with a few free hours in the morning?

(relatively) wordless recap/wiaw

It’s essay time but I thought I’d do a quick post so I have less things on my list of “what I’d rather be doing”…

So here ya go:


yogurt, all bran buds, honey, banana, and walnuts


kale chips, tempeh sandwich (with light mayo and sprouts on ezekiel bread)


coffee -- lucked out that they ran out of soy so i got to crack open a mini almond milk! YUM


messy but delish


hummed and ha ed but decided to have nut butter twice (in decent amounts) today--a la Nancy Clark suggesting if you eat foods that "have power" over you enough, they lose that own that decision, and to NOT have peanut butter fingers after this meal. and I did it. HA! empowering.


one, not all


decaf coffee = essay fuel

And what all that food went to fuel today:

Plus a massage. Oh my hips love my RMT. And so does my soul, cuz she’s one of the coolest people I can think of.

That’s all…

How was your Wednesday?
What’s the tastiest thing you ate today? (squash)
Did you work out today? 


Full day!

Hey folks…

For a Saturday, today is BUSY!

This morning, I had a yummy breakfast to start things off followed by a snack and a 3k swim. No big deal…yes big deal, for me! 3k is long but it was LOVELY. I chalk it up to being well fuelled, well rested, and feeling good after writing a draft of a paper due next week all this morning!


yogurt, all bran, banana, and almond butter


pre swim crisp bread with jam ... double this

I had a smoothie for lunch (topped with cereal and eaten with a nut butter spoon, have you) but I ended up getting a grumbly tummy shortly after.


pumpkin, spinach, almond milk smoothie (vegan!) with all bran (overdoing fibre, much) and eaten with a nut butter spoon!

Luckily this afternoon I was at a Performance Nutrition seminar hosted by Jennifer Broxterman, a prof at Brescia (she teaches exercise nutrition) who has her own company specializing in nutrition for active people. I kind of want to be her–she’s a fellow contributor to and takes such a POSITIVE approach to talking about nutrition. I listened to her presentation once before, when I did a crossfit boot camp a few years ago, but it was worth hearing again. And she made us amazing snacks…


That I can’t wait to recreate and to share my take on the recipes with you! I also want to share some of the tips she gave and whether I post them as a separate post or take them to heart <– the better option — and talk about them as I apply them (her idea of having a veggie bucket with cut up and ready to go veggies in the fridge, and using it up at the end of the week with a pizza dinner on Fridays, for instance) remains to be seen! At any rate, nutrition talks are always good to  refresh your memory even if it’s “old news”–and tips and recipes are the key, I think, to making it applicable and practical to use! I also look at the opportunity to go to these presentations as a chance to see how dieticians practice. Jennifer has a way of speaking and being relatable but really informative and she seems extremely knowledgeable without overwhelming people. Note to self–add her to my list of dietitian role models!

There were lots of friends at the seminar too, which was awesome. Yay. I took a lot away and I’d love to share it all with you right now but I’m already late for KIN FORMAL! That’s right, I need to go get dolled up! To be honest, I don’t have hair to do so I take very little time to get ready. I’m excited for the night of dancing (I just had a coffee so I’m waiting for the burst of caffeinated energy) and even though I feel old/don’t know that many people going, I’m sure it’s going to be fun! Nina is my date, whether she likes it or not…and I never miss an excuse to wear a dress, in case you haven’t noticed!

What are you doing tonight?
How do you choose role models?
Do smoothies fill you up?