No apologies




“Accept everything about yourself–I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end–no apologies, no regrets.” 


-Henry A Kissinger

Another day down…where did this week go?

I started my morning with breakfast and shopping. I bought more shoes — this time two pairs of boots. I know it’s only August but when I can find boots for $30 a pair, I’m in. Gosh I need a bigger closet!


egg scramble with mixed veggies and potatoes


I bought this. And a quilt. Bring on the new bedroom…must. start. apartment. hunting!


We also made a pit stop at Starbucks and got the car washed…a girl needs her caffeine!







this is fun


We were home by a late lunch time. I had a life coaching appointment–it was bomb and inspiring and you know there’s a post coming about it–and then went to the park for a workout.


My mom met up with me there and brought my gramma’s dog, Duke. He was great company during my Tabata fun.



We played on the monkey bars once I finished and even went on the swings. It’s been so long since I just hung out with my mom — very fun and very funny when she wanted off the rotating thing (I bet it has a name but I have no idea what) but I wouldn’t stop it. FYI, making your mom throw up is mean–but pretty entertaining! Also entertaining was when a girl walked by with a sheep. There’s a photo on my mom’s camera but it’ll have to wait…but it was just a casual afternoon walk with her sheep, apparently. She wasn’t phased by us but we thought it was just the funniest shit…bahhhhhhhh!



After the fun in the park, we were hungry so it was dinner time! I made pork chops, zucchini, and asparagus. With some salad and then a bit of tomato sauce, I had a weird but tasty mix (the fam also had spaghetti!).


Dessert today was more Reese’s. And after a lot of thinking about such a small thing, I’ve settled on this: I like chocolate. My mom likes it, my grandma likes it, etc. We were talking about health bars and the stuff that people eat when they’re trying to get healthy (shakes, meal replacement bars, etc.) and it came to this: me saying that those things aren’t really all that healthy–REAL FOOD would be better. So it’s alright to eat chocolate, froyo, beer, etc. and to own it. And not to be stupid about the fact that these things aren’t actually fuelling me — they’re just tasty. I do a pretty good job of eating plenty of real food and I’m definitely working on doing better daily so rather than beat myself up, I’m just going to give myself some props for getting real about this all.

Hence the quote of the day I started with today. Rather than try to make excuses, why not just own it? It is what it is–whatever it is. 🙂

20120823-205601.jpgIt’s hard to believe how quick this week (especially today!) has gone by. We’re packing up early tomorrow so I’ll be back in the great white north (ha ha ha) soon. Maybe it will be boot weather… 😉

What are you sick of apologizing for? What would happen if you just owned it?


So do something about it

“Peak performance begins with your taking complete responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you.”
– Brian Tracy

After last night’s post, how perfect is that quote?

I started my day with a different breakfast for a change.


If I know that I could do without dairy, why do I fall back on yogurt every darn day? Today I whipped up a Carrots N Cake inspired breakfast. 2 eggs and a banana, topped with some almond butter. Good thing I’m using common sense in response to all that egg yolk “controversy” last week — and they were whole delicious awesome and dare I say it — healthy — eggs. 🙂

After breakfast, I waited around for my family to get up for a while before I decided to get out and enjoy the day, which turned out to be beautiful. I laced up my running shoes and was going to run and then play on the monkey bars down the street but after about 10 minutes, I was absolutely done with running. Things still feel tired/sore from the weekend (is that pathetic?) and to be honest I just wasn’t into it. So I switched it up…

And it was 50 minutes total of awesome sweaty fun. 🙂

I think I may also have been influenced by an article I read last night. You can read the articles online if you google Dan John and there’s a list of them here so educate yourself. I can’t remember his words but it was essentially just making the point that if you want to get better at something, you have to do it…fancy that! 

There’s a general theme here (back to that quote) about taking ownership and responsibility…and I had a good (facebook) conversation with Dr. Kreso about the same concept. It’s good to think…

It’s also good to shop!

After a quick lunch (chicken sausage with some coleslaw and an apple) and the first of three reese’s spread over the day (quite different treats than yesterday), my mom and I went to the mall.


I came home with jeans — the same pair I’ve bought a bunch of times before in a bunch of sizes (this is not a touchy subject–I went up a size again so this is my 4th pair of the same ones but they fit like a glove and I like my cycling, squatting legs and feeling good in my clothes)–a pair of clogs (bring on fall), a new nose ring (I lost mine on the weekend), and a shit ton of pumpkin scented soap. I have an addiction to socks AND soap, apparently…


I managed to avoid buying all this rustic stuff I wanted (the whole store, basically) but my mom promised me a house-warming gift once I find myself a new (hippie) apartment this fall!


I had some nuts for an afternoon snack before we came back to my Grandmas. Om nom nom.


This evening, I helped with the yardwork (confession: I have never cut a lawn before but I loved it–I felt so productive!) and tag teamed dinner with my mom. We made a roast with veggies and potatoes, to which I added a big ol’ dose of kale. Perfection!

Now it’s time for some more family time and then sleep! I promised my grandma I’d bake her a cake, I have some stuff I keep putting off and need to get to tomorrow, and we’re hoping to round out our shopping…ambitious! I’m also planning on taking my TRX for workout at the nearest tree I can find (if I’m not too sore from today!).

Compared to yesterday, I feel re-energized. Back on track. All that good stuff from realizing that if you want to change, you can. You just have to be there…

Which reminds me of this…

Happy Wednesday!

Shopping, smiling, sweating, and switching

Hi again! You know I’ve got free time when you get THREE posts from me in one day…

I spent most of the morning at Starbucks plugging away on my random to-dos. So much for freelancing, but yay for crossing lots of my to do list!

After lunch, which I’d packed for the day, I took advantage of the air conditioned mall and did some damage at lululemon. Oops. Don’t you know a girl can never have too much spandex? Believe it or not I never had one of the no limits tanks that every girl who works there seems to own in multiple colours. So this was like a rite of passage for me PLUS I am teaching my butt off these days PLUS I can’t pass up this hot hot pink colour. So I got the cool racerback and the power y tanks in the same shade and I’ll return them if remorse sets in but somehow I don’t think it’s going to!

chard, sprouts, sirloin, and spicy mustard 🙂

I look good in pink, right? Just tell the Visa man that…

I smiled a lot when I got free chocolate from Laura Secord, even if it was probably on the verge of expiry from Valentine’s Day. Om nom nom things that are free taste better and chocolate really never tastes too bad to me!

I ran some more errands/dealt with some appointments and then had myself an early dinner (like 4:30pm grandma/grandpa style) so that I’d have time to digest before heading to the park for bootcamp. It was uber hot so I tried to find a workout that wouldn’t make anyone ACTUALLY pass out, even if it made them feel a little like they might ;).

kale, pork, dried apricots, and avocado

I came up with the following…


5-10 minutes walk/jog (around the park at own pace)

dynamic stretching (arm circles, hip circles, deep breaths, shoulder rolls, etc.)


1. Lower body circuit = 10 jump squats / 20 hamstring activations (10/side) / 30 reverse lunges with a leg lift (15/side) / 40 step ups / 50 body weight squats  –> repeat 2-3x

10 minutes run/jog

2. Upper body circuit = 5 plank walkouts with a pushup / 10 burpees / 15 decline pushups (feet on park bench) / 20 triceps dips / 25 super mans   –> repeat 2-3x

10 minutes jog/run

3. Core circuit = 45 seconds on/15 seconds off each of extended plank / plank up down / forearm plank / left side plank / right side plank / forearm plank


…but no one showed up! So I’ll be saving that for tomorrow! I ran into walmart really quickly to grab some batteries and some other random things I needed before I went to the gym. I got my workout on in the air conditioning and it wasn’t so miserable–I guess when you only hit the weight room every once in a while it’s not so boring any more. My workout was:

warm up (squats, lunges, high knees, jumping jacks)

circuit x 3 12 – 15 reps each of barbell squats, deadlifts, bent over rows, medicine ball swings, medicine ball slams, medicine ball pushups (passing the ball so one side is uneven), medicine ball roll ups, oblique twists with the medicine ball, and weighted crunches

spin class! 

So even though I had 0 participants at bootcamp I’m not too upset. It was something ridiculous like 40 million degrees outside anyways and I’m not taking it personally. Aren’t I resilient? I say that cuz in the past I’d take this as a fail–but now I’m taking it in stride instead.

I’m also smiling because this sad face I tried to fake to sum up the whole no participants thing proves that not only is happy healthier for me, it’s also way cuter.

NOT a good look for me!

And I’m smiling because I have a happy belly.

Post-spin, I snarfed some grapes and then started in on this bowl of yogurt with some chocolate when I realized I really wanted something chocolatier and was NOT feeling the yogurt.

So I put it away and whipped up a power ball — kind of like the ones I made earlier this year around Valentine’s day but without any real recipe or guide, just my belly as intuition. Rather than eating fake hershey kisses, why not toss together whole foods and good ingredients and enjoy something I made myself? Walking the walk! 🙂 Warning: if you’re scared of fat, these aren’t for you! But note: you shouldn’t be scared of eating fat! 🙂

In the mix: 1-2 spoonfuls each of ground flaxseed, coconut (unsweetened), maple syrup, cocoa, and cashew butter plus a pinch of salt!

As you can see, after mixing everything together and rolling the result into a ball, I rolled it in a bit more coconut. And tah-dah, a simple and delicious snowball dessert that hit the spot. It was actually pretty big even though this thing looks tiny. I used almost 2 tbsp of cashew butter (I forgot how good it is). It’s been a long time since dinner…

On the agenda for tonight: sleep, sleep, sleep! Tomorrow I have bootcamp, a life coaching session, and a bike ride to look forward to. Looks like I’ll have time to share the playlist from spin tonight as well as maybe get down to work on that freelancing stuff I meant to start today. Wish me luck, and cross your fingers that bootcampers realize the early bird gets the worm!

Where is somewhere in your life that you’ve learned to stop taking things personally?
Do you go to the gym in the summer?
Do you shop at lulu? What’s your fav tank?
What’s your favourite colour to wear?

PS – Steph and I made it onto the London Free Press’s article about yesterday’s yoga event! 🙂 How zen do we look (bottom row, I have the red top on and she had the pink pants that I loved and almost bought today).


Shopping, school, sunshine, and sweating

This morning I got all ready for school, excited even, and then headed up the hill to Brescia.

I made sure I had a good breakfast (cocoa oats with peanut butter and banana and egg whites) and the sun was shining.


Turns out my classmates and I were keeners and we only had afternoon class today.

I briefly thought about going for a blissful bike ride and was going to complain about having to teach spin and needing to save legs until I decided not to.

So instead I did what every girl in her right mind would do and went to the mall, where I proceeded to buy myself new shorts that fit (I had a tough time with this yesterday when my summer clothes–which are either a size too big or two too small so are not flattering and not serving me, really) and a bunch of cheap but cute bathing suits that I can mix and match with others in my closet.


I’m calling it back to school shopping and saying it was just plain necessary. To be honest, I have to say that it was needed. I was upset yesterday about going to the beach because I didn’t have anything to wear that fit comfortably, not because I didn’t want to be seen in shorts or a bathing suit. That’s new for me — even when the smaller stuff fit, I didn’t feel good. The picture from yesterday is one I actually love–and I take that as proof that this whole adjustment thing is actually happening. I honestly just needed clothes that make me feel comfortable. It’s not my body that I was upset over yesterday, it’s the fact that I didn’t have stuff to dress THIS body. And that made me feel wrong. And that’s not okay. Hence, those clothes aren’t serving me. And since I love shopping, buying new ones was easy as pie. I am not trying to brag, just to say that it does get easier to like your body. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops: I like how I look in a bathing suit! Weird tan lines, a little bit of pudge, strange bruises and all!

My eats today were random — an apple during shopping, a salad with carrots/sprouts/cherries/canned salmon for lunch that just didn’t do it for me. Blahhh. In fact it threw my stomach off.


After school finished, I met up with Andrew for a playground workout. It was kind of awesome to be swinging on monkey bars and playing in the sun, not to mention I haven’t run around like that in a while…

I was finally hungry after this workout so I had a quick dinner of a sandwich before heading to spin! The class was small but it was good nonetheless! Afterwards I went to the grocery store. Bad idea to shop when you’re tired. I think I took twice as long as normal! But if that’s the price I pay for having too much fun to go to the store this weekend then so be it.


When I got home, I immediately dove into the chocolate. I’m not going to lie, it might be subconscious stress over this summer school stuff/buying bigger clothes/being so happy (that sounds weird but it makes sense to me — though I’m reminding myself happy is where we are supposed to be)/the lack of an afternoon snack catching up with me, but I was kind of a chocolate monster tonight.

I gave up on the plain chocolate and decided to make it into a substantial/kind of more nutritious snack by adding in greek yogurt, cocoa, and coconut.



Well, with a home made coffee/cocoa concoction, success. I think I’m done with the chocolate for the night…

One thing I know: this isn’t a reason to beat myself up. It’s not a binge. It’s not proof that I’m out of control. It might be proof that I’m normal, in fact!

Anyways, as you can tell I’m getting delusional. And it’s another school night — so I think I’m heading to bed (if the sugar rush lets me sleep, that is).

How do you deal with chocolate cravings?
Do you like bathing suit shopping?
Have you ever realized you like your body and wanted to shout it from the rooftops?  

PS – I added a new page with a bunch of inspirational cheese. Enjoy!

Checking in

Pennsylvania has been good to me. Sunshine, quality time, shopping, a run…

I started the day off with a bowl of Kashi and Fibre 1 with a banana and soy milk (just like home).

Then my mom and I headed for a bit of shopping/errands! While we were out, we naturally ended up at Target, so we had snacks in the Starbucks there. I chose a greek yogurt with honey and then added a bit of my mom’s coffee cake crumble to make it delicious.


I also played the crane game 🙂 … and won!

Sorry for the tummy shot!

When we got home I was ravenous so I whipped up a turkey sandwich. Best part of this bad boy = spicy mustard and american cheese. This is home sweet home!


Here’s my haul: a fedora, anklets, a bunch of headbands that were 10 for 10 at Claire’s, pyjamas (the wild zebra shorts — I don’t believe in boring PJs), and that flannel shirt that screams lumberjack for the low low price of $1.99!


After lunch, I headed for a run along the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail. My description is scenic but flat 🙂 It was uber hot and I felt really slow. Partway through my trek back, I turned my iPod off (there were so many birds to listen to and farms to look at, I figured I’d better enjoy it if I wasn’t distracted by my latest obsession (thanks Angela)!)

and I noticed my knee was clicking. It wasn’t bugging me, but that was a bit weird. When I got back to my car, I wasn’t feeling too hot. I went to the washroom and stretched/did some abs/pushups under the trees, and headed home. My foot started to hurt when I got out of the car, which blows. I’ll just whine: I don’t want to be injured! I already dealt with a yucky one this year and am just starting to trust my body again–this is scary! That being said, I’m not stupid. Ice, stretch, rest, etc. etc.


And just because I like to share everything about myself, I’ll add in that while I was on my run today (mile 5 I think), my Aunt Flo came for a visit. Love her–it’s been five long years. But seriously. I must be relaxed! Might be thanks to the chocolate I devoured in the last 24 hours. I think all that remains in my treat bag is yogurt pretzels, nuts, papaya, and pretzels!

Anyways, besides chocolate, I’ve been seeing a lot of pretty countryside and a buttload of COWS!


I had a normal snack–peanut butter and an apple–when I got home. The afternoon went quick and some thunderstorms just rolled in along with an epic dinner (we collaborated on this one — me veggies and a salad, mom meatballs and pasta, uncle bob bread <— omg bread)!


Consider me carbed up and ready to go for a bike ride tomorrow. I am really nervous about the traffic around here–does anyone have tips for how to find SAFE routes? I know Map My Ride might help…I bookmarked a page with some suggestions. I also found some maps from a nearby town that I might check out tonight! I’m planning on going late morning/early afternoon tomorrow (provided the weather is cooperating) so the traffic shouldn’t be awful. 🙂

So far, so good!

How’s your week?


Girl talk

Oh gosh. I could literally scream right now out of frustration that I am using a terribly slow/annoying PC (it was mine, my mom took it off my hands when I got my Mac <– Macs are where it’s at!) but I’m just gonna be grateful she’s letting me snag it for the night, cuz clearly you’re all eager for a recap. 😉 Yeah, I’m delusional.

Today, I just went with it. After my slow sit on the bridge, I made it to my doctor’s appointment just barely on time. Besides having to pee like a racehorse, I also was starving. I had nothing to eat but this granola bar that’s been kickin’ it in my glove compartment all winter. Appetizing, no?


Anyways, it tided me over. There was an Arby’s near my docs and since my mom and I were going to eat each other soon, we went there for a quick sandwich. I had a market fresh one and was oh so satisfied. It’d be a lie if I said I didn’t kind of want curly fries, but I held back cuz these sandwiches are big! And delicious, FYI.


Now, boys should stop reading, girls should dive right in, it’s about to go to the topics of periods and girly stuff.

I have blogged before about how I haven’t had a regular period in years. Regardless of my weight, training, etc. I had it normally for years and years until my first struggle with ED in high school. I think it’s been 4 years since I’ve seen anything…and back in high school, I had a bone density scan that kind of scared me into my first attempt at recovery. Things are better now, back to normal, and on track. Anyways…

The first question this new doc asked me: “Do you have a sex drive?” Maybe you guys can relate if you’ve struggled with this–the answer is no. I have no problem saying that I used to be BOY CRAZY and now am pretty much not. Yes, crushes. But raging hormones? None around here.

So that was taken care of and she explained to me that I should probably get back on track with my hormones via birth control, even if it’s kind of a bandaid. I asked and she said I’d probably FEEL better if I was in the normal range even if it was coming from birth control. Fair enough. I’d like to feel like a girl again.

My issue in the past with the pill is that I get nasty migraines whenever I take it. I’ve tried a few different brands and even the low dose types increase my migraines (which come on with auras and knock me out entirely) so I was of course scared to hear where she was going with this. But luckily she suggested the ring, which she says probably won’t cause migraines since it won’t require the hormones to be metabolized by my liver. Sounds good to me. I’m in. The only problem is that since I’ve not had a period in ages, I have to do a progesterone “challenge” (i.e. as graphic as it is to clear things out) beforehand. So I’ll suck it up and do it and pray I don’t get migraines.

Now my fear: I’ll be boy crazy, moody, etc. Nah, I’m going to go with this: I have my thyroid largely under control now (I think) and this is just another step towards balancing everything out. The doc explained that lots of athletes, even girls like me who are at healthy weights, don’t have enough body fat to make the hormones. So I told her about my various weights and still not having it and she said exercise and training and having a high muscle mass will do it. And I believe her. She said I’d have to stop training and gain fat to get it back — as an extreme — and that that is NOT necessary. Phew. I don’t mind the gaining fat part, so if I want to get pregnant years from now, bring it on, but I do mind the not training, the not knowing if it’s worth it, etc. I just want to feel good. So like I said, this is refreshing. I am en route to feeling my best in years, and I am choosing to really believe that!

And end girly talk.

After the appointment, my mom and I got her some groceries at WalMart and then came back. I did an awesome power yoga class tonight and then made a quick easy dinner with the rotisserie chicken my mom bought for her and her boyfriend. Then I stole the computer and now here I am! I am going to keep you updated on those girly issues because I know a lot of us go through this and wonder if there is a problem/solution/if we should be worried and doing something!


I’ll see you all soon — I have a few posts up my sleeve just waiting to be written!

Saturdays are for…

Swimming, shopping, and  smiling?

Sure, we’ll go with that.

This morning I left my cereal boxes in the cupboard and made a bowl of warm oatmeal with walnuts, banana, brown sugar, and soy milk. Note to self: eat more oatmeal!

Just before swim my stomach was growling so I downed a quick bowl of yogurt to fuel my workout, which was awesome! I had company and we did some fun stuff out of the box for us! Yay for working new muscles and giving up your ego (we even did fly, not our strongest but definitely worth doing!)

When I got home I was smiling but I was ravenous. I tided myself over with my second adora disk of the day (love) while I made use of the heftiest bunch of kale I’ve ever bought. Kale chips, anyone?


They went perfectly with my ham and cheese sandwich with alfalfa sprouts. So much good on one plate!


My afternoon was about coffee, shopping, and snacks.


I even got to hear some vintage BSB when I was out and about!

And I returned some stuff to Aerie and came out with this awesome necklace…perfect much?

I also may or may not have been shopping for the finishings of a certain someone’s birthday present. I have a road trip on the agenda for this week so ya know, it might have happened!

How are you spending your Saturday? 

Short and sweet

My trip home has come to an end.

This morning the doctor went well. I ended up with a referral to a different specialist, a couple of suggestions, and time to shop, so I was happy.

I bought myself a dress for grad (it’s only 2 months away, ya know) and some Clif bars, Adora disks–a new buy for me to  replace the Viactiv chews I used to buy (which are filled with corn syrup and other ingredients I’d rather not consume on a regular basis, twice a day)–and a necklace that is a bike cuz it was too cute to pass up.

Before I bought my clif bars, I did something I kind of regret. Not really, but do you remember the show Teen Angel?

Yes? No? It was bad. About two friends, one of whom ate an old cheeseburger, died, and came back as an angel only the other friend could see. Anyways, lunch today was a Clif bar. Not the most well-rounded. And it expired in March.

Of 2011.

Oops. After I ate it and noted how stale it was, I checked for a date. And lo and behold, I found it. Oh well. I’m still alive. So you can’t have my wardrobe yet…

Once I got back from the States, I grabbed my stuff from my mom’s place and headed to the river for a run! It was perfect, even though it was uber windy. It’s hard not to be happy running somewhere scenic with the sun shining, even if there are wind gusts of 50km/h. Running by the water and in Canatara is one of my favourite spots, so you know I’m flying high from this right now!



pre-run, pretty sure i'm going to blow away and be gone forever



When I got back to London, I snarfed what was either a super late lunch or a ridiculously early dinner. Since I teach spin tonight, this is probably something in between and I’ll probably have a bigger snack after I teach (I dislike the 7:30pm time because it makes dinner tricky and leaves me wired at bed time, but I LOVE teaching so I’ll stop whining about it now!).


Now it’s time to make a new playlist for my spinners–and readers, of course! Get excited.

Where’s your favourite place to run?
Have you ever tried the Adora calcium disks?


14 hours fly by

…when you’re uber busy and having fun!

Yesterday started with a good ol’ sweat session at the gym, including some riding on the spin bike on my own and a class with Sarah, one of my fav. people/instructors whose class I haven’t been to in what feels like ages!

Riding inside with 20 other people really didn’t compare to Thursday’s ride, which I got to take with Mel. Who lights up my life. Seriously. I was NOT loving life at first, but then the sun was shining and Mel was smiling and I would classify our ride as the best and most rejuvenating hour of my week. JUST what I needed.

Actually, it started with breakfast (All Bran, Kashi, banana, yogurt, honey, walnuts, deliciousness).

After my spin I immediately wanted to eat everyone in the gym.

I settled on a Kashi bar instead.

After my shower, fuelling up my gas tank (holy schnikes gas is getting expensive!), and grabbing a starbucks for the road (obviously), I headed for Sarnia!

My sister, my mother and I put our turkey in the oven and headed over the bridge for a shopping adventure.

I was snarfing my peanut butter/carrot combo while we drove over the bridge. There was miraculously no delay at the border on a holiday weekend, so luckily stuffing carrots down my face on Easter weekend seems okay.


When the customs officer who asked who was the best shopper, all eyes pointed to me, and I lived up to it. I got a couple of shirts from TJ Maxx, a new pair of running shoes (now that I’m running again!), and a buttload of cereal. JK. But I did get a box (or three) and some Clif Bars in flavours you can’t find back in the motherland. Part of it informed an afternoon snack.


I also found a dress for Thursdays’ Gazette/tri club festivities! 15 dollars at JC Penney. I figured what the heck.


Now I need black heels, because I found these ones first and didn’t buy them.

Also on the didn’t buy but really wanted to list: new jeans. It seems silly to buy ANOTHER pair right now, when I hardly wear them and when summer is coming! I’m putting these on my Christmas list. 🙂 Or the maybe I’ll buy these when I get my next paycheque list…

Our turkey was waiting for us when we got home. Even though I sampled the green bean casserole, had a bit of stuffing, and a few sweet potatoes, my plate was less of the traditional and more of what I was craving–a turkey schmamwich, cranberry sauce, and a big ol’ salad.


When I got back to London last night, after checking out my sister’s wedding photos (so pretty!) it was almost 11. I put on Cinderella Story but only made it to the best scene…

And I had sweet dreams of Chad Michael Murray.

Long day. But lovely!

How did you spend your Saturday?
What’s your favourite cheesy movie scene?
What’s your favourite part of a turkey (or ham/holiday) dinner?

Heading home

Some weeks go uber fast…


…my week in Texas with my family is coming to a close. And that makes me sad, because it was relaxing!

Yesterday involved lots of shopping, lots of salad, and some treats followed by a long game of UNO (which I won, of course):



veggie stuffed peppers for me, but they was toooooo spicy! i'm a whip


soooo I had salad instead, with a loaf of bread (not an exaggeration)


polished the rest of this bad boy off

goooood morning

We leave in a bit for the airport and then we’ve got an afternoon flight! I should be back to Sarnia around dinner time and I’m going to stay over so I can get my hip checked out tomorrow morning before I head back to London. I do miss my friends but I really don’t miss the cold…and I heard it snowed yesterday! Oh well, it’s still winter so there’s not much use in complaining.

This week will be a busy one…back to reality! I feel rested (and a bit bloated) after this trip but it’s always hard to say bye cuz I don’t see my family all that much! 😦

Have an awesome Saturday!

How are you spending the weekend?
Is it snowy where you are?