Back at it.

I’ve missed blogging. A lot. And without it, I feel a bit…scattered.

So hi…

Today is off to a great start. After an admittedly all over the place, somewhat emotional weekend, I’m glad to have a busy week with my new job and my crossfit cert at the end of it to just ooze awesome today. Add to it that it’s a crisp fall day and I’m getting back to my happy level again.


This morning I rolled out of bed after seriously considering crawling back under the covers (I had a hard time getting to sleep last night) and headed to Crossfit for a 7am class. We started with mobility (surprise surprise ;)!) and then did some squats and presses. I’m impatient so working on my ankle mobility, which is not something that will change overnight, is an exercise in patience. I used 95lbs for our three sets of five today but made sure I got full depth with the plates under my heels. The only way to get to where you wanna be is to start where you are…or something like that! We also did overhead presses (I used 55lbs for three sets of five) and a 7 minute WOD that was AMRAP of 5 pullups (ring rows for me), 10 pushups, and 15 air squats.


This morning I officially started back at lululemon! And this morning was awesome. I had a short 3 hour shift where I signed my contract, reviewed some important stuff, and hung out/flexed my working skills for a bit. To be honest I didn’t really want to come home—and it’s not just because there was laundry here waiting for me—since the people (old faces, new faces) are so positive.

Today there was a lot of talk about goals. Did I mention I love working at lulu? I’m hoping to print my recently updated goals out – there’s a lot more emphasis on personal goals and a broader range of fitness/health goals this time around – later this week. One thing that I do have to admit is that when I hear other people talk about their goals, I kind of want to copy them. You cna look at this two ways — one, it’s inspiring vs. two, it’s insecurity (they’re doing it, I should do it too). While it’s awesome to let people rub off on you, if someone wants to run a marathon and you want to find a balance between yoga, crossfit, teaching spin and bootcamp, trail running, and doing exercise that feels good to you, adding a marathon training plan to your agenda is probably one of those things you’re doing for the wrong reasons…if I sign up for a marathon, puh-leeeeeze schmack me!

All that inspiration translated into me adding even more words to my vision board. I think it’s done, but I thought that the other day. If you haven’t made a vision board, do yourself a favour and make one. Then set some goals. Give yourself a vision to aim for, notice the kinds of images you pull out, and don’t be scared to be ambitious. Play some inspirational music in the background and light some candles while you’re at it…



This morning’s breakfast was consumed at lightning speed in between Crossfit and lululemon. I wasn’t that hungry—which stressed me out since I feel like I overate all weekend long—but I could feel the hangry approaching so I suffered 😉 through my bacon, eggs, and kale. Toss in some caffeine and I’m set.



After my shift, I was craving something warm. I decided on a piece of chicken, some kale (which I neglected and put back in the fridge afterwards), and a sweet potato with cashew butter and coconut. Om nom nom.


Now here I am ready to read some more of my crossfit manual (my cert is in four days which is ridiculous). I just watched a video that inspired me:

I took some notes yesterday when I was reading over the manual and the one thing I can’t get over is how much freaking sense the whole thing makes. I do have some questions—luckily there are plenty of knowledgeable people around to ask—and the one thing I have to look out for is questioning what I’m doing right now just because I’m reading things. The though that maybe I should plan my own workouts came to me…but for now I’m going to commit to easing into this with group workouts at Crossfit plus my own teaching schedule and the occasional trail run or swim here and there. Trusting that I’m not going to get out of shape or lose my fitness takes some reminders every once in a while but the best thing for me is to remind myself that when it comes to workouts, I should actually want to do them. Just ‘cuz I have an afternoon off doesn’t mean I should run, but if I want to, I can. Etc. etc.


The other thing I’ve noticed is myself wanting to passive aggressively cut and paste parts of the training manual to certain people in my life (or in facebook status with the hopes that they’ll see it)…

“Curls, lateral raises, leg extensions, leg curls, flyes, and other body building movements have no place in a serious strength and conditioning program…A distinctive feature of these relatively worthless movements is that they have no functional analog in every day life…” 

The reminder here is that their business is their business and if that business is bicep curls, I shouldn’t read their blog anyways.


I’m ending this with a quote that came to my inbox today just in time to comfort me…

“When we feel stuck, going nowhere — even starting to slip backward — we may actually be backing up to get a running start.” — Dan Millman

Happy Monday!

Do you find yourself copying other people’s goals out of “should”? How do you stop yourself?
What are you looking forward to this week?



So do something about it

“Peak performance begins with your taking complete responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you.”
– Brian Tracy

After last night’s post, how perfect is that quote?

I started my day with a different breakfast for a change.


If I know that I could do without dairy, why do I fall back on yogurt every darn day? Today I whipped up a Carrots N Cake inspired breakfast. 2 eggs and a banana, topped with some almond butter. Good thing I’m using common sense in response to all that egg yolk “controversy” last week — and they were whole delicious awesome and dare I say it — healthy — eggs. 🙂

After breakfast, I waited around for my family to get up for a while before I decided to get out and enjoy the day, which turned out to be beautiful. I laced up my running shoes and was going to run and then play on the monkey bars down the street but after about 10 minutes, I was absolutely done with running. Things still feel tired/sore from the weekend (is that pathetic?) and to be honest I just wasn’t into it. So I switched it up…

And it was 50 minutes total of awesome sweaty fun. 🙂

I think I may also have been influenced by an article I read last night. You can read the articles online if you google Dan John and there’s a list of them here so educate yourself. I can’t remember his words but it was essentially just making the point that if you want to get better at something, you have to do it…fancy that! 

There’s a general theme here (back to that quote) about taking ownership and responsibility…and I had a good (facebook) conversation with Dr. Kreso about the same concept. It’s good to think…

It’s also good to shop!

After a quick lunch (chicken sausage with some coleslaw and an apple) and the first of three reese’s spread over the day (quite different treats than yesterday), my mom and I went to the mall.


I came home with jeans — the same pair I’ve bought a bunch of times before in a bunch of sizes (this is not a touchy subject–I went up a size again so this is my 4th pair of the same ones but they fit like a glove and I like my cycling, squatting legs and feeling good in my clothes)–a pair of clogs (bring on fall), a new nose ring (I lost mine on the weekend), and a shit ton of pumpkin scented soap. I have an addiction to socks AND soap, apparently…


I managed to avoid buying all this rustic stuff I wanted (the whole store, basically) but my mom promised me a house-warming gift once I find myself a new (hippie) apartment this fall!


I had some nuts for an afternoon snack before we came back to my Grandmas. Om nom nom.


This evening, I helped with the yardwork (confession: I have never cut a lawn before but I loved it–I felt so productive!) and tag teamed dinner with my mom. We made a roast with veggies and potatoes, to which I added a big ol’ dose of kale. Perfection!

Now it’s time for some more family time and then sleep! I promised my grandma I’d bake her a cake, I have some stuff I keep putting off and need to get to tomorrow, and we’re hoping to round out our shopping…ambitious! I’m also planning on taking my TRX for workout at the nearest tree I can find (if I’m not too sore from today!).

Compared to yesterday, I feel re-energized. Back on track. All that good stuff from realizing that if you want to change, you can. You just have to be there…

Which reminds me of this…

Happy Wednesday!

All around awesome



Tonight was all around great.

After my chiropractic appointment, I had some dinner and then made my way to the park for bootcamp.

Salmon, kale, apricots!

Four sweaty girls came out and they got their money’s worth.

Warmup: mixture of jogging, lunging, shuffling, sprinting, etc. 

Workout: as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes: 10 sprints/runs between cones, 10 squats, 10 push-ups, 10 burpees, 10 sit-ups

core challenge: extended plank, up/downs, forearm plank, R plank, forearm plank, L plank, forearm plank, up/downs, extended plank (40 on/20 off for each)


I’m sure they loved me as much as I loved them ;)! One superstar who used to come to my bootcamps at campus rec sighed and said “It feels so good when you’re done!” and then, “But I thought I was going to die during.” …sounds like my work is done! 🙂 My goal is to kick their butts but to make it something they can do. I want them to feel tired after but also that high from working out, not demolished. 🙂

After bootcamp, I got my own sweaty on.

Pretty freaking cool, huh?

Not cool: I totally forgot to snap a picture of my yogurt mess which was tip top delicious last night. Coconut, almonds, and some chopped up chocolate thrown into a bowl of greek/vanilla yogurt = holy schmokes happy belly!

Tomorrow there’s another bootcamp on tap and then I’m hoping to get started on my trip prep and to pound out a draft of my article for Bankrate. The awesome thing is that when I was interviewing one of my sources, he ended up being a cyclist. Since this was for my financial writing, I really didn’t expect to have the conversation I did. When we got to talking, he gave me about 10 ideas for other stories to pitch. Amen for people who just want to see others succeed. And yay for being inspired to pitch some story ideas and to get back on a regular writing/freelancing train!

Before I go to bed, I’m going to sort out my bootcamp plans for the morning and organize those story ideas and then dive into my journal, I think! What a perfect ending to a great day…

How do you like to end your days?
Have you ever had a similar experience to mine after an adjustment?  I’m so excited!

A treat

Oh baby you’re getting posts left right and centre from me–what a treat!

I must have been looking for that treat for myself — and I found it…I’ve two trips to Kiwi Kraze this week already, but more on that later! The real treat is actually how much fun I’m having running around and doing all this fitness and blogging. Hi, what I want to do for the rest of my life… ;)!

Luckily, I ran around enough that my hollow leg must have been justified yesterday. After a sweaty spin class — I have a new playlist I’m just itching to share — I had a quick shower and dinner break before making my bootcamp debut in London.


I’m on a kale kick — this time with avocado and sausage and sun dried tomatoes! Quick and delish!

Just let me say, I had an awesome and really good looking group of girls. It’s so cool when I see like minded healthy people coming together. And it’s really cool when I get to kick their butts–or at least give it my best shot.

Last night’s workout went like this:

Warmup – cones (it’s standard and fun and works!)

Muscle conditioning – favouring this in lieu of much cardio with the heat!

10 to 1 squats and pushups

plank / plank up down / high plank / plank up down / plank

superman series

(we repeated this and we took the second countdown with partners and switched up the plank series to have mountain climbers instead of the up/downs)

marathon abs: 2 rounds of 20-25 raised leg crunches, raised leg oblique crunches, leg raises, and sit-ups


It was a sweaty, buggy, and I think awesome workout, but only time and the extent of how sore these gals are when they giggle or walk around will tell the truth! I’m anxious to hear, though!

One of my boot campers was a star who I was so glad to have with me. Breanna and I met a while back at the campus gym in one of my spin classes. She was one of my all star morning spinners who always gave it her all. I had no idea she had a blog until last year and since then I’ve been glad to be a friend of hers — she’s definitely got an awesome thing going over at Bee Goes Bananas! 


When I admitted I was heading for froyo post-class, she even hooked me up with a 2 for 1 coupon. Did I mention I love her? We had a good chat about blogging, life, and all that good stuff. And I remembered something: I need to spend more time with this gal! ❤

I split the coupon with my friend and fellow fitness instructor Angela. This is a cool gal and she confirmed that with her rockstar haircut and kind kind words on our drive home. 🙂


And FYI, I think I just abused the coupon got the heaviest froyo ever. It must have been all the fruit — cuz I never put fruit on!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — if froyo is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

That seems like a pretty good bedtime thought, doesn’t it? If not, knowing that my alarm is set for the crack of dawn to do this all over again should do the trick. Look out bed, here comes my face.

How often do you go for dessert/froyo/ice cream?
How come you didn’t come to bootcamp tonight?
Do you have many blogger friends in your city? 

More fun with friends

Today’s bootcamp was another small and mighty one. I had two eager ladies out for a morning session. I’m telling you folks, working out while most of the world is still sleeping feels oh so good! I was up at 5 so I had myself a full breakfast and did some random reading and tweeting and started my day at a leisurely pace before heading to the park.

oats, almond butter, greek yogurt, banana = perfection

Animal Farm or makeshift gym? You decide…

Since I knew my participants and since they’re friends (i.e. wouldn’t complain if I made them hold hands or work together during the workout), I used the small group as an opportunity to try out some partner moves! I think they did the trick, although I was hoping to get through three rounds of the circuit. That just means the next time this kind of workout comes up, the better the challenge will be!

Warmup: cones –> jogging, side shuffle, criss cross, high knees/butt kicks, lunge/jog, skip/toe touches


a) Circuit: 1 minute each

1. partner squats (face each other and hold hands, lean back so weight is in your heels, squat low and trust your partner!)

2. side shuffle with a ball pass at chest level (throwback to your basketball camp days)

3. circle lunges (forward R, side R, reverse R, reverse L, side L, forward L)

4. jumping jacks

5. pushup with a high five (face your partner and give high fives with opposite hands after completing each pushup)

6. burpee/mountain climber combos (5 mountain climbers/1 burpee)

7. sit ups with a ball pass (sit with your feet facing each other, take the ball overhead and pass in the middle)

8. plank up downs

REST 1 minute before repeating

b) Core:  Marathon abs (20 reps each)

1. crunches with legs extended to the sky (push out through heels, crunch straight up)

2. oblique cruches (reaching for shoelaces like you’re climbing a ladder)

3. leg raises

4. bicycle kicks

5. situps or crunches


Oh sweaty! I didn’t do the workout with them but I still felt accomplished just starting the day in an active way. When I got back to London, I grabbed coffee (this is where all my money seems to go), ran to the store for a few things, came home, and got busy in the kitchen (prepping the leafy greens I bought, cooking up lunch, and baking up a recipe I’ll share later–but am sharing with my massage therapist NOW). I’m off for my long awaited massage.

kale, avocado, apricots, and salmon

Life is good.

Have you ever done a partner workout?
What’s your favourite partner move?
Do you like morning workouts?  

Gimme a break

I don’t need a break any more…I need to get down to work, but I’m clearly prioritizing and getting you guys caught up before I get down to busy.

Yesterday after class I went to a meeting with my TA about this big term paper I am writing for next week. I felt MUCH better after. I have an idea of where I’m going with it, at least, and am actually a bit excited to write it! I know if I give up the perfectionism I’m so prone to and just get started, I’ll have a draft soon enough. I’ve got lots of background information, tons of ideas, an episode (the season 13 premiere) of The Biggest Loser and I’ve been paying attention (sorta) to my sociology prof…so analysis, let’s go! It’s kind of cool   nerdy when you actually want to write an essay, don’t you think?

I went to yoga yesterday afternoon. It was WEIRD, but WEIRD can be good. Not your typical power class, not that challenging in a physical sense, but for me the class was a step outside of my comfort zone, and Sabre got through to me with her anecdotes/ideas again. She was talking about challenging yourself, about how people often look around to see what a pose will look like instead of just doing it (to see if they think they’ll be able to), and I distinctly remember her saying something like

“In your life, see where you find challenge. And try to think about that challenge as an opportunity. And then go after it.” 

I told you Sabre’s the best!

After yoga I went in my stinky-ness to Joe Fresh at the far far superstore. And I got a migraine while I was there. Which means there was no way in heck I was driving home, so I took a cab and paid the 30 dollars to get back to my apartment. I slept for a while, woke up, cooked myself dinner…”Fish and Chips” (salmon with sweet potato and kale chips — topped with cranberries and maple syrup), worked on my project, ate an apple (exciting), and slept again.


As you know, migraines frustrate me but they’re definitely a sign that I was too stressed. Usually when I start to relax, they hit me. That means I need to destress on a regular basis…easier said than done!

This morning I woke up and had a normal breakfast even though I felt so out of it from the medicine and the migraine and the weird sleep (I read about migraine hangovers for the first time today and I definitely think I have one). Then I went to get my car and to the pool. I was starving so I had a Kashi bar — haven’t had that many lately, and it was either stale or just crunchier than I’d remembered and not my fav — and then swam about 2500m! I was glad Angela drove me to get my car and even gladder she wanted to swim so I had some external motivation to get to the pool (no tri club friends or cute boys forcing me there ;)!).


After coming home and having leftovers in a salad for lunch (soooo good!), I made up my mind to go to the shower! I made the drive and saw friends I haven’t seen in a long time. This was my first baby shower. So many “aweeees” 🙂 and Lori is ADORABLE all the time, but as a pregnant woman she is even cuter, if that’s possible! I miss my Sarnia friends a lot and it was really nice to see some of them, even if it was (too) short but sweet! There were cute baby shower games and tons of food.



snacks of some hershey kisses (I should have known better than to eat lunch BEFORE an Italian baby shower!) 🙂


After the shower, Tanya and I spent a few hours at Starbucks (same study spot, different city), chatting  and “doing work”. I probably could have gotten more done on my essay, but at least it’s in progress and I really miss my friends, so the quality time was worth it! I saw some other familiar faces too, which is always a bonus. Besides my hair, there’s been  lots changes since I was home at Christmas (the last time I saw most of my friends).



When I came back, I threw together a quick dinner that I really can’t call a recipe but that is probably going to be a new fav 4 ingredient base for all kinds of delish: almond butter (all good recipes start this way!), quinoa, spinach, and chick peas. Don’t hate it, just try it. And report back.


Tomorrow is Around the Bay, and it’s been almost 12 weeks since I got hurt. I’m choosing to send all the good vibes in the world to the people running tomorrow and remembering that I am at least starting to feel better! Not to mention, think of all the insight that’s come out of this hip issue!?

My goal for the night is to do as much of the other things on my to do list besides my essay as possible. My goal for the week is to keep smiling, and to put things in perspective. I’m going to finish this essay and I’m not going to fail it. I’ll probably do better than I think. I often get incapacitated because I feel overwhelmed by big tasks or by a ton of little ones, but if I just do one thing at a time and remember that my best is all I can do (and that stressing = migraines = sucks), I might be better off!

Have an awesome night. 🙂

How are you spending your weekend?
What’s the best random bowl you’ve thrown together in a while?

Have you ever been to a baby shower? What’s your favourite game? (I liked guessing how big her belly was with ribbon–I was close!)

I should be sleeping

This whole springing forward an hour stuff is making going to bed early in anticipation of an early swim tomorrow hard. But what’s harder than that is not sharing how awesome my dinner was today!

Warning, things are about to get yummy!

First, a recap…Nina and I went grocery shopping and hung out a bit at Starbucks (the weather called for cold drinks–an iced passion tea (unsweetened) for me!).


But, without further ado…the best dinner I’ve thrown together in a while, and it’s vegan! It was inspired by a dish Nina made last week at Sunday Funday! And carb-y! And I used up lots of veggies that were ready to be eaten…

Clean Out the Kitchen Quinoa 

quinoa, rinsed
olive oil
onion, chopped
sweet potato, chopped
brussel sprouts, cleaned and split
kale, cleaned and deveined
dried cranberries
roasted almonds

Cook quinoa.
In the meantime, heat olive oil. Add onions, sweet potato, brussel sprouts*, and kale and cook til soft and slightly browned.

Combine quinoa and veggie mixture.
Top with cranberries and crushed almonds.

I used to make up the recipe and to get the nutrition info for a “serving” for my food log on fitday! I’m going to be eating the leftovers for a few days and I wanted to find a way to make up recipes with nutrition info for a while…resource found! You have to be a member (but I am) but it’s free to join so if you’ve wanted to analyze a recipe just for kicks, do it!

I also made granola bars today! They were based on the amazing ones that Jennifer made at the seminar yesterday—her Crispy, chewy chocolate peanut butter bars.

I took liberty with them and made my own and they came out a) just as crumbly (she said she didn’t add enough honey to hers) and b) really chocolatey. Not necessarily bad things, but when I plugged in the nutrition analysis I realized they were pretty fatty. I did cut down on the honey and kept the nut butter the same,  but I also left out most of the extra nuts too… I get why they might have been skewed and crumbly. This is a work in progress, but a kind of delicious topping for overnight oats I’m thinking…yumm! The nutrition facts kind of scared me, because they’re pretty caloric, but it’s at least healthy stuff. Compared to a store bought bar, they’re not that different AND I know what’s in them….so that makes me happy. I’m not sharing the recipe just yet (because I want to perfect them)!  — but they look good. For now, stick to Jen’s recipe anyways! I’m going to use them kamut flakes in the near future, though!

the finished bars 🙂

crumbly can be good!

Anywho, it’s time for me to find my pyjamas and set my alarm for 5am. This week is going to be a bit ridiculous, but I’ll try to keep on posting because to be honest, I’d go crazy if I couldn’t talk about my day somewhere and blogging lets me pretend that people give a poop whether or not I’ve perfected a granola bar recipe or not…

Are you up later than normal cuz of the time change?
Do you have a perfect bar recipe?

Are you a Spark People member?

Home (sorta)

Andddd, I’m in the motherland! And I’m cold…

The day went really fast and I can’t believe it’s almost bed time!

After a leisurely morning (which involved deconstructing my broken suitcase–Samsonite warranty my butt!), we headed to the airport.

I had a hankering for salty carbs: it was a toss up between pita chips, pretzels, or french fries. I usually “go with” my cravings if I’m actually hungry when they hit, so when I saw these bad boys I knew I was in luck.


I’d already had a substantial morning snack (greek yogurt, a banana, and some Love Grown granola) before I left. I also had some sad moments when we were leaving cuz as much as I love London and miss my friends, I really haven’t spent this much time with my family in years. I feel loved and lucky and I’m sad to see the week come to an end (not to mention I don’t wanna go back to school in two days!).


My plane ride involved coffee, an apple Lara bar, an apple, and a significant portion of the next book I’m loving: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. 


Yepp, I’m gonna be raving about this one. Kindaaaa made me wanna find a job where I could have a garden and basically be a farmer/housewife/writer (the author’s role, sort of) — or maybe someone who teaches home economics cuz there was a lot about how much people would benefit if they learned about food/agriculture…thoughts! And I got to a part that already got me thinking: an essay by the author’s daughter (who sounds strangely like me — university student who teaches yoga and is really interested in nutrition?) about vegetarianism and how people expect her to be one, but she’ll eat meat that she knows the history around…more food for thought!

I read The 100 Mile Diet a long time ago. I loved it. But I didn’t act on it much at all. I wrote articles about eating local for a writing class I had and then pitched an idea about eating local as an athlete to Canadian Cycling Magazine–it ended up being my first published article in the magazine.

…but do I shop at the market every week? Nope. Do I buy Canadian options when they’re there? Rarely, but I can say that tonight when I went to the store to grab something for dinner, I bought Ontario potatoes and apples to use. Usually for the potatoes, I’d go for the cheaper ones and for the apples, the bigger ones the better. So this was a step in the right direction!

I did have a moment where I almost ate whatever for dinner, so it’s an extra good thing I went and was able to tide myself over with a granola bar (I haven’t had a Kashi bar in weeks, so it was kind of a treat, but I wasn’t that full so I’m not sure how I used to use them as a snack on a regular basis) in the presence of all the crackers and candies at my mom’s apartment when I got home!


So heading to the grocery store to get REAL food was huge.

I had salmon, kale chips, and mashed potatoes (which I baked with the skins on in the microwave, added plain soy milk, garlic salt and a bit of olive oil to, and mashed by hand with the skins still on for fiber!). And I loved every bite. I also made a point of choosing what I think is at least a step in the right sustainable direction with the PC Blue Menu Salmon that is Marine Stewardship Council certified as sustainable.  No, it’s probably not perfect but you know what? This is a process for me, of leaning into more conscious/healthier eating. 🙂


I also picked up some quinoa flakes, which means I can try Leanne’s recipe for a breakfast bake ASAP!


Yeahhh I’m ready to be back in London. Tomorrow I’ll go to the clinic though, to at least see if they’ll give me an x ray or a referral for my hip. Fingers crossed!

For now, it’s bed time for me (I am a grandmother, yupp!).

Have you ever tried a breakfast bake?
Do you look for certain kinds of fish?
Have you read 100 Mile Diet? My article in CCM ;)? Animal, Vegetable, Miracle?