Dog poop for dinner


Alternate title “Will run for nuts.” — I wonder which one would have gotten more attention?


I didn’t actually have dog poop for dinner, but I did make a bowl that looked a heck of lot like shat.


banana, cocoa, honey, salt, coconut, almonds, chocolate…um yummmmmm

I blame PaleOMG and my friend’s reply to my facebook post earlier today.


Enablers–gotta love ’em! Unfortunately my avocado was not ripe so I just improvised…resourceful, no? I’m just going to admit it–I probably should have had meat and veggies for dinner, especially since I’d already had a nanner this afternoon, but I hate the word should…and what’s done is done! Note to self: don’t eat pudding for dinner on a regular basis if you intend to be a healthy living blogger ;)! Second note to self: do whatever you want.


Besides laundry (which of course is still ongoing–I swear I draw it out because I love it so darn much ;)!), this afternoon I took care of some facebook creeping emails and chores before I met Angela for a reunion/trail run on the trails I hiked with my pals yesterday. At running speed, the ups and downs were a bit more challenging but we took a pretty leisurely pace (thank god Angela’s on her 2 off weeks and is just moving her body for fun right now!) and I was loving being outside in the fall sunshine. We ran for about 50 minutes and I’m estimating that it was about 8km but that might be overshooting it…at any rate, it was challenging, especially after this morning’s squats! 🙂


After the run, I went to the first meeting for Triathlon Club. Since I’ll be running a cycle session for them every Friday morning, I had to introduce myself. I think showing up smelling extra stinky and without thinking about what to say gave them an accurate impression of who I am…and I can’t remember how I introduced myself but I know I promised them a weekly dose of Britney in their playlist.

After the meeting, I had a good chit chat with a friend I haven’t seen much of yet this year before I finally made it home to the shower and my pudding ;). …now here I am in a chocolatey induced state of relaxation, with some mood lighting thanks to a candle, and with an episode of the Balanced Bites podcast playing in the background. My goals for the night: type my goals, read a section of my crossfit manual, and sleep. Lofty, I know!



Do you ever eat dessert for dinner?
Have you ever made an avocado pudding?

Tired but inspired

“My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.”

Cary Grant quotes

Well howdy there!

As my title hinted, I’m tired but inspired–so this is the kind of tired, “I had such a kick butt day” that I think every day should be like…

We started our staff training today at the gym on campus. Since I’m teaching at campus rec this fall, I was in on this. I’m kind of a lifer now–and it feels cool to go back and see a whole new bunch of faces (cough *cute new boys* cough). The aquatics staff, events staff, memberships services, and fitness people all get together and do sessions that we have to (think computer sessions to teach us how to access info) and ones that we get to choose from (think workouts).



I started my day off with leftovers from last night. I’ve commented before about how I don’t really differentiate too much between what I eat in the morning and at night (does it really make sense to only eat certain foods at certain times of the day, after all?), but I did add in an apple to today’s breakfast.


Leftover beef, brussel sprouts, and onions in coconut oil + an apple

After a morning of info sessions, I was ravenous. I ate my lunch out of my lunchbox (hiding it) in the computer lab because I’m bad ass. FYI, stuffing your face with kale and sausage is not really discreet, but it is delicious.

Eating lunch before lunch time meant I had no problemo skipping out during our lunch break to hit up the (other) gym with one of my fellow fitness instructors. While everyone ate pizza, we sweat our butts off. Britt’s trying out for hockey so she’s all about squats and deadlifts, and I’m all about getting back into this so gosh it was perfect to have company for this trek!

After a few sets of each, we did a take on a workout from a crossfit site I’ve been poking around. For me: 15 tuck jumps / 7 modified pullups / 3 ground to overhead every 90 seconds for 15 minutes — it works out to 10 rounds if you’re not a mathlete. It also works out to mass quantities of sweat, dripping on the floor, arriving back at the gym stinking up a storm, and being far too happy to hop in the pool for an “Aquatic Adventure” (one of those optional sessions).


And by hop in I mean get flipped in off a tube — we played a match of innertube water polo. Let me tell you–this was not only FUN but also pretty physical! I spent a lot of energy just trying not to fall off my tube OR trying to get back in it if I had and missing the net on my shots. I don’t “throw like a girl” but I could definitely improve! The moral of the story is: random sports are fun. I want to play more of them. Intramurals, anyone?

After all that splashing, the hungries came on hard at the end of the day so my afternoon snack was a “what the heck can I get in this hangry mouth right now” kind of situation. Almonds and then a banana with cinnamon on top fit the bill — easy, fast, good. 🙂



Top it off with an americano between appointments and errands and you’ve got perfection! 20120829-211705.jpg

I managed to get to the grocery store to pick up some goodies (no labels here) and I am cooking up some chicken and salmon now so I’ll have food for a few days!


I ended my night with the highlight of the day — dinner! It’s not the food that was awesome, although the salmon and salad was pretty bomb.



Tonight was my second Life By Design 101 dinner. I brought a pal along with me today who’s interested in chiropractic and on the same health wavelength as a lot of what LBD talks about.

Last month, I said Dr. K did a really great job of introducing what LBD is about. But today, he was like a whole new level of rockstar! I haven’t seen so much passion and enthusiasm in one person since…the last time I talked to him? I’m not really kidding, but tonight he was on fire! I can’t wait for next month (who wants to join me?). I was sitting there smiling and thinking — I want to do this (lucky for me I have a vision and it’s in line with that…:)!).

In short, the dinner is an intro to what LBD is about — the chiropractic side of things, the thinking, eating, and moving.

For me, the refresher brought some new insight. I think a big part of this whole journey for me is waking up and being present. Getting to hear about something I’ve already heard about but from where I am now is a cool experience.

One thing that Dr. K stressed and that I even took the time to write down in my trusty notebook was that it all comes down to reality and responsibility. 

Building off of that, I’ve been thinking. I started to beat myself up for having heard this and not acted sooner. After talking about squats and my (poor) mobility, I had to shift my focus.

On that topic, I don’t have the greatest mobility. I don’t squat very deep. Dr. K suggested a wesbite to me, but as it was coming out of his mouth I already new what he was going to say (so of course I said it along with him)– So if I know about it, I must be using it right?

Uhhhh. Not so much. Cue thinking by design and focusing on what’s strong and not on what’s wrong. My job isn’t to beat myself up over not doing something sooner. Like I talked about yesterday, you’ve got to be okay with where you are in order to improve. So instead of calling myself lazy I am recognizing how cool it is that I realized that I can do something about all of this and taking this increased consciousness as just another awesome side effect of what I’m doing — taking ownership (responsibility), for the way things are (reality).

Other conscious thinking today involved re-reading my vision, chatting, hearing LBD 101, and the reading I’m about to do! Last night I cracked Atlas Shrugged and now I’m ready to get back into it before I fall asleep.

Like I said, it was a tiring day, but the good kind of tired. Here’s to more days like this — filled with awesome! Let’s just say that I feel even more excited about what I’m doing. I feel connected to something bigger. I feel like I’m on fire by association–cuz I am! 😀

What’s something you neglect in terms of fitness that you could give more attention to?
Do you eat breakfast for dinner? What about dinner for breakfast?
Have you ever played innertube water polo?

So do something about it

“Peak performance begins with your taking complete responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you.”
– Brian Tracy

After last night’s post, how perfect is that quote?

I started my day with a different breakfast for a change.


If I know that I could do without dairy, why do I fall back on yogurt every darn day? Today I whipped up a Carrots N Cake inspired breakfast. 2 eggs and a banana, topped with some almond butter. Good thing I’m using common sense in response to all that egg yolk “controversy” last week — and they were whole delicious awesome and dare I say it — healthy — eggs. 🙂

After breakfast, I waited around for my family to get up for a while before I decided to get out and enjoy the day, which turned out to be beautiful. I laced up my running shoes and was going to run and then play on the monkey bars down the street but after about 10 minutes, I was absolutely done with running. Things still feel tired/sore from the weekend (is that pathetic?) and to be honest I just wasn’t into it. So I switched it up…

And it was 50 minutes total of awesome sweaty fun. 🙂

I think I may also have been influenced by an article I read last night. You can read the articles online if you google Dan John and there’s a list of them here so educate yourself. I can’t remember his words but it was essentially just making the point that if you want to get better at something, you have to do it…fancy that! 

There’s a general theme here (back to that quote) about taking ownership and responsibility…and I had a good (facebook) conversation with Dr. Kreso about the same concept. It’s good to think…

It’s also good to shop!

After a quick lunch (chicken sausage with some coleslaw and an apple) and the first of three reese’s spread over the day (quite different treats than yesterday), my mom and I went to the mall.


I came home with jeans — the same pair I’ve bought a bunch of times before in a bunch of sizes (this is not a touchy subject–I went up a size again so this is my 4th pair of the same ones but they fit like a glove and I like my cycling, squatting legs and feeling good in my clothes)–a pair of clogs (bring on fall), a new nose ring (I lost mine on the weekend), and a shit ton of pumpkin scented soap. I have an addiction to socks AND soap, apparently…


I managed to avoid buying all this rustic stuff I wanted (the whole store, basically) but my mom promised me a house-warming gift once I find myself a new (hippie) apartment this fall!


I had some nuts for an afternoon snack before we came back to my Grandmas. Om nom nom.


This evening, I helped with the yardwork (confession: I have never cut a lawn before but I loved it–I felt so productive!) and tag teamed dinner with my mom. We made a roast with veggies and potatoes, to which I added a big ol’ dose of kale. Perfection!

Now it’s time for some more family time and then sleep! I promised my grandma I’d bake her a cake, I have some stuff I keep putting off and need to get to tomorrow, and we’re hoping to round out our shopping…ambitious! I’m also planning on taking my TRX for workout at the nearest tree I can find (if I’m not too sore from today!).

Compared to yesterday, I feel re-energized. Back on track. All that good stuff from realizing that if you want to change, you can. You just have to be there…

Which reminds me of this…

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday start

Oh hey there!

It was a sunny start to things here in Banff.

I started my morning the best way possible: an inappropriate selfie.


Just kidding. The best way possible = scenery and sweating.

So after that nanner, I laced up my running shoes and hit the trails. I didn’t run very far, but I was out for a while since I stopped to take lots of photos. I think today, scenery > sweating.




…wouldn’t you agree?

After my quick jaunt around Tunnel Mountain (one day I wanna run some of the awesome trails I saw leading off the ones I did explore today), I did a circuit in the hotel gym. Which blows. There’s just a bowflex, no free weights, but at least there’s a pullup bar! And at least I’m staying in a hotel in a beautiful town on the side of a mountain. Things could be worse ;)!

While I was running I saw lots of people getting active — sheesh it would be nice to get out here again when I’m not embarking on a 500km trek on my roadbike. I bet there are people who trail run, mountain bike, and do crazy workouts outside. I googled crossfit banff and there’s not much. Business opportunity? Haha…

After my little sweat session, we had a breakfast buffet. I loaded up my plate with two breakfasts worth, but I ended up going the more adventurous (for me) route when I realized the granola was stale and not what I remembered. My tastes might be changing…or since I am embracing bacon maybe that’s just what was up.

Anywho, I polished off the bacon/sausage and eggs and had some of the fruit. I want scrambled eggs like it’s no one’s business, but I made do with the one from the eggs benedict. Haha, re-read that sentence. “Made do with the one from the eggs benedict.” God, it’s a rough life…there was also copious quantities of coffee, which left me with a hella happy belly.



After we were sufficiently stuffed, we picked up my bike. The shop was a zoo (they do rentals) and there was of course ~5 guys who I decided would make FINE future husbands. Something about this mountain air…

Now it’s time for us to get our golf on! We’re playing at the Canmore Golf & Curling Club, which appears to be out of my league, but ya know…I have lots of potential as a golfer, my dad likes to say. I guess I’m just tapping into that!

Wish me luck. How many balls do you think I’ll lose?

Do you golf?
What’s your fav breakfast food if you’re out to eat? At home?
If you could live anywhere for a summer, where would it be? 
I’d choose here! I’ve been to Banff in the winter before–and I think I could make do if I had warm enough clothes and a hot enough husband. Hahhaa…


Silver linings

At one of the gyms I work, we often do an exercise at our staff meetings where we go over “The good, the  bad, and the ugly.”

Yesterday was good, bad, tiring, and weird. That’s the best summary I can give.

I’ll start with the good:

  • I got to go on a pretty awesome, sunny bike ride to Port Stanley with my friends. It’s about 95km round trip, so it was nice to have company! 😀

THREE BIKING BOYFRIENDS! JK. But three biking friends = still good!


  • We slept in and hit the road later on (as it was not sticky hot for once!). This means I got to eat breakfast first. Simple pleasures.


  • I felt pretty good during the ride, even if the hills and anticipation of Virginia got me a litttttttttle discouraged. I did a good job of eating and hydrating, methinks! Bonus.



  • There was a flat tire but there were also plenty of tubes, CO2 cartridges, and skills (none of these on my behalf) so we didn’t get too held up!


  • I went to Sunfest yesterday afternoon–it was a “cross cultural arts festival” and a big ol’ party all weekend in the park! There was the most delicious lemonade of my life (hello re-hydration and carb refuelling), friends, and sunshine. Win, win, and did I mention win?



  • My other eats (a bedtime snack of cottage cheese and nut butter and leftovers for dinner) were not so beautiful in photo, but pleased me perfectly!


  • My mom came down and spent the night. We had a bunch of quality time and of course that meant stupid pictures.
  • I got to hang out with another friend for a few hours yesterday and got to look at some very cool photos he took–a sneak preview in his words. 🙂 Aren’t I special? Well, you don’t really need a sneak peek to see his work, but still.
Now for the bad…
  • I fell at the end of our ride. My scrapes don’t really phase me — war wounds are cool, right? — but my head hurt a lot yesterday and my helmet showed the damage. Falling off your bike sucks. 90km in I was tired, there were geese, it was bumpy, and that’s all I’ve got in terms of an explanation. All of a sudden I was on the ground. Hmmmm….



I don’t know how but I managed to scrape my lip. I guess I was smiling or laughing when I went down. Moral of the story is–I’m okay, I could have hurt something serious, and at least I got hurt on a really awesome ride and close to home. 🙂 Oh, and wear a fucking helmet. And yeah, f bomb necessary. My brain would have been donezo if I wasn’t wearing it, and I was going “slow” on a trail, so you KNOW I’m not taking the excuses you’re trying to dummy up in your brain.

So I really like the good bad and ugly exercise and the chance to vent, but I really want to change the ugly for me to the silver lining.

Like I said, I got quality time. ER trips are more fun with friends — my photographer friend broke his finger (not fun) so I took him. I was going to get checked out at my mom’s urging (can you see where this is all making sense now?) but after 4 hours in the waiting room and more to go, I gave up. Bedtime was 2am, but whatever.


I feel better today, by the way, so I think my head is okay! My mom woke me up a few times and there was nothing wrong – other than being sore, nothing to worry about, I don’t think. I have the advice of countless google searches (;) – kidding!) and some friends who know what they’re talking about. Andddddd I have an excuse to buy a new helmet. One silver lining! Amen. The thought of hurting my brain conjured up these images of the slides from my sports injuries class back in 2nd year. Sit in a dark room with no TV or computer or thinking. Hi, isolation. I realized how much worse that would be than a broken arm or not being able to bike or getting hurt. And then I felt a twinge of “holy shit, stop complaining about your hip, stop complaining about the cellulite on your thighs, stop worrying about whether you’re 130 or 150 or 170lbs and start appreciating the fact that you have a working body and that you can literally do whatever you want with your head”. If that’s not a silver lining, I don’t know what is!

Now that that’s out there, I’m letting it go. Like I said, I’m sore today so I’m going to keep my teaching to just a bootcamp (come on out if you’re in London) and I’m lucky enough to have someone covering my spin class. Too intense, I think, and I’m appreciative that I can take the day off. I’m going to run my errands today — since I leave tomorrow, I need to get things checked off. Any exercise I do is going to be light and I’m good with that. I’ve got tons of biking ahead. 🙂

First on my agenda: breakfast, obviously. Caffeine: check. Next up: as many to dos as possible to fill the day til it’s time to kick butts in the park.


One last time: wear a helmet. Be grateful. It could always be worse — I got a big ol’ reminder of that!

Have you ever had a fall on your bike? I fell a few summers ago. 1/3 years is not a bad ratio and I’ve not been seriously hurt so I’ll take it!
What did you do this weekend?
When’s the last time you went to emerg?

Sunday start

Happy Sunday!

I am up pretty early considering there were in fact patio beers last night and my friend and I had a good old fashioned sleepover complete with snacks (pretzels for me!) and a movie. We watched “Stick It” to the wee hours of the morning but somehow I sprung out of bed today.


do you love stick it? or do you love stick it?

Realization: I eat really weird things. Bananas at dinner time, alfalfa sprouts at breakfast. Whatever–it makes me happy!


Anyways, after pouring my heart out yesterday, you’d think I’d be out of stuff to say, huh? Nah. If you missed my post yesterday, I seriously want you to do the homework I suggested. And yes, I just plugged my own blog. Whatever. Read it and then rag on me for promoting it, but only after you do the work ;)!

Today is looking like a good day. I’m meeting up with some friends for a bike ride later this afternoon here in London. I often drive home to go for bike rides, but I am sick of driving and with my 10 hour car ride Wednesday morning, I think sticking around for a day is a good idea. 🙂 And biking with people here and getting used to living in London is a good thing since I’m thinking I’m going to be here for at least a bit

Speaking of my trip, I’m trying to get my life organized and planned out a bit before I head. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I”m excited for my trip but at the same time there is so much awesome happening at home right now that it’s bittersweet to leave! 10 days is a long time, but I’m going to have a great time biking up and down the hills (mountains?) in Virginia, reading my butt off, hopefully sleeping, doing some solo yoga, and sleeping. Big goals, huh? We are staying at a resort so I believe there’s hiking, tennis, and that sort of thing — I’m sure it’s going to be a blast. I have heard the wireless is a bit spotty, so I think I’m going to need a US data plan to stay connected. We’ll see…sometimes the thought of just getting away and not being constantly linked in is a breath of fresh air, no?

Speaking of that, I feel like the last week or two has just been all about fresh air, so to speak. I’m not sure if it’s because summer school is done, because something in me has shifted, or because of all the fun times I’ve been having outside being active, seeing people, etc., but I feel better than I have in a long time. I still can’t give a definitive answer about what I’m doing in the fall, but I know it’s going to be good and right and perfect. There really aren’t mistakes and the nice thing is if I don’t like where I am, I know I can change it. I know I could be at Columbia. I know I could be living anywhere and doing any job. But just because I could doesn’t mean I have to or that I should! It’s empowering to choose to be open to new things, to leave that space for those new things, and to risk being in limbo for a bit instead of just jumping into the next thing. Yes, life is short, but it’s not that short! My anxiety level is going down about all of this and I’m thinking my trip away will help me sort out some of this thinking…amen to that! 😀

Of course I have applicable cheese:

Andddd break!

Have an awesome Sunday. 🙂

More fun with friends

Today’s bootcamp was another small and mighty one. I had two eager ladies out for a morning session. I’m telling you folks, working out while most of the world is still sleeping feels oh so good! I was up at 5 so I had myself a full breakfast and did some random reading and tweeting and started my day at a leisurely pace before heading to the park.

oats, almond butter, greek yogurt, banana = perfection

Animal Farm or makeshift gym? You decide…

Since I knew my participants and since they’re friends (i.e. wouldn’t complain if I made them hold hands or work together during the workout), I used the small group as an opportunity to try out some partner moves! I think they did the trick, although I was hoping to get through three rounds of the circuit. That just means the next time this kind of workout comes up, the better the challenge will be!

Warmup: cones –> jogging, side shuffle, criss cross, high knees/butt kicks, lunge/jog, skip/toe touches


a) Circuit: 1 minute each

1. partner squats (face each other and hold hands, lean back so weight is in your heels, squat low and trust your partner!)

2. side shuffle with a ball pass at chest level (throwback to your basketball camp days)

3. circle lunges (forward R, side R, reverse R, reverse L, side L, forward L)

4. jumping jacks

5. pushup with a high five (face your partner and give high fives with opposite hands after completing each pushup)

6. burpee/mountain climber combos (5 mountain climbers/1 burpee)

7. sit ups with a ball pass (sit with your feet facing each other, take the ball overhead and pass in the middle)

8. plank up downs

REST 1 minute before repeating

b) Core:  Marathon abs (20 reps each)

1. crunches with legs extended to the sky (push out through heels, crunch straight up)

2. oblique cruches (reaching for shoelaces like you’re climbing a ladder)

3. leg raises

4. bicycle kicks

5. situps or crunches


Oh sweaty! I didn’t do the workout with them but I still felt accomplished just starting the day in an active way. When I got back to London, I grabbed coffee (this is where all my money seems to go), ran to the store for a few things, came home, and got busy in the kitchen (prepping the leafy greens I bought, cooking up lunch, and baking up a recipe I’ll share later–but am sharing with my massage therapist NOW). I’m off for my long awaited massage.

kale, avocado, apricots, and salmon

Life is good.

Have you ever done a partner workout?
What’s your favourite partner move?
Do you like morning workouts?  

Unexpected epiphanies

Wowzer. I didn’t have any intention of this being a post about realizations or anything bigger than a bike ride this afternoon (45km ish with a friend :)!), cleaning, and what I ate today. Funny how blogging can spark insight…enjoy:

I think I blogged before that I’m feeling a bit stuck in my routine of eating the same things over and over again.

Kashi berry crisp, all bran buds, and grapes with yogurt!

My breakfast bowl was a little different, which is a start.

I spent the morning working on making my apartment presentable (it’s not disorganized mess — I have lots of things to go to my mom’s place for the winter like my boots/coats/etc.). I closed my closets for the first time in 2012! Yahoo. I also made it to the bank, which has been on my to do list for a while. Check! Then I stopped at Bulk Barn.

Things got out of hand…and there are treat bags that I can’t help but reveal.


gluten, dairy, soy, almond/peanut free for Angela (it's my version of chicken noodle soup since she's sick :(!): think dried fruit (bananas, papaya, pineapple, and mango), dates, and skittles


My road trip dream: yogurt covered pretzels, pretzels, chocolate covered almonds, mixed nuts, papaya, banana chips, and chocolate rosebuds


Everything I think my mom will like! 🙂

You’d be surprised to know I went on this bulk barn blitz AFTER lunch (another turkey sandwich with cheese, sprouts, mayo, and an apple — back to boring). I couldn’t finish my lunch, though, which brings me to a weird realization I had (that probably led me to feel “brave” enough to buy MYSELF a treat bag!). Get ready for this.

  • In the past, I have ALWAYS finished my plate. I cannot remember the last time I left anything on it. I sometimes think I’m just really good at knowing how much food I want, but I think it’s a remnant of dieting days where I would literally need everything on my plate (I also wouldn’t share food then, because every bite meant so much to me) or of my recovery days where I think I cleaned a heftier plate to prove I was recovering. — NEWS FLASH: You don’t have an ED if you decide not to finish something. You also should feel fine to finish things and to go back for more. The goal is to feel satisfied–not stuffed! 
  • This epiphany made me realize that I really can leave behind old habits.
  • In the past, I also would go out and buy road trip snacks for the people I was travelling with, trying to buy things I “don’t like” anyways. Often, I’d end up eating them with my friends/family and I wouldn’t even be having what I wanted, PLUS I’d be serving up a hefty dose of guilt in the process (it’s hard to ENJOY something as a TREAT when you hear a voice telling you that you shouldn’t be eating it). — NEWS FLASH: We all deserve treats. If we allow ourselves to eat food and to enjoy it without telling ourselves we shouldn’t, they will be more satisfying and will serve their purpose as a treat–not as a reason to beat ourselves up, not as something emotional, etc. 

All this thinking made me realize: I can go away this week and I can worry about what I’m eating. Or I can truly try to channel that healthy girl I know I am and find the voice that empowers me to eat in a way that is normal, balanced, and healthy and that doesn’t use food as a distraction, a means to beat myself up, etc. I can change. Evidenced by the empowerment I felt by just deciding that I was full and didn’t need the entire plate at lunch or by the simple act of making myself an uber appealing treat bag, I can change. I can be the healthy girl I want to be. I am her! My goal for the week is to eat things in moderation. Candy on a daily basis, most likely. American junk food that I wouldn’t let myself ENJOY in the past (though I’d end up eating lots of it in bingeing fashion). Things like white bread and white potatoes (which the blogging world has a tendency to label “bad” but really are not the devil) and butter, full fat cheese, and whatever else comes up along the way. I’m not going on a junk food eating bender here. When I allow myself that flexibility and see myself succeeding and eating as a balanced person would, I feel so powerful. I know in my heart that I will crave vegetables and fruit and nutritious foods and that I will eat them–so no worries that I’m going to die from a nutritionally related disease next week, kiddos! The thing that I think people often forget that I’m trying to remind myself: I eat to live. The food I put in my body is fuel. If food is holding you back, could you just let go? What would happen if it didn’t have power? Might you not weigh what you’re supposed to (more, less, the same) without stressing about it? Might you not have more time and energy to spend working on things that matter and to seek out experiences? Because really, what are we here for if it’s not to live?

And I apologize for getting all philosophical, deep, recovery-like on you there, but I hope that made sense. I also hope I can take it and apply it.

So for dinner tonight, when I was seriously craving peanut butter and cereal, I went with it. And along the same vein as I realized above, feeling guilty about not eating veggies won’t serve me. Feeling bad about eating a lot of cereal in a day also won’t. Recognizing that at the end of the day, I fuelled myself and didn’t binge, didn’t use food as an excuse, didn’t let it rule my life: that’s healthy! So probably is my fibre intake…

Anywho, it’s time for me to finish packing and then to go get my zen on. I’m really excited for this trip…

Bring on the Tasty Cakes.

Bring on the family bonding (I miss my Grandma and uncle, I can’t remember the last time my mom and I took a road trip).

Bring on the pretty drive.

Bring on the time to read.

Bring on the time to sleep.

Bring on the bike rides in the hills.

Bring on the happy!

Have you had any of these realizations before?
What would be in your treat bag?
Have you had tasty cakes (I think I need a supplier)? 

14 hours fly by

…when you’re uber busy and having fun!

Yesterday started with a good ol’ sweat session at the gym, including some riding on the spin bike on my own and a class with Sarah, one of my fav. people/instructors whose class I haven’t been to in what feels like ages!

Riding inside with 20 other people really didn’t compare to Thursday’s ride, which I got to take with Mel. Who lights up my life. Seriously. I was NOT loving life at first, but then the sun was shining and Mel was smiling and I would classify our ride as the best and most rejuvenating hour of my week. JUST what I needed.

Actually, it started with breakfast (All Bran, Kashi, banana, yogurt, honey, walnuts, deliciousness).

After my spin I immediately wanted to eat everyone in the gym.

I settled on a Kashi bar instead.

After my shower, fuelling up my gas tank (holy schnikes gas is getting expensive!), and grabbing a starbucks for the road (obviously), I headed for Sarnia!

My sister, my mother and I put our turkey in the oven and headed over the bridge for a shopping adventure.

I was snarfing my peanut butter/carrot combo while we drove over the bridge. There was miraculously no delay at the border on a holiday weekend, so luckily stuffing carrots down my face on Easter weekend seems okay.


When the customs officer who asked who was the best shopper, all eyes pointed to me, and I lived up to it. I got a couple of shirts from TJ Maxx, a new pair of running shoes (now that I’m running again!), and a buttload of cereal. JK. But I did get a box (or three) and some Clif Bars in flavours you can’t find back in the motherland. Part of it informed an afternoon snack.


I also found a dress for Thursdays’ Gazette/tri club festivities! 15 dollars at JC Penney. I figured what the heck.


Now I need black heels, because I found these ones first and didn’t buy them.

Also on the didn’t buy but really wanted to list: new jeans. It seems silly to buy ANOTHER pair right now, when I hardly wear them and when summer is coming! I’m putting these on my Christmas list. 🙂 Or the maybe I’ll buy these when I get my next paycheque list…

Our turkey was waiting for us when we got home. Even though I sampled the green bean casserole, had a bit of stuffing, and a few sweet potatoes, my plate was less of the traditional and more of what I was craving–a turkey schmamwich, cranberry sauce, and a big ol’ salad.


When I got back to London last night, after checking out my sister’s wedding photos (so pretty!) it was almost 11. I put on Cinderella Story but only made it to the best scene…

And I had sweet dreams of Chad Michael Murray.

Long day. But lovely!

How did you spend your Saturday?
What’s your favourite cheesy movie scene?
What’s your favourite part of a turkey (or ham/holiday) dinner?

(relatively) wordless recap/wiaw

It’s essay time but I thought I’d do a quick post so I have less things on my list of “what I’d rather be doing”…

So here ya go:


yogurt, all bran buds, honey, banana, and walnuts


kale chips, tempeh sandwich (with light mayo and sprouts on ezekiel bread)


coffee -- lucked out that they ran out of soy so i got to crack open a mini almond milk! YUM


messy but delish


hummed and ha ed but decided to have nut butter twice (in decent amounts) today--a la Nancy Clark suggesting if you eat foods that "have power" over you enough, they lose that own that decision, and to NOT have peanut butter fingers after this meal. and I did it. HA! empowering.


one, not all


decaf coffee = essay fuel

And what all that food went to fuel today:

Plus a massage. Oh my hips love my RMT. And so does my soul, cuz she’s one of the coolest people I can think of.

That’s all…

How was your Wednesday?
What’s the tastiest thing you ate today? (squash)
Did you work out today?