weekend wrap: pumpkins and peppers and more

It’s the weekend, which means it’s time to get grateful! 

Like I said last week, I want to start a gratitude practice. Here’s what I’m thankful for this week:

  • fall…It’s September, which means a lot of my favourite things are fair game…sweaters, boots, scarves, pumpkin spice at Starbucks. Did I mention this is my favourite time of the year?


  • migraines…I have come to realize that my migraines are actually a sort of a “Slow the f*ck down” pause message from my body. This week, when my foot started to feel a bit better (yay!), I dove into workouts and running errands full force. By Thursday, I woke up with a migraine and a reason to take a morning off to chill and relax.
  • possibility…I keep coming back to this inspirational cheese about the gift of uncertainty. Grad school orientation week left me feeling disoriented (what classes am I taking? how am I ever going to get to the point where I could write a thesis? what am I doing with my life?) but rather than continue to stressing hard about it, I’m reminding myself that if I had all the answers, things would be boring. If a masters wasn’t challenging and new and thus confusing, I wouldn’t be doing it. nothing
  • peppers…A friend of mine at the gym is always posting updates about her garden bounty and has pretty impressive abilities in the kitchen. She’s been kind enough to invite me and another gal from the gym over to make salsa with her this weekend. I am really excited–a major reason I want a house is so that I can have a walk in closet garden where I can grow my own food, but in the meantime, generous friends are giving my inner martha yet another outlet!

salsa making

That’s it for this week…

World, thank you!


on the right foot: questions and appreciation

a life lesson, a coaching gem, some insight from my own experiences, a question to get you thinking–what better day than monday for a positive post?

So, I have myself a stress fracture.

Whomp whomp.


The doctor’s orders are as follows: Take 4 to 6 weeks off of anything weight bearing. If it hurts to walk, I’m supposed to use crutches. I might be in denial, but I think it’s starting to get better. When I don’t have pain, ease back into activity (starting with 30 seconds of running alternating with 4.5 minutes of walking for 30 minutes total). Eat a healthy diet to promote healing. Don’t throw a shit fit.

I added that last part, but it’s mostly a joke. I threw myself a one evening pity party (in the form of crying for a bit, blogging, reading magazines, and ignoring my cell phone) and then decided that it was time to call in my appreciator, which I introduced in a post last month.

Coaching yourself can sometimes be a lost cause, but I did come up with some questions to help me move from the “my life is over” perspective into a more empowering place. Naturally, I included my word vomit insight.

What’s the gift in this situation? or What’s possible as a result of this situation?

I’m going back to school in approximately a week, which means that the more time I have to get my shit together organized, the better. On that note, not being able to work out as much as I’d like to (I can’t fathom swimming as often as I’ve been going to CrossFit, doing yoga, running, and biking, etc.) means I’ll need to find other ways to use my energy and other ways to fill myself up (exercise is my happy time). On my list of options? Journaling, reading, baking, cooking, writing letters and cards to friends, making a vision board, learning to knit (attempt #4) and playing my violin.

Another gift is a break from training that will give me the time to reassess where I’m at. This summer was a whirlwind in terms of what I was training for and how I was exercising—from CrossFit to soccer to yoga to running to kind of training for triathlon to going on my Outward Bound trip—and to be honest I’m a bit overwhelmed with what I should be doing and more importantly, what I want to do. This is sort of like a chance to start over. I very well might come back and instead of trying to maintain 20 different activities just be able to add in the ones that I really want to.

Getting hurt and being out of the gym also provided me with the insight that I wrote about last week in terms of looking at my self esteem in a different way–and that’s a pretty big deal!

The timing’s also something I’m grateful for—thank goodness this didn’t happen before my trip to North Carolina, which would probably have meant I couldn’t go.

What’s the lesson in this situation?

I’m learning that my body can only take so much and that overdoing it will eventually wear me down. I have managed to stay pretty lucky in regards to injuries even when I was exercising compulsively, but this is a big reminder to take care of myself. Along with making sure that I’m training in a healthy and sustainable way, this is a really good time to make sure I’m giving my body the nutrition it needs.

Who can I become as a result of this situation?

I’m becoming a cranky bitch for the next 6 weeks smarter athlete. I’m becoming more patient. I’m developing an appreciation for the ability of my body to heal. I’m becoming a stronger person mentally and emotionally. I’m becoming more dedicated to taking care of myself.

This is the kind of work that helps me get through things that bum me out and is the fastest way for me to start to get over it and see the bigger picture. I realize that in the grand scheme of things, 4 to 6 weeks is not a big deal, even if I am bummed that I can’t do Tough Mudder. In reality, this is a little thing–stress fractures suck but they heal on their own.

this too shall pass

I saw a woman in a wheelchair not too long after I left the doctor–instant perspective. I spent the weekend with friends who I haven’t seen as much of as I’d like to this summer because a friend of mine received health news last week that reminded me that we can’t take our health for granted and that life isn’t always fair and health doesn’t always make sense.

And if self coaching myself with some powerful questions doesn’t work, I’ve always got music that kind of goes with the theme.

Have you ever had a stress fracture?
How do you deal with things that bum you out?

There’s not enough coffee in the world

…but it’s not even 5 o clock yet in Texas!

I am putting my insomnia to good use…catching you guys up to speed!

Yesterday, I had a spin (which felt good at the time, but later…well, I’ll get to that) and then we headed to the spa!


post-spin love grown granola/cranberries with plain greek yogurt

My day was filled with unphotographed eats: leftovers, fruit, etc. in the afternoon because the day was so relaxing–the spa was a treat!

I finished “Eating Animals” yesterday. I think it’s one of those books that’s gonna stick with me. If you haven’t checked it out yet (this might be the 120102910th time I’ve referenced it), you should. Seriously. It’s not going to force you into vegetarianism, but it is going to raise some questions for you. Regardless of whether you change your eating habits as a result, I think reading it would be wise. Not only does the author write in a way that’s engaging, but it also really makes you question why you might be so ignorant to some of your dietary choices–and it ends with a pretty powerful example of how individual action, which can seem so minuscule, can actually change things. A favourite example from the book–when discussing how you might say you’ll eat “sustainable” meat or non-factory farmed stuff when it’s available but then continue to eat factory farmed meat at other times–was likening that to workers going on strike til striking gets hard. To be honest, I don’t think going vegetarian is that hard in and of itself. We eat more protein than ever — so if anyone warns me to make sure I get enough I might smack em — and by giving up meat I think I am creating more room for healthy foods. Focusing on the things I want to eat more of — plants: whole grains, fruits and veggies, and beans/nuts/seeds — is a way better approach than lamenting over the fact that I’ll be skipping out on things I used to miss. I’m not going to stop eating dairy just yet, and I’m going to take it slow with moving away from seafood (though after this trip, I’m feeling like it might be easy ;)!), but I know I am going to end up eating a more varied, healthier diet as a result of making all these shifts–not to mention that they’re coming from a place of wanting to change for the better on a broader scale–ethical, environmental, etc.–with health benefits as a bonus (versus giving me an excuse for restriction, wanting to lose weight, or trying to eat healthier). Bring on the veggies!

Sorry for that slight rant…back to the recap.

A walk in the afternoon that ended up turning into a big ol’ breakthrough for me: my hip is NOT getting better. It’s not getting worse, but walking made it hurt just like the first weekend. I had a good cry, realized I need to get another opinion on this, and resolved to do that. Then I tried to shut up the itty bitty sh*tty committee in my head and move the heck on.


To dinner, vacation style.

There were appetizers, bloody marys, good entrees, and dessert.



tuna sampler...not my thing


salmon, mashed potatoes, asparagus


"chocolate rivera" -- I've never met a molten chocolate cake i didn't like

Yessss I overdid it a bit (even though the goodies were shared), which might explain why I felt sick and maybe why I couldn’t sleep last night.

What ended up happening was a whole lot of googling: hip pain and now I’m thinking I’m going to head to the clinic on Sunday (we get back Saturday night) to see if I can get an X-ray over with (they don’t show much but usually ya need one before you can get a referral for any other tests) so I can get moving on this. I’d rather know what’s up. If I have a stress fracture, it’s 7 weeks minimum it seems (I read a lot of articles and discussion boards) and that would blow but it’s been about that long without knowing what is really wrong. Aggravated hip flexor just doesn’t cut it for my diagnosis anymore…and the worst that can happen is that I get the same answer from the doc! Of course, adding in trips home to go to the doctor is one more thing on my plate, but if your health doesn’t take priority, what does? Maybe my sanity? I think I can rearrange my schedule.

Anyways, after tossing and turning all night my stomach decided to growl so I’m up and at em and fuelled up! I’m heading for a swim in 2 hours (can hardly wait ;)!) and then we are going SHOPPING! The drive’s about an hour each way so I should have ample nap time (and we have the roomiest SUV ever). It’s really hard to believe we’re going home tomorrow! 😦 I’m not ready for the reality of assignments, work, and cold weather…


Now it’s time for some more coffee. Think I can finish a whole pot before my swim? 😉

Would you ever go veg?
What do you do when you can’t sleep? Toss and turn? Get up? Blog?
Have you ever had a stress fracture?