Wireless-less wiaw

Soooo my apartment’s wireless is on the fritz which means you’re in for a treat: my attempts at blogging, emailing, and texting without autocorrects making something a laugh or two are pretty awesome.

For your sake, we’ll go mostly wordless on today’s! Good thing it’s a what I ate Wednesday…

Breakfast was eggs, spinach, and a sweet potato with almond butter/butter before laundry and chit chats with a friend. 🙂


Lunch came after a noon workout–my fav time to train but not one that generally fits in my schedule–and a PR and was pork, cabbage, and a nanner with coconut and some butter. Yes, I do eat weird things. Yes, I’m okay with you judging me.


After lunch came coffee time (it was social, don’t worry) and then I say myself down and got down to work editing and working on something that I totally forgot I needed Internet for tonight. I ended up needing more time than anticipated so I had to miss my interning at the gym. I made time for dinner-more pork this time with carrots alfalfa sprouts and almond butter-before playing instructor at bootcamp.


After a long hot shower, some dark chocolate, and this here blog post, I’m zonked!


Hopefully we get the wireless sorted out soon but for the meantime, I’m gong to enjoy the disconnect and read one of the many books I’ve been thinking about starting/finishing! 🙂 nighty night!

So do something about it

“Peak performance begins with your taking complete responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you.”
– Brian Tracy

After last night’s post, how perfect is that quote?

I started my day with a different breakfast for a change.


If I know that I could do without dairy, why do I fall back on yogurt every darn day? Today I whipped up a Carrots N Cake inspired breakfast. 2 eggs and a banana, topped with some almond butter. Good thing I’m using common sense in response to all that egg yolk “controversy” last week — and they were whole delicious awesome and dare I say it — healthy — eggs. 🙂

After breakfast, I waited around for my family to get up for a while before I decided to get out and enjoy the day, which turned out to be beautiful. I laced up my running shoes and was going to run and then play on the monkey bars down the street but after about 10 minutes, I was absolutely done with running. Things still feel tired/sore from the weekend (is that pathetic?) and to be honest I just wasn’t into it. So I switched it up…

And it was 50 minutes total of awesome sweaty fun. 🙂

I think I may also have been influenced by an article I read last night. You can read the articles online if you google Dan John and there’s a list of them here so educate yourself. I can’t remember his words but it was essentially just making the point that if you want to get better at something, you have to do it…fancy that! 

There’s a general theme here (back to that quote) about taking ownership and responsibility…and I had a good (facebook) conversation with Dr. Kreso about the same concept. It’s good to think…

It’s also good to shop!

After a quick lunch (chicken sausage with some coleslaw and an apple) and the first of three reese’s spread over the day (quite different treats than yesterday), my mom and I went to the mall.


I came home with jeans — the same pair I’ve bought a bunch of times before in a bunch of sizes (this is not a touchy subject–I went up a size again so this is my 4th pair of the same ones but they fit like a glove and I like my cycling, squatting legs and feeling good in my clothes)–a pair of clogs (bring on fall), a new nose ring (I lost mine on the weekend), and a shit ton of pumpkin scented soap. I have an addiction to socks AND soap, apparently…


I managed to avoid buying all this rustic stuff I wanted (the whole store, basically) but my mom promised me a house-warming gift once I find myself a new (hippie) apartment this fall!


I had some nuts for an afternoon snack before we came back to my Grandmas. Om nom nom.


This evening, I helped with the yardwork (confession: I have never cut a lawn before but I loved it–I felt so productive!) and tag teamed dinner with my mom. We made a roast with veggies and potatoes, to which I added a big ol’ dose of kale. Perfection!

Now it’s time for some more family time and then sleep! I promised my grandma I’d bake her a cake, I have some stuff I keep putting off and need to get to tomorrow, and we’re hoping to round out our shopping…ambitious! I’m also planning on taking my TRX for workout at the nearest tree I can find (if I’m not too sore from today!).

Compared to yesterday, I feel re-energized. Back on track. All that good stuff from realizing that if you want to change, you can. You just have to be there…

Which reminds me of this…

Happy Wednesday!

Off again

To Grandmother’s house I go…but not before a quick post…

Update on the post-Tough Mudder recovery–slow and steady?

After my post last night, I went to Yoga Shack for a sweaty hour of awesome stretching. We did all kinds of hip openers and even the splits — hello hamstrings — so it was pretty much perfection for my body! I got pretty emotional at the end of the class (it happens!) because I realized that it was my last class with Kat before she leaves for her next step in Sudbury. And that makes me sad ‘cuz she definitely helped me get over taking myself and yoga too seriously. Funny enough, I’ve done things in her class that I never could do when I was too busy TRYING to have fun and to explore stuff and risk falling over. That’s a pretty big lesson/reminder: it’s supposed to be fun, too! 🙂 She also introduced me to Trevor Hall, so you know I owe her more props than I can describe…

Anyways, enough rambling.

Last night I had a bedtime snack and then went to bed (exciting?).


greek yogurt, honey, flaxseed

I also had some more chocolate. And when I laid down I decided on something: I’m going to bring back my food journal, cuz I think I’m off again in more ways than one. I know that since I’ve been embracing a more paleo-like kind of eating I’ve started eating different things. I know that I’ve also not totally embraced it. I know that when I’m nervous I still eat chocolate and dried fruit or whatever candy I can get my hands on and almond butter by the spoonful. I also know that this is FINE but that it’s not necessarily THE BEST. And that awareness comes first. Don’t worry, I’m not beating myself up, I’m just curious and I feel like I’m at a good point to hold myself a little bit more accountable. I don’t think getting a significant amount of my calories from chocolate and almond butter and coffee cream is all that healthy…and I think that’s what is going on. I don’t want to be at a healthy weight, I want to be HEALTHY — and there’s a difference there.


cute, simple, small food journal

breakfast = yogurt, almond butter, raisins, banana, flax seeds

I snapped a photo of my legs last night. Bruises keep popping up but it’s okay. It’s chilly and feels like fall (and I love it!) so I busted out some winter-y socks just cuz I can.




Bruises and scraped, consider yourself covered. Gosh I love socks–I think I have a problem. But of all things to have a problem buying, I guess socks are a small thing to worry about…

I’m hoping that we get a little bit of shopping in this week at my grandma’s too. There’s bound to be some good back to school stuff and even if I’m not going back to school I’d argue that it IS the season, after all!

I read a funny post over at The Great Fitness Experiment today about health regrets. I can totally relate (the cardio, the health food, etc.) but I also think that all those “regrets” taught me things–and that since I’m always trying to get better (if you’re not TRYING to get better, what are you trying to do?), I really can’t look back and wish I’d done anything differently. Still, I love Charlotte’s posts and I laughed when I read the post! 🙂

Have a terrific Tuesday!

What do you find yourself eating a lot of lately?
Do you have health (or other) regrets?
What’s a random thing you love to buy? 
socks for me!


More fun with friends

Today’s bootcamp was another small and mighty one. I had two eager ladies out for a morning session. I’m telling you folks, working out while most of the world is still sleeping feels oh so good! I was up at 5 so I had myself a full breakfast and did some random reading and tweeting and started my day at a leisurely pace before heading to the park.

oats, almond butter, greek yogurt, banana = perfection

Animal Farm or makeshift gym? You decide…

Since I knew my participants and since they’re friends (i.e. wouldn’t complain if I made them hold hands or work together during the workout), I used the small group as an opportunity to try out some partner moves! I think they did the trick, although I was hoping to get through three rounds of the circuit. That just means the next time this kind of workout comes up, the better the challenge will be!

Warmup: cones –> jogging, side shuffle, criss cross, high knees/butt kicks, lunge/jog, skip/toe touches


a) Circuit: 1 minute each

1. partner squats (face each other and hold hands, lean back so weight is in your heels, squat low and trust your partner!)

2. side shuffle with a ball pass at chest level (throwback to your basketball camp days)

3. circle lunges (forward R, side R, reverse R, reverse L, side L, forward L)

4. jumping jacks

5. pushup with a high five (face your partner and give high fives with opposite hands after completing each pushup)

6. burpee/mountain climber combos (5 mountain climbers/1 burpee)

7. sit ups with a ball pass (sit with your feet facing each other, take the ball overhead and pass in the middle)

8. plank up downs

REST 1 minute before repeating

b) Core:  Marathon abs (20 reps each)

1. crunches with legs extended to the sky (push out through heels, crunch straight up)

2. oblique cruches (reaching for shoelaces like you’re climbing a ladder)

3. leg raises

4. bicycle kicks

5. situps or crunches


Oh sweaty! I didn’t do the workout with them but I still felt accomplished just starting the day in an active way. When I got back to London, I grabbed coffee (this is where all my money seems to go), ran to the store for a few things, came home, and got busy in the kitchen (prepping the leafy greens I bought, cooking up lunch, and baking up a recipe I’ll share later–but am sharing with my massage therapist NOW). I’m off for my long awaited massage.

kale, avocado, apricots, and salmon

Life is good.

Have you ever done a partner workout?
What’s your favourite partner move?
Do you like morning workouts?  


This post is going to take a different route and kind of sum up some of the stuff I’ve been snarfing lately. And snarf I have…the last stressful week left me eating kind of like a monster. You won’t see the chocolate and random nibbles in these pictures cuz they happened too fast for a photo BUT I am owning up. Last night was a fun night full of junk food (you’ll see) so I’m definitely feeling it and have the motivation to get back on the healthy train. All life is balance and in the past I’d have felt so driven and compulsive about eating “perfectly” to make up for a “bad” week but I’m looking at it with totally different eyes. Acceptance. That makes change possible, right?

Here goes!


apple oats with raisins and walnuts and yogurt


rice cakes, almond butter, sprouts, and cranberries


mini meatloaf and brussel sprouts


yogurt and oats and coconut 🙂


oats and cinnamon and banana and yogurt and yummmmm


apple, kale, carrot, and grape salad with chicken


swiss chard, brussel sprouts, and sausage 🙂


pudding shots with baileys and kahlua om nom nom


oh lord, my coffee table is wild. pudding shots + sour puss gummies = the things you can only justify having as a student therefore needed to be consumed. guac and bacon wrapped figs from my friend who we’ll call martha! and havarti cuz havarti makes a party…


disclaimer: didn’t eat this all. but did dabble in a burger with peanut butter because how can you not at 2am?


failed protein pancake…delicious mess when it comes with a banana, honey, peanut butter, and flaxseed on top

It would appear that I love oats and yogurt. That’s the honest truth! Still, posting my eats make me realize I could use some v a r i e t y! I’m craving a bagel…


What’s something tasty you ate this week?
What do you eat a lot of?
Have you ever made pudding shots?

Shake it off

Good morning!

I woke up pretty early this morning without an alarm. I’m using it as reason to eat a relaxing breakfast, watch the Today Show, drink copious amounts of coffee (just kidding) and to get down to work on cleaning my messy apartment (now that I have no excuse in the form of schoolwork).

Kashi, All Bran, berries, and almond butter with soy milk.

I think part of why I woke up so early was all the weird dreams I was having. One in particular shook me—I dreamt I decided that I wanted to go to Journalism school at Columbia. I saw myself opening my offer for financial aid and deciding that I wanted to go. And freaking out, starting to pack my apartment, and looking for an apartment in NYC.

Don’t worry, I’m not packing my bags. I don’t see myself actually having one of these moments, because I’m pretty darn excited about taking summer school to start off my Foods and Nutrition degree. So what I’m going to do is look up what the dream means. When I was a kid, my mom was always looking up our dreams in dream dictionaries, which is much easier to do now that we have the internet and unlimited resources at our disposal:

“Generally all packing dreams show that it is time to revaluate your life. How you actually pack the items in your dream is important. If you packed things in a hurry, and too quickly then you have too much in your life and you are not spending enough time on relaxing activities, you are starting to feel that you are taking on too much – which indicates a time for rest…Packing in your dream also signifies a feeling of interference from a family member; you may experience over the next year a family rift or something similar. Personal growth will only come about if you are willing to change and this dream clearly signifies that need in some form.”

“To dream of scholarship means advantages you have during times of stress or anxiety. Special benefits or
support you’ve gained through a close relationship.”
“To dream that you are moving away signifies your desire or need for change. It may also mean an end to a situation or relationship; you are moving on. Alternatively, it indicates your determination and issues regarding dependence/independence.”
“To see a city in your dream signifies your social environment and sense of community. If you dream of a big city, then it suggests that you need to develop closer ties and relationships. You are feeling alienated and alone.” 
Okay. So I’m in for some change, apparently. And I need to embrace it and embrace the relationships and the people in my life, it would seem. Isn’t that kind of always the truth, though? “Change is the essence of life…
Do you ever look up your dreams?
What would you do with a few free hours in the morning?

When all else fails…


I woke up needing a distraction.

A little background: things are awesome, my hip is en route to healing, I feel like I’m getting my life together and heading in the right direction, I feel more connected with my friends/family than ever (even though I miss a lot of people terribly, I feel really loved and supported right now), and when I look at where I was a couple of months ago, I can see how much progress I’ve made.

But today is Around the Bay, and I was supposed to be running that 30km this morning.

I’ve written about jealousy on my old blog, and I think it’s worth reminding myself that the feelings of jealousy I have right now are because I WANT to have done the run and achieved something so epic myself. It doesn’t mean I have to take it out on my friends (who ran SO WELL and are AMAZING for doing it), or on myself…but, for some reason, I have spent all day beating myself up (for not getting enough work done, for having a messy kitchen, for eating too much of this and not enough of that, by stuffing my face with everything from oatmeal to nut butter to pumpkin to grapes to kale chips<–all healthy things I intended to eat, but for some reason felt the need to overeat on top of the portions I put on my plate) and trying to get myself out of this funk.

I tried a bunch of stuff that usually works:

  • going for a bike ride –> but I don’t feel like myself on the bike. I feel slow, I feel apprehensive, and I feel out of shape.
  • talking to a friend –> multiple friends tried to remind me of very true things, and while they did help a little, I’m still sitting her bummed.
  • getting out of my apartment –> even with the sunshine, I feel so whahhhh.
  • pouring myself into an essay –> and one that I feel like writing, at that. Sure, I’ve gotten work done, but my mind keeps jumping back to things.
  • wearing something comfortable –> my leggings feel tight. Is that even possible? they’re spandex! And I feel like I’ve given up since I had to put another pair of jeans away because they’re uncomfortably tight.
  • going to starbucks –> but to be honest I’ve spent most of the last 24 hours at three different locations, and I just want this essay to be over with so I can do yoga or lay on my futon instead.
  • reminding myself that this will get better –> but when?
As you can see, I’m trying. Trying, trying, trying. It was so helpful to read Kate’s post about feeling out of sorts with her own injury earlier today. I love this girl’s comments, her honesty, and her tweets, but hearing her say some of the stuff I’m thinking made me realize that it’s not just me. It’s easy to think that I’ll never get better, but there’s no way I’d think that about Kate or about anyone else working through an injury.
I’d never call a friend stupid for not being sure about what they’re doing with their life. Or what their eating or not eating (vegan? ethically raised meat? what about dairy? am I gaining weight from all of this? does it matter if I’m eating in line with my beliefs?). Or for anything…so why is it OK for me to do it to myself?
This is turning into one of those “I think I’m going to have an epiphany” moments.
The only thing I can do is keep going. Yes, it blows that I haven’t ran for 12 weeks. Yes, it sucks that I have been overeating a bit and still hang on to some of those emotional munching habits that I know aren’t serving me. Yes, I am probably a bit out of shape. No, I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with my hip but I do know what I need to do.
And I am willing to do it. I’m not going to lie–I’ve kind of been half assing it with my physio. 5 minutes of foam rolling is enough. Those planks don’t really matter. And with other things. It’s okay to pick at that dried fruit at night. It’s alright to leave your assignments til the last minute. It’s okay to skip stuff cuz you’re “too stressed”. It’s fine to stay in because you feel gross. etc. etc. Nope, it’s not. 
Regardless of whether or not I’m “bigger” than I should be. Regardless of whether or not I’ve wasted some time and made some really misguided decisions. Regardless of whether or not I’ve been mean to, mad at, or taken things out on myself OR other people, I don’t have to be this way. Yeah, this is cheesy, but every day is a chance to recreate ourselves. If I want to be that girl who is sure that she is an athlete, that she deserves to be happy, that is fun and prioritizes people, that gets good marks and is proud of them, and that admits that she doesn’t know everything (in the words of Jillian, if you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough). I know when I start to live with that kind of integrity–trusting myself, following through on the things I intuitively know (that standing over the fridge eating nut butter isn’t eating for fuel or nourishment, that running when my hip hurts is counterproductive, that exercise is meant to make us feel better and more energized, and that doing something (i.e. an essay) imperfectly is better than getting nothing done because you’re holding out for perfection), things will fall into place. Since weight is an outcome and not something to be controlled, that’ll just happen. I have this feeling regardless of whether I get bigger or smaller, I’ll feel better in my body. Since happiness comes from doing and not from being or having, I know I can start on this right away.
I’m done ranting!
I’m leaving my photos wordless again (it’s a portobello mushroom burger and a pumpkin smoothie with almond butter spoon, kiddos).






How do you deal when you should be running a race?
Have you ever read Kate’s blog (cuz you should)?
What is one thing you wish you could change about the way you act/live? <–deep, I know.


Gimme a break

I don’t need a break any more…I need to get down to work, but I’m clearly prioritizing and getting you guys caught up before I get down to busy.

Yesterday after class I went to a meeting with my TA about this big term paper I am writing for next week. I felt MUCH better after. I have an idea of where I’m going with it, at least, and am actually a bit excited to write it! I know if I give up the perfectionism I’m so prone to and just get started, I’ll have a draft soon enough. I’ve got lots of background information, tons of ideas, an episode (the season 13 premiere) of The Biggest Loser and I’ve been paying attention (sorta) to my sociology prof…so analysis, let’s go! It’s kind of cool   nerdy when you actually want to write an essay, don’t you think?

I went to yoga yesterday afternoon. It was WEIRD, but WEIRD can be good. Not your typical power class, not that challenging in a physical sense, but for me the class was a step outside of my comfort zone, and Sabre got through to me with her anecdotes/ideas again. She was talking about challenging yourself, about how people often look around to see what a pose will look like instead of just doing it (to see if they think they’ll be able to), and I distinctly remember her saying something like

“In your life, see where you find challenge. And try to think about that challenge as an opportunity. And then go after it.” 

I told you Sabre’s the best!

After yoga I went in my stinky-ness to Joe Fresh at the far far superstore. And I got a migraine while I was there. Which means there was no way in heck I was driving home, so I took a cab and paid the 30 dollars to get back to my apartment. I slept for a while, woke up, cooked myself dinner…”Fish and Chips” (salmon with sweet potato and kale chips — topped with cranberries and maple syrup), worked on my project, ate an apple (exciting), and slept again.


As you know, migraines frustrate me but they’re definitely a sign that I was too stressed. Usually when I start to relax, they hit me. That means I need to destress on a regular basis…easier said than done!

This morning I woke up and had a normal breakfast even though I felt so out of it from the medicine and the migraine and the weird sleep (I read about migraine hangovers for the first time today and I definitely think I have one). Then I went to get my car and to the pool. I was starving so I had a Kashi bar — haven’t had that many lately, and it was either stale or just crunchier than I’d remembered and not my fav — and then swam about 2500m! I was glad Angela drove me to get my car and even gladder she wanted to swim so I had some external motivation to get to the pool (no tri club friends or cute boys forcing me there ;)!).


After coming home and having leftovers in a salad for lunch (soooo good!), I made up my mind to go to the shower! I made the drive and saw friends I haven’t seen in a long time. This was my first baby shower. So many “aweeees” 🙂 and Lori is ADORABLE all the time, but as a pregnant woman she is even cuter, if that’s possible! I miss my Sarnia friends a lot and it was really nice to see some of them, even if it was (too) short but sweet! There were cute baby shower games and tons of food.



snacks of choice...plus some hershey kisses (I should have known better than to eat lunch BEFORE an Italian baby shower!) 🙂


After the shower, Tanya and I spent a few hours at Starbucks (same study spot, different city), chatting  and “doing work”. I probably could have gotten more done on my essay, but at least it’s in progress and I really miss my friends, so the quality time was worth it! I saw some other familiar faces too, which is always a bonus. Besides my hair, there’s been  lots changes since I was home at Christmas (the last time I saw most of my friends).



When I came back, I threw together a quick dinner that I really can’t call a recipe but that is probably going to be a new fav 4 ingredient base for all kinds of delish: almond butter (all good recipes start this way!), quinoa, spinach, and chick peas. Don’t hate it, just try it. And report back.


Tomorrow is Around the Bay, and it’s been almost 12 weeks since I got hurt. I’m choosing to send all the good vibes in the world to the people running tomorrow and remembering that I am at least starting to feel better! Not to mention, think of all the insight that’s come out of this hip issue!?

My goal for the night is to do as much of the other things on my to do list besides my essay as possible. My goal for the week is to keep smiling, and to put things in perspective. I’m going to finish this essay and I’m not going to fail it. I’ll probably do better than I think. I often get incapacitated because I feel overwhelmed by big tasks or by a ton of little ones, but if I just do one thing at a time and remember that my best is all I can do (and that stressing = migraines = sucks), I might be better off!

Have an awesome night. 🙂

How are you spending your weekend?
What’s the best random bowl you’ve thrown together in a while?

Have you ever been to a baby shower? What’s your favourite game? (I liked guessing how big her belly was with ribbon–I was close!)

WIAW no holding back

I’ll start with the basic, and then get into the no holding back part.

This morning, rolling out of bed was tough. I blame it on a whole bunch of too short sleeps and springing forward. I did manage to throw together a quick breakfast of grapes, all bran, yogurt, and pecans before making it to 8:30 class almost on time!


My morning snack (an apple with almonds) I ate over a chat with a friend who was here for an exam today! I haven’t seen her in a while so I stole away for a bit and was glad I got to talk to her, even if it was short and sweet.

crappy photo, good snack -- tradeoff makes it okay!

About an hour after that snack, my tummy was rumbling again so I went ahead and downed my lunch–a tuna/cheese/sprouts sandwich and some cherry tomatoes. Yummy again, but a bit soggy by lunch time :(.



After a busy day of work (and those still pumping me up tweets), I had my afternoon granola bar—the homemade ones I legitimately think I could eat every single day.


I had a rather unphotogenic banana en route to spin class today. I was going to save it for after but it had been a while since the snack part A, so I went for it while I walked in the sun! 20120314-202331.jpg

Spin went well. I stuck to the coach’s plan, which meant mostly Zone 2 (read: “easier than I would like) and some Zone 3 stuff. No microphone meant I had to yell, or rather got to yell, for an hour. Stress relief, much?

I was still ravenous when I got home so even though I have a fridge full of food, I had a quick dinner. Repeat of yesterday’s lunch seemed good — and it was delicious. This time I added some raisins to the nut butter, carrots, and alfalfa sprouts in the wrap. Perfection.


What’s missing is the 2 other biggie carrots I downed while I was getting this ready—of course dipped in nut butter. And the water I chugged after. And you can’t see one thing: the tummy ache I gave myself.

So here come’s the full disclosure part: I felt like I was borderline bingeing tonight.

I was stuffing my face and stuffing my face, eating healthy carrots and peanut butter but feeling a bit out of control. Note that stuffing your face is far from eating intuitively. I was thinking about how I shouldn’t be having nut butter when I already had nuts but thinking back on Nancy Clark’s suggestion to eat your forbidden food every meal til you get sick of it (note: don’t try to get sick of it in one meal if you wanna experiment here). I was thinking about how I should be eating the veggies in my fridge. I was thinking about how I didn’t work as hard at spin as normal. I was thinking about how I have spare time tonight and should really put my laundry away. I was thinking about when I’m going to get everything done. I was thinking about a lot—and not about the food. So I removed myself, had a shower, and came back to it, promising myself that if I wanted to, I could have some chocolate sitting down when all was said and done but that since it was WIAW, I’d have to own up to all of it.

So, owning up is what I’m doing. I managed to take a photo of what my “binge” was and this was big–because the food itself wasn’t. Still, the way in which I was eating and the feelings were on the edge of a full blown binge and even though all those things I was worrying about are bugging me and a distraction would be nice, bingeing isn’t something I’m willing to do to get it. My recovery is too important.

Yeah, not my best effort. We all have our days though, right? In the grander scheme, hiding that I overdid it with a few extra spoons of peanut butter, an energy bars worth of granola, and some chocolate chips would send me into a bunch of questions and self-doubt: am I recovered? (yes) am I a hypocrite? (not if you’re honest) should I restrict? (no)

So I’m using it as a demonstration of how to get over a binge before it takes over.

My suggestions:

  • tell someone—accountability, even if it’s a text message, is going to make you more likely to get yourself out of a negative cycle
  • remove yourself from the situation—even if you’re not sweaty and stinky, take a shower OR go for a walk, sit in a different room than the kitchen, go outside for five minutes. perspective can change and getting away from “danger” is wise
  • don’t beat yourself up—do NOT restrict. I was tempted to cancel plans to celebrate a friend’s birthday over fro yo tomorrow (if you’re reading this, know I am slapping myself silly) and then realized how freaking selfish and stupid this would be, not to mention it would suggest that I need to be punished, which sounds more like a disordered thought than a healthy thought, don’t you agree?
  • figure out what’s up—for me it takes writing or blogging to get to a conclusion about what the heck is up. I don’t always get the answer (tonight I think it’s a combo of having a messy apartment, having a really stressful/busy day even though it went well, having a lot of self doubt, and a deeper attempt to sabotage myself…sorry for getting all deep on you here but I know that seeing my life heading down the road I want it to and feeling happy are AWESOME but they’re also NEW and DIFFERENT and allowing myself to be awesome used to be impossible, then became possible but hard, and now is beginning to be my norm with just a couple of these silly resistances—in other words, letting myself eat normally and letting myself go to school for what I want to and letting myself train like an athlete and letting myself be proud of my accomplishments are all things I know I need to and deserve to do, but it’s all kind of new awesome territory)


Sorry for getting all that out. If that’s not a binge I don’t know what is. So my plan for the evening is as follows: chill. Yes, I have assignments due in the next week. Yes, my laundry needs to be put away. BUT I think my frantic and scattered brain is trying to tell me something, and it’s not that I’m in trouble because my socks aren’t folded and in their drawer.

Have you ever had one of these post-recovery “almost” moments? How’d you deal?
What’s the best thing you ate today?
How do you relax when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

Full day!

Hey folks…

For a Saturday, today is BUSY!

This morning, I had a yummy breakfast to start things off followed by a snack and a 3k swim. No big deal…yes big deal, for me! 3k is long but it was LOVELY. I chalk it up to being well fuelled, well rested, and feeling good after writing a draft of a paper due next week all this morning!


yogurt, all bran, banana, and almond butter


pre swim crisp bread with jam ... double this

I had a smoothie for lunch (topped with cereal and eaten with a nut butter spoon, have you) but I ended up getting a grumbly tummy shortly after.


pumpkin, spinach, almond milk smoothie (vegan!) with all bran (overdoing fibre, much) and eaten with a nut butter spoon!

Luckily this afternoon I was at a Performance Nutrition seminar hosted by Jennifer Broxterman, a prof at Brescia (she teaches exercise nutrition) who has her own company specializing in nutrition for active people. I kind of want to be her–she’s a fellow contributor to Runnersfeed.com and takes such a POSITIVE approach to talking about nutrition. I listened to her presentation once before, when I did a crossfit boot camp a few years ago, but it was worth hearing again. And she made us amazing snacks…


That I can’t wait to recreate and to share my take on the recipes with you! I also want to share some of the tips she gave and whether I post them as a separate post or take them to heart <– the better option — and talk about them as I apply them (her idea of having a veggie bucket with cut up and ready to go veggies in the fridge, and using it up at the end of the week with a pizza dinner on Fridays, for instance) remains to be seen! At any rate, nutrition talks are always good to  refresh your memory even if it’s “old news”–and tips and recipes are the key, I think, to making it applicable and practical to use! I also look at the opportunity to go to these presentations as a chance to see how dieticians practice. Jennifer has a way of speaking and being relatable but really informative and she seems extremely knowledgeable without overwhelming people. Note to self–add her to my list of dietitian role models!

There were lots of friends at the seminar too, which was awesome. Yay. I took a lot away and I’d love to share it all with you right now but I’m already late for KIN FORMAL! That’s right, I need to go get dolled up! To be honest, I don’t have hair to do so I take very little time to get ready. I’m excited for the night of dancing (I just had a coffee so I’m waiting for the burst of caffeinated energy) and even though I feel old/don’t know that many people going, I’m sure it’s going to be fun! Nina is my date, whether she likes it or not…and I never miss an excuse to wear a dress, in case you haven’t noticed!

What are you doing tonight?
How do you choose role models?
Do smoothies fill you up?