Happy halloweenie

This post has nadda to do with Halloween but I bet you giggled at “halloweenie” – no?

Maybe this will get you giggling then…

If that fails, this one compliments of my sister might do the trick…


Other than those photos and a few pumpkin treats, there wasn’t much about my day that suggests it was Halloween. I’m not too upset…

I started my day sweaty, not spooky, with a session at crossfit. Deadlifting day is my fav and today was no exception! My 5RM is up to 215 and I managed to eke out 4 consecutive pull ups again today. That in itself would make for an accomplished morning but we also did rope climbs (love!) and the conditioning was 50 burpees for time or 3 minutes of awesome suck (3:06 to be particular)!

I popped into GFC to get checked and then was ready for a busy day. I also fuelled up with a banana and some raw almonds while I ran a few errands this morning.


Does anyone else think raw almond suck? I’d much rather have them roasted. And roasted in a nut butter would be best…but in terms of overeating I’m sure it looks like this in terms of worst offenders: peanut butter (roasted, salted, sugary, hydrogenated, etc.) = all holds gone > roasted natural nut butter > roasted nuts > raw natural nut butter > raw nuts. Hmmm…

I think I’ve gone through a half a jar of almond butter this week and you’ll see why if I fill you in on my meals for the day:

  • breakfast: eggs (with coconut milk), almond butter, apple, dried cherries



  • lunch: pork with kale, squash and raisins and cinnamon


  • snacks: 2 almond flour muffins (one with chocolate, one with raisins) + a pumpkin cookie I didn’t snap a photo of (but my bootcampers and my fellow CrossFitters approved of my second go at my paleo pumpkin cookie recipe)


  • dinner: pork chop and almond butter, straight out of the jar



At least I know what I could have done better: less nuts, more veggies.

I spent the afternoon on campus talking to some of my former writing professors about journalism, grad school, and all that kind of jazz. It feels good to be moving forward with my applications–I’ve got a lot of work to do but I’ve done it before and I am excited to write them again! It also felt good to be on campus, even I dare say it to be in the library working on my next freelance article about the paleo diet and cycling. It’s due in a week so I’ve got to get an outline and a draft together soon–it’s not like I’ve got a whole lot of free time to work on it!


I did some work but I definitely could have been productive. I got sucked into the Whole 9 website again and was reading all kinds of entries on it when I “shoulda” been working. Whatevs. Now I can share with you the link that got me sucked into the website…it was the blog “Lies We Tell Ourselves” and sheesh it was awesome. I clicked over to the posts about being addicted to stress, which really rocked my socks. I like that they include actionable things in their posts and that they’re personal about their writing. I like that The Whole 9 takes a big ol’ simple approach to things: either something makes you healthier or it doesn’t. Remember my realization that there’s no sideways/standing still in life? Same thing! What they talk about is a lot like Eat by Design and is probably the most user friendly stuff I’ve found in my reading. I have “It Starts With Food” and of all the “paleo-ish” books I’ve picked up, it might be my favourite recommendation for someone thinking about experimenting with their diet.

Anyways, now that I’ve rambled a bit…back to my day! I called it quits on campus mid-afternoon and came home to clean my apartment a bit. I was greeted by my level 1 certificate from CrossFit! I already knew that I’d passed but to have the certificate in the flesh feels pretty legit. 🙂


This evening I made it to a Moksha Flow class across town by the gym where I teach bootcamp. It was a sweaty hot class (I’m aware this is obvious) and we did lots of hip openers in what felt like an “easier” flow class. I really can’t complain–I probably needed more of a yin class than anything today since I’m pretty sore! The time was perfect though and the owner of the studio was teaching (always a treat!) so this class could become a regular thing for me. I had just enough time to shower and to eat a nanner before I headed across the street (literally) to teach bootcamp. I put my recruits through a tabata workout today (squats, pushups, lateral jumping, running, step-ups or box jumps, and planks). They didn’t like me but I had the pumpkin cookies to win them back over once we had stretched and cooled down!

And now here I am…ready for bed. For a day off, today sure was busy! Tomorrow I’ve got plans to get writing, a bootcamp to teach, some shopping plans with a few lovely lady friends, and a workout in the mix. If I’m feeling too much writer’s block a yoga class in the evening (yin, maybe!) could be just what I need. 🙂

Have a happy halloween!

What’s your favourite kind of nut butter?
Did you do anything to celebrate Halloween?

Walk the walk

Ya know all that good stuff about talking the talk and backing it up by walking the walk?

Let me tell you, it’s delicious.

After last night’s big realization, I made good on my plans to live and love life last night. Rachel and I chit chatted and then met up with some girls I miss far too much for fro yo! It had been a few hours since dinner so I had a hefty, awesome cup of chocolate/amaretto mix with chia seeds, granola, coconut, and a cherry on top. I think I have this fro yo thing down to an art…


And it was so good to catch up with everyone. 🙂 Fro yo or not, say yes to people when they ask you to hang out. Just go for the experience…when’s the last time you regretted hanging out with a friend?

When I got home I dove into bed and into the book I mentioned in my post — Do I Look Fat in This? Life Doesn’t Begin Five Pounds From Now and as I thought, it was just what I was searching for in my epiphany. There’s a whole chapter called “But I’m Just Trying to Be Healthy” and some stuff sticks out to me worth sharing…

  • “…to talk about health is to talk about more than just weight charts and fat counts. It is to talk about wholeness, wellness, and a sense of complete balance mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”
  • “Have you been dieting for well over half your life? Has the fact that you haven’t been able to reach the size you desire masked any of the other accomplishments you have achieved in your life?…I wonder how many other areas of your life are not being honoured because you are so restrictive.”
  • “It’s time for the woman you are now to confront your inner dieting child and find out if this is a pattern you wish to continue. Being healthy is about having a well-rounded life. Moving your body, eating balanced meals, and working on your emotional and spiritual health. If you spend all your time focused on food and your size, you may be missing the fullness of your life that is available to you now, not five pounds from now.”
Amen to that!
There’s a lot of talk in the book about walking the walk and that is what I need — reassurance that I can do it and the reminder that actually living it is the important thing! I also came across a post on Body Love Alchemy about the need to use your A-ha moments to change how you live. So that’s what I’m doing…
This morning I woke up pretty early, fixed myself a bowl of cereal, and decided to get on with my day.




I spent the morning doing what I want to — blog, send emails, getting things ordered and some plans set to get excited about for the next couple weeks (things suddenly look more colourful), and drinking coffee of course.


And this afternoon I am going to run with Ellen and then head on my road trip to see Lisa! I am beyond excited and proud of myself for going there just on a whim, eating dinner out, and not worrying about getting home late/when I’ll work out this weekend, etc. It’s time to fake it til I make it, and I’m doing it.

At the end of the day, if all I did was check my workouts off my to do list, eat my fruits and veggies, and that’s it, that’s fine. What’s not fine is if trying to do those things interferes with me living and interacting and doing fun stuff. Because isn’t being healthy supposed to make life more enjoyable? So when did it turn into something that we prioritize at the expense of other fun things? Yes workouts are important. Eating healthy is good for you. Schoolwork and work are important. But so is having fun and making time for friends, eating junk food, and being able to sleep in every once in a while.

I feel a whole bunch of these rambling posts coming on…and a whole lot of fun straight ahead for me!

Theme song…

Had any good realizations lately?
What are you doing this weekend? 

Saving the best for last

Where did the day go?

I feel like I could say that about this week, this month, this semester, and even this year.

When I look back on my pictures, I realize today went to my take home exam, to crying over thinking about all the changes coming up and realizing that this is the end of the line, and to getting sweaty. All in all, it was a productive day.

After my morning post, I did a spin class that reminded me why I love spinning. I finally feel like I’m getting my legs back after my injury. I can’t believe how much I’ve missed it.

I refuelled after the class with a protein shake (I haven’t had one in AGES) and a banana before grabbing a few things I needed (i.e. paper to print this take home exam on) and some food (because you always need food when you’re shopping) and then dove into the essay writing.

I also worked on my leftovers a bit more with lunch—a barbecue turkey sandwich and cherry tomatoes.


After an appointment with my counsellor this afternoon, I was pretty hungry so I dug into an apple mixed with some nut butter. Warning: this isn’t the prettiest snack, but it is delicious.

Heading to bootcamp, I was seriously tired. Struggling to keep my eyes open, even. But since it was the last one and since I know teaching takes about 5 minutes to cheer me up and energize me, I found a second wind and left the boot campers with a sweaty workout.

Warmup / Cone drill – jogging, shuffling, criss crossing, high knees, butt kicks, lunging, jump squats

Circuit x 4 (minimal rest in between exercises, 60 seconds between rounds):

  • weighted walking lunges –> with weights held overhead, bicep curls, shoulder presses, shoulder raises, or an oblique twist
  • pushups
  • burpees
  • weighted sumo/plie squats
  • plank with row
  • mountain climbers
  • weighted sit ups
  • weighted V sit oblique twists
  • burpee/mountain climber combo — MY FAV, but definitely not my participants’!

Wall sits – Because who doesn’t love feeling like their thighs are on fire?

Cool down/stretch

When the class was done, I got plenty of sweaty hugs and thank yous and a big dose of “I love my job” goodness. I really left the gym on a high and part of it was that I did this sweaty beast of a workout with them but also that I realize I am lucky and am getting back to being me, the fitness instructor who looks forward to teaching and loves the people and the music and the sweat and the spandex and all the good things that go along with group fitness!

After the class, I had a quick dinner—salmon over spinach salad with carrots, pecans, maple vinaigrette, and cranberries (a familiar flavour)—and then got back down to work.

Now I just have to print it and make it to class to hand it in tomorrow and I’m officially done 2 of my courses! Once I submit my website (aka this blog, which is weird since I just post on it all the live long day) for my online class tomorrow, all that’s left is a small exam next week.

Bring on freedom! But more urgently, bring on my pyjamas—I’m wiped!

How was your Tuesday?
What’s your favourite way to use turkey leftovers?
Have you ever tried mountain climber burpees? 





(relatively) wordless recap/wiaw

It’s essay time but I thought I’d do a quick post so I have less things on my list of “what I’d rather be doing”…

So here ya go:


yogurt, all bran buds, honey, banana, and walnuts


kale chips, tempeh sandwich (with light mayo and sprouts on ezekiel bread)


coffee -- lucked out that they ran out of soy so i got to crack open a mini almond milk! YUM


messy but delish


hummed and ha ed but decided to have nut butter twice (in decent amounts) today--a la Nancy Clark suggesting if you eat foods that "have power" over you enough, they lose that power...to own that decision, and to NOT have peanut butter fingers after this meal. and I did it. HA! empowering.


one, not all


decaf coffee = essay fuel

And what all that food went to fuel today:

Plus a massage. Oh my hips love my RMT. And so does my soul, cuz she’s one of the coolest people I can think of.

That’s all…

How was your Wednesday?
What’s the tastiest thing you ate today? (squash)
Did you work out today? 


Tired Tuesday

It’s not even 9:30 and I am ready for bed. I’m trying to keep myself occupied for a bit longer before a foam roll/stretch session and then hopefully a good night’s sleep!

This afternoon was not that productive…but I did manage to check a few little assignments off my to do list (decided to keep my essay on the to do list til I can really dive in — hoping to finish it tomorrow).

I also managed to make a colourful version of ants on a log using carrots, a mix of almond/peanut butter, and raisins. So easy, so good.


I thought this would be uber filling but I was hungry again in about two hours so I went for an apple before teaching bootcamp!


It was delish. I also did a 20 minute run. 20 minutes! Slow and steady was the name of the game. I need that foam roll session…

The bootcamp workout was inspired by Nina’s suggestion and looked like this

  • Warmup (general fitness warmup)
  • BODY WEIGHT/CARDIO (50 seconds on/10 seconds off): pushups, jump squats, jump lunges, burpee/jack
  • STATIONS (1 minute at each): pushup/pike on stability ball, jump rope, cleans, plank with dumbbell row, dumbbell thrusters
  • body weight/cardio repeated
  • stations repeated
  • body weight/cardio repeated
  • stations repeated
  • ABS: marathon abs (1 minute of each) with the 6 girls choosing their favs = plank, leg raises, reverse crunches, oblique crunches, a crunch with one leg crossed over (i don’t have a name for this), sit ups
Sweaty. 🙂 I didn’t do most of it with them, but I did do the core stuff at the end! Bring on the abs of steel.
Dinner was a quick one! I cooked up some tempeh and had it on ezekiel bread with light mayo and sprouts. On the side, I had romaine lettuce/sprouts with light caesar dressing. Delicious.


Andddd, permission to go to bed!

I have an early spin on the agenda tomorrow, followed by class, hopefully going to a presentation, and a massage before bootcamp. And that essay…

Do you procrastinate with essays?
Have you tried tempeh?

What’s your fav ab move?

Great food, awesome company

This is not the good food I am referring to, though snarfing my lunch (bagel with peanut butter and a banana) during class was delicious even if snapping the photo was a bit awkward…


And my homemade granola bar did taste awesome, though now I’m to the point where they’re not really BARS any more so most of what I ate is unphotographed…


And a sunshiny walk run where I got to RUN for 10 minutes! Plus 5x 1 minute on, 1 minute off for a total of 15 minutes of running…helps. I can’t lie and say I wasn’t jealous of the people out running, but this is where I’m at! I had a few yucky body moments, but mostly because I have pasty white legs and my shorts felt too short after a winter of wearing tights. I will feel better about myself the more I remember that I’m living healthy and my body is adjusting, figuring out where it needs to be, healing from this injury, etc. exactly as it’s meant to!


Going to yoga class is always a good idea for me and yesterday was no different! After an hour long power class taught by a girl I know from lulu whose classes are always challenging and fun (and whose adjustments are oh so wonderful) I felt a lot better :).


Which is good because I had dinner plans to get to!

Ali, Sabrina, Ellen and I went for an early dinner at Veg Out, a really cozy vegan restaurant downtown. I’ve wanted to go there for ages so when they asked, I had to say yes!

What made last night so awesome?

  • The company: these three gals are all easy to talk to and the kind of people you’re glad you met!



  • The atmosphere: Not just the sunshine spilling in the doorway, but the whole place! The salt shakers on each table, for instance were in different shapes (we had tomatoes, there were artichokes on one table, bunnies on another, sheep on another–so cute!). There was lotion that smelled amazing in the washroom. The place is small but I really liked it and felt comfortable there.
  • The menu: SO MANY OPTIONS–here’s their menu!…I had a hard time deciding, but I settled not the Chickpea Nut Burger, which I’d heard was delicious in a review I read and which our waitress recommended.
    Chick-Pea-Nut BurgerA chickpea, green pea, peanut butter patty topped with caramelized onions, avocado, tomato, pickles, sprouts, and Sriracha mayo. Gluten-free option available. 

Chick-Pea-Nut Burger

A chickpea, green pea, peanut butter patty topped with caramelized onions, avocado, tomato, pickles, sprouts, and Sriracha mayo. Gluten-free option available. 


  • Dessert options galore: While Ellen and I tried our best to devour a piece of triple chocolate cake, we couldn’t do it! I think it’s going to make an appearance in Ellen’s breakfast today 🙂 so don’t worry, no chocolate cake is going to waste! The other gals had Earl Grey cupcakes with the best lemon frosting ever! The bean brownies with avocado fudge frosting were intriguing, as were other options on the list! Mmmmmm.


I can’t wait to go back! Happy belly, happy heart!

I spent the evening with Rachel, Nina, Ellen and Mel and then came home and found myself uber spoiled with flowers from Alysha and a note about my decision.  Wow, I’m lucky to have such great friends in my life!

Now it’s time for me to go swim that time trial. Nervous would be in order, and I think I’m there, but it’s supposed to be fun and it will be! It’s too sunny to get too worked up about this, and I have to start somewhere. Also reminding myself that I literally took “Learn to Swim” as my aquatics requirement not too long ago and have only been swimming consistently for a few months. Not excuses for being “slow”, but reasons for being proud!

Have a great St. Patty’s day! I wish there was Bailey’s in my coffee…

How are you celebrating today? 

WIAW no holding back

I’ll start with the basic, and then get into the no holding back part.

This morning, rolling out of bed was tough. I blame it on a whole bunch of too short sleeps and springing forward. I did manage to throw together a quick breakfast of grapes, all bran, yogurt, and pecans before making it to 8:30 class almost on time!


My morning snack (an apple with almonds) I ate over a chat with a friend who was here for an exam today! I haven’t seen her in a while so I stole away for a bit and was glad I got to talk to her, even if it was short and sweet.

crappy photo, good snack -- tradeoff makes it okay!

About an hour after that snack, my tummy was rumbling again so I went ahead and downed my lunch–a tuna/cheese/sprouts sandwich and some cherry tomatoes. Yummy again, but a bit soggy by lunch time :(.



After a busy day of work (and those still pumping me up tweets), I had my afternoon granola bar—the homemade ones I legitimately think I could eat every single day.


I had a rather unphotogenic banana en route to spin class today. I was going to save it for after but it had been a while since the snack part A, so I went for it while I walked in the sun! 20120314-202331.jpg

Spin went well. I stuck to the coach’s plan, which meant mostly Zone 2 (read: “easier than I would like) and some Zone 3 stuff. No microphone meant I had to yell, or rather got to yell, for an hour. Stress relief, much?

I was still ravenous when I got home so even though I have a fridge full of food, I had a quick dinner. Repeat of yesterday’s lunch seemed good — and it was delicious. This time I added some raisins to the nut butter, carrots, and alfalfa sprouts in the wrap. Perfection.


What’s missing is the 2 other biggie carrots I downed while I was getting this ready—of course dipped in nut butter. And the water I chugged after. And you can’t see one thing: the tummy ache I gave myself.

So here come’s the full disclosure part: I felt like I was borderline bingeing tonight.

I was stuffing my face and stuffing my face, eating healthy carrots and peanut butter but feeling a bit out of control. Note that stuffing your face is far from eating intuitively. I was thinking about how I shouldn’t be having nut butter when I already had nuts but thinking back on Nancy Clark’s suggestion to eat your forbidden food every meal til you get sick of it (note: don’t try to get sick of it in one meal if you wanna experiment here). I was thinking about how I should be eating the veggies in my fridge. I was thinking about how I didn’t work as hard at spin as normal. I was thinking about how I have spare time tonight and should really put my laundry away. I was thinking about when I’m going to get everything done. I was thinking about a lot—and not about the food. So I removed myself, had a shower, and came back to it, promising myself that if I wanted to, I could have some chocolate sitting down when all was said and done but that since it was WIAW, I’d have to own up to all of it.

So, owning up is what I’m doing. I managed to take a photo of what my “binge” was and this was big–because the food itself wasn’t. Still, the way in which I was eating and the feelings were on the edge of a full blown binge and even though all those things I was worrying about are bugging me and a distraction would be nice, bingeing isn’t something I’m willing to do to get it. My recovery is too important.

Yeah, not my best effort. We all have our days though, right? In the grander scheme, hiding that I overdid it with a few extra spoons of peanut butter, an energy bars worth of granola, and some chocolate chips would send me into a bunch of questions and self-doubt: am I recovered? (yes) am I a hypocrite? (not if you’re honest) should I restrict? (no)

So I’m using it as a demonstration of how to get over a binge before it takes over.

My suggestions:

  • tell someone—accountability, even if it’s a text message, is going to make you more likely to get yourself out of a negative cycle
  • remove yourself from the situation—even if you’re not sweaty and stinky, take a shower OR go for a walk, sit in a different room than the kitchen, go outside for five minutes. perspective can change and getting away from “danger” is wise
  • don’t beat yourself up—do NOT restrict. I was tempted to cancel plans to celebrate a friend’s birthday over fro yo tomorrow (if you’re reading this, know I am slapping myself silly) and then realized how freaking selfish and stupid this would be, not to mention it would suggest that I need to be punished, which sounds more like a disordered thought than a healthy thought, don’t you agree?
  • figure out what’s up—for me it takes writing or blogging to get to a conclusion about what the heck is up. I don’t always get the answer (tonight I think it’s a combo of having a messy apartment, having a really stressful/busy day even though it went well, having a lot of self doubt, and a deeper attempt to sabotage myself…sorry for getting all deep on you here but I know that seeing my life heading down the road I want it to and feeling happy are AWESOME but they’re also NEW and DIFFERENT and allowing myself to be awesome used to be impossible, then became possible but hard, and now is beginning to be my norm with just a couple of these silly resistances—in other words, letting myself eat normally and letting myself go to school for what I want to and letting myself train like an athlete and letting myself be proud of my accomplishments are all things I know I need to and deserve to do, but it’s all kind of new awesome territory)


Sorry for getting all that out. If that’s not a binge I don’t know what is. So my plan for the evening is as follows: chill. Yes, I have assignments due in the next week. Yes, my laundry needs to be put away. BUT I think my frantic and scattered brain is trying to tell me something, and it’s not that I’m in trouble because my socks aren’t folded and in their drawer.

Have you ever had one of these post-recovery “almost” moments? How’d you deal?
What’s the best thing you ate today?
How do you relax when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

A new breakfast staple

Chocolate at breakfast…yes. yes. and more yes.

Yeah I did.

New food rule: If you wouldn’t eat it in the morning, you shouldn’t eat it at night.

So to keep chocolate in my diet, I threw some on my pre-swim banana, with a bit of honey. I’m sweet and so is this breaky.

After a decent swim (felt a bit tired after yesterday), I spent a bit of time at the library where I devoured what might have been the perfect overnight oats mix, which I know I posted on eatplayluvblog, but needs to make a home on here. Today I had it with a big ol’ coffee. Mmmmmm.

Overnight Oats in a Can…of Pumpkin

pumpkin (when you get to about ½ cup, go for it!)
½ cup porridge oats
100g vanilla yogurt

Toppings (optional)
almond milk
pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon
nut butter or crushed nuts

Combine ingredients in can at night.
Leave in fridge overnight and enjoy in the morning with toppings of your choice.

Anddddd enjoy, kiddos.

The library led to the Gazette, which led to a massage for my hip (ow—had your psoas/iliacus released lately?) which took me to a meeting of that committee for healthy eating on campus that I mentioned I went to a meeting for last week (excited!) which brought me back to the Gazette! Now time is flying by, work is confusing me (hence the blog break – sorry fellow editors, I rarely blog on the job but today I couldn’t resist). In there was a tasty lunch featuring a big salad with beets, goat cheese, almonds, and salmon with an apple! I snapped a picture in the meeting trying to be discreet. Food bloggers I’m sure you can relate to this being difficult.

Up next is teaching bootcamp (stay tuned for the workout!) and doing my physio work.

Did I mention 6am til 8pm is a long ass day on campus?

Cuz I wanna go home and crash, NOT write the draft I promised myself I would tonight. Now that I think about it, Friday at midnight deadline seems pretty far away. 🙂 Let the procrastination begin.

Would you eat chocolate for breakfast?
Have you ever snapped a picture secretively? Or do you just tell people what you’re doing? 

I think I have a hollow leg

…and I’m filling it with carbs.

Delicious and nutritious, ones, mostly!

Today Rachel was kind enough to give me a few of her fav books about vegetarianism. She is lucky to have a mom who is a dietitian (yay for RDs!) and thus a wealth of knowledge at her disposal. Rach is one of those people who knows her stuff–she doesn’t take being veggie lightly and she is really smart about her nutrition. It pays off because in case you haven’t heard, she is FAST. 🙂

I think after reading through them a bit when I was waiting at physio and while I had my acupuncture today I would like to buy “Becoming Vegetarian”…this one’s by an RD and I like how it’s written. After reading it (I ate it up, pardon the pun), I felt smarter and EXCITED about things. Sometimes I think when you consider becoming a vegetarian or making some changes to your diet, it can be scary and signal restriction. The truth is, deciding to go vegetarian or just in my case to eat less meat (I still say if I knew where it came from and felt okay with it, I’d be okay with eating some meat here or there) is a reason to EXPAND your options! I never thought of it that way…but when I wrote the article for Canadian Cycling Magazine about just this topic (I sent it off today so hopefully it comes out in June/July’s issue!), I got that from one of the guys I interviewed–you actually end up LOOKING for variety and things get delicious.

I also noted something: I really really really depend on nut butter and nuts to get me through. My LARA bars are made up of nuts and dates, mostly. So that means usually 2 meals and at least one of my snacks involves nuts and nut butters. I think I’m worrying too much about getting enough protein, which is kind of a waste of time (deficiencies are rare). The vegan cyclist I interviewed said total calories and especially carbs are the nutrients to focus on getting enough of. So I started to think and I really realized that I am for some reason not eating as many carbs as I could, should, might need to.

So naturally, that translated into a hungrier me. Or maybe it was just the really good swim I had this morning? I dare say I felt fast! I think I found my rhythm with the set and I haven’t swam in a few days since the pool was closed so it just felt good to be in the water from the second I dove in.

Speaking of diving in, here we go with the eats I tried to fill that hollow leg with:

Before swim, I snarfed a bowl of yogurt (and had coffee, obvs):

After the super duper awesome swim, I was hungry for my overnight oats (which were a mix of porridge oats, cocoa, almond milk, a banana, and almond butter).

My lunch was good—a cheese and spinach sandwich spread with light mayo plus some carrot sticks on the side– but didn’t fill me up for long, so I ate an apple as dessert.

I had an afternoon snack attack and dug out a Clif bar I’ve been saving for just such an occasion. It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these bad boys, and I used to reserve them for when I was about to train/when I was on my bike/etc. but I realize that’s a food rule and it’s based on…nothing?

I ran errands this afternoon (bank, returns, retail therapy where I forgot to buy the things on my list but got a new lulu tank and a few headbands instead – but it’s justifiable because I just picked up the money I’ve made working at the Gazette over the last few months that I FORGOT I was getting paid for) and another snack attack struck. I was planning on making a new recipe tonight and needed millet (I’ll keep you in suspense til I make it) so I went in Bulk Barn. Going in there ravenous is a bad idea. I bought a bunch of goodies – tahini (a new food for me), the millet I needed, oat bran, spelt flour (I want to make muffins), kamut cereal, rice cakes, and some chocolate – and I downed about half the pack of rice cakes. Maybe a third. It happens—they’re mostly air.

pantry, consider yourself stocked!

When I got home I was too hungry to cook the recipe I had in mind so I went with an old faithful instead: my squash mix with almond butter/almond milk and spinach, raisins, and maple syrup. And yes I do eat it all together, and it is DELICIOUS.

Three chocolate nibbles and I’m set—the leg is finally full. Assume homework-ing blogging position on my futon, with a second cup of tea.

That’s the excitement of my Monday munchies. I went ahead and put them in my FitDay account to see how I did on the carb/energy front. Turns out I was pretty spot on for my activity level…even though I felt like I ate non stop! It was a little high on the fat % but that’s like I said–so much nut butter–and I am not willing to worry about it! Note to self: listen to your body cuz it’s working.

In other news, I got into Ryerson today. Acceptance letter folded and put with the other ones.

I am going to go and decline the offers all at once. It’s a big step! Thanks for the support. It’s still tough to hear people congratulate me and then say I’m not going, but it’s not so bad now that I’ve decided to be proud of my decision. Owning it! 🙂 The more I talk about it and think about it, the more I’m getting excited for it, actually! Even the summer school part will be good. 🙂

WIAW–vacation style!

I am so excited to do my first WIAW post for this blog–even though it’s not exactly typical for me, since I am on vacation!

This morning was delicious:


a towering bowl of apples topped with ezekiel granola, greek yogurt, cranberries, cinnamon, and of course with an almond butter spoon!

I am Über happy because I got to go for a swim in an outdoor lane pool today! A person on twitter hooked me up with a pass to the private facility–I love social media!


Bring on the one piece tan! I downed another apple (three baby ones this morning, total) before the swim and had a banana when I was finished. I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas! I like to…you know where this is headed!

After I got home, I was ravenous so I ate my leftover sea food pasta from Monday night’s outing, which I added some extra spinach to to bring in a bit more nutrition. It was white pasta, but like I said, this is vacation! I also added extra parmesan, obvs!


I ate more unphotographed fruit as my afternoon snack #1 — grapes! We were en route to go golfing and got lost, so I ate a bit out of stress but if it’s grapes, whatever…I’m going with it!

On the course, I had my go to golfing fuel: a Coors Light and a LARA bar. This was my first time trying the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip flavour. LOVED IT, maybe cuz it was all melty  and wonderful?


Today, my golf game got better with the beer. Sips to swing ratio?


We just got home and instead of waiting for pizza and forcing my dad to make a part of it veggie for me, I went ahead and had my own acorn squash/almond butter/spinach/raisin mix that I eat probably too often! Oh well, it was perfect. The 3 extra swipes of almond butter I had weren’t too bad either ;)…oh lordy. Nut butter tasting…on my habit list to deal with. Maybe when I’m home from vacation?


I even had dessert…Newman’s Own organic chocolate. yum. YUM. yummmm! Yay for mini desserts that end things perfectly…sweet tooth satisfied!


I love vacation!

Now I’m going to settle in with a book or maybe do some more work on this blog, cuz I love it but it can only get better from here!

What was the best thing you ate today?
Have you tried Newman’s Own Organic chocolate?
What’s your fav LARA bar flavour?